You Can Copy A Copy On A…

Part II

a story by Dan Standing

That morning Rini immediately realized that her body had changed overnight. There was no slow walk to the bathroom and mouth agape in a mirror. There was no spewing of milk or juice in the kitchen as she looked down and noticed she couldn’t see her feet. The very first moment she started to rouse and her body didn’t shift as expected, and the new weight hanging off her ribs pulled against her wishes, she knew something was wrong.

Or, as she quickly determined, very, very right.

“Oh…my…God…” gasped out of Rini’s mouth as she looked down the mattress at the piles of pink flesh resting beside her. They were bigger than frozen hens. With great care Rini shifted her arms and pushed herself upright. She didn’t try to swing her legs off the bed, instead planning to sit cross-legged, and as she moved it was clear that her breasts weren’t all that had changed. But they were the most obvious alteration before her eyes at the moment so her attention was not drawn from them.

Seated upright on the mattress with the extra mass of her ass under her Rini looked to the mirror, and ran her hands down the curves of her boobs. Instead of floppy clown shoes dangling nearly to her thighs – how they likely would have hung if grown naturally – these tits were taught and round and stuck out over a foot in length. Thanks to the arousal that she was gradually becoming aware of her nipples were not only as thick as highlighters – and only half as long – but they were achingly erect. She gently tapped a finger on one, biting her lip as she observed practically no give in the tightly engorged teat.

As far as Rini could tell the skin of her breasts had nearly doubled in sensitivity, and her inquisitive fingers were only making her more moist below. Gently pulling open her cleavage she could look down and see that her panties were slightly damp, her engorged lips clearly outlined behind the fabric. Slipping in a few fingers Rini quickly confirmed what she felt; her clit had grown and was under constant pressure from her blood-infused labia.

The exploration between her legs had sent a little shudder through Rini’s body, and she pulled her hands away. She had more to discover. Unfolding her legs she swung her feet down and bumped hard when they reached the floor faster than expected. Standing, of course, was a challenge as Rini had to adjust to not only an altered center of gravity but to smaller feet that would not sit flat. After stumbling backwards a third time onto the bed Rini stopped trying to pose in the mirror.

“This is…impossible…” the flabbergasted woman muttered, turning so she could get a better view of her enhanced ass while seated. It both pressed into the mattress and spilled out behind her much farther than she would have expected. Her hands could not keep from constantly confirming that her sexy changes were real, and every pinch and caress continued to ramp things up down below. It wasn’t long before the arousal in her loins finally trumped the curiosity in her head.

Turning and laying back onto the bed, Rini beamed at the ponds of succulent flesh that flowed from her ribs and partially pooled to either side of her. Her nipples, and their softball-wide areola, pointed up at the ceiling. Rini crooked her elongated legs and lifted her big butt off the mattress so one thumb could hook onto her panties and peel them from the humid oven between her thighs. As she kicked the panties aside she slid the red tips of her fingers into her dripping lower lips while another hand brought one of her teats to her actual lips.

“Mmmmm!” Rini moaned, her ass once again rising from the mattress as she felt the intense flush of titillation fall over her. Her clit had always been roughly the size of a bead, but it was now much closer to being like a marble. And there was so much more sensitivity stuffed into it. She sucked harder on her nip, rocking her body back and forth as the lust built. As she neared the blissful crest her pose momentarily froze, then gave way to smaller convulsions as she pushed over the edge, the first orgasm of her improved form taking hold of her.

“Oh – oh – ah…!” escaped from her lips as Rini reflexively released her nipple, her muscles contracting and spasming as she rolled onto her side. She gripped her pussy tightly, trying to eke out all the pleasure she could from her climax, while the other hand held fast to the wet nipple. In a moment it was all over and Rini let her hands fall to her side as her breathing picked up and her body started to relax. She rested for a moment in her warm glow.

Part of Rini would have been completely satisfied to lay there the rest of the day, intermittently enjoying her body and thinking about all she could do with it. But as one eye caught sight of her clock, and she thought about how she’d just make it to the diner on time if she left now, another part of her loved the idea of showing up smelling of sex and completely blowing Vizio’s mind. If she stayed home she risked being fired and never getting the chance. If she left now she could have some fun before being rid of that place forever.

Using the furniture to support her way to the closet Rini worked on a pair of strappy silver heels she’d stolen out of a customer’s bag. They had just enough arc to let her learn her new balance. With that issue solved she carefully practiced her poise as she selected her outfit. Her pussy was already starting to get damp again, and since many of her skirts ended mid-thigh Rini decided to go commando. She picked out a ruffled grey drape, but because her hips had expanded past her fake size she had to clasp the skirt higher than usual. This meant the hem was pulled up much closer to her ass, although she was still safe from baring her vagina with every step.

She had no bras that would be of use. She doubted she could even just go buy pre-made bras for breasts nearly the size of medicine balls. She pulled a yellow blouse from the closet, the largest she had. But even with two-thirds of the buttons done a large portion of cleavage was showing – which was not a complaint. Because of how her breasts hung – with additional bumps of fabric where her nipples stood out – the shirt stopped far from her naval, exposing her entire abdomen. Rini tied off the bottom, giving herself a kinky school girl look.

The walk to the diner was fraught with challenge. First was the terrain. Although most of the trek was across sidewalk and asphalt, it was far from the smooth flatness that was Rini’s apartment. But she was careful, and although there were a few unavoidable stumbles, she didn’t fall.

The second challenge was getting to the diner without fucking every man she came across. It was as if every part of her body was working against her. She could feel her clit rolled back and forth within her soft folds with each step. Every movement caused her bossomy expanse to shift and drag against the shirt, her nipples especially feeling the pressure. And the times she did stumble were like someone directly slapping her pussy. But she was determined to get in as close to on-time as possible so Vizio wouldn’t call in their boss.

The look on the cook’s face was worth it. Although the restaurant was open by the time she arrived there were no customers. Vizio was in the back, cleaning the grills before firing them up. It was the perfect opportunity for Rini to approach from behind and pose before announcing her presence.

“What do you think of these tennis balls?”

“Rini, damn it, how many times have I told you-”

The waitress knew he was going to finish his sentence with, “…not to come back here” before his jaw went slack. She was pretty sure he’d changed his opinion of that, as she was going to with or without him.

“What are you…how?”

“Who cares?” Rini grinned, strutting over to one of the cold grills. As she stopped in front of it she dramatically opened her blouse. Her tits spilled out like volleyballs from an upturned sack. From here the only way to see into the kitchen was through the order window, but she didn’t give a shit who could see her. There could have been a glass porch door between Rini and any hungry diners who had entered since her arrival and she wouldn’t have changed course.

“You’re…those are like Barina’s…”

Rini hadn’t thought about it, but she supposed Vizio’s observation was correct; her body had an uncanny resemblance to Vizio’s object of lust, Barina Bossom. In fact, it was exactly the famous woman’s form.

“Well, you can stare all you want right now,” Rini smiled, pushing herself up onto the grill top and hooking her heels onto one of the shelves below it. She spread her legs, revealing her lack of undergarments and bare pussy, “But you should know I’m out of here forever as soon as I pass those doors.”

Whatever convictions Vizio had quickly dissolved. His manhood was already out by the time he reached the grill. Rini’s snatch was well-greased from her walk and new arousal, and he smoothly plunged within her folds. She gasped out, as he was much more robust than Rini had expected, and she almost immediately came. It was his rough hands grabbing her plush ass and the stubble of his face motorboating her plucked hens that brought on Rini’s first orgasm, causing everything from her hips down to tightly clench the cook.

Vizio managed to sustain himself through that, using his grip on her rear to lift her from the grill and bounce the jiggly woman along his soaked shaft. His head was practically engulfed by her flesh pillows as they bounced and rolled over his buried face. Her feet left the shelf as she wrapped her legs around him, the heels digging into the back of his calves for support. The pumping pressure inside her pussy, combined with Vizio’s adventurous tongue on her breasts and teats, caused another explosion of warm pleasure to burst through Rini’s body.

One she wasn’t shy about vocalizing.

As she once more tightened up on the cook’s cock he reached the limit of his limits. Although she was on the pill, mostly for the rumor that it would have helped grow her bust, concerns of pregnancy or STDs flitted through Rini’s mind for a moment. But as she felt his warmth flow into her, even while his hands and face continued to explore her sensitive form, this concern was washed away from the sweating waitress’ mind by another orgasm.

As her afterglow ebbed away Rini felt Vizio’s softening sausage slip smoothly from her slit, and her ass bounced roughly on the surface of the grill. She leaned back, letting her muscles relax and her breathing normalize. She put a hand to her left breast, feeling her rapid heartbeat through the tight, full, ball of flesh. As she calmed down Vizio wiped himself off and put away his manhood. It was clear that some post-coital second thoughts were running through his head.

“No need to kick me out, fuck bud, I’m leaving on my own…” Rini grinned as she saw the full realization of what Vizio had just done roll through the head he should have listened to. She pulled down her skirt to cover her dripping slit and buttoned the bare minimum coverage of her blouse. The long antagonism between the two coworkers was over, and they both knew who had won.

Strutting back into the restaurant Rini was pleased to see some people had seated themselves. Whether the looks they were giving her were from impatience with the delayed service, or disgust at the sounds they thought they had heard, or disapproval of her barely there outfit, the ex-waitress was giddy about all of them.

Rini flipped them all her middle finger as she made a smooth dramatic turn towards the exit. As she approached the door she noticed the voluptuous red-haired woman from yesterday seated at the same booth. Rini momentarily thought there was something more to the woman that she hadn’t noticed yesterday, but ignored it. She made sure to flip her former customer the same hand signal. As she passed by the woman spoke up.

“Why don’t you sit for a moment?”

“And why don’t you-”

Rini’s curt response was cut off by the about-face of her own body. The precarious balance of her heels and the sudden swing of her breasts should have sent her tumbling over, but somehow she stayed upright and took her seat at the booth. It was as if she was an auto-pilot, completely out of control of her legs.

As she looked up at the woman she had served only 24 hours prior Rini had to blink her eyes. That feeling of difference was back – no, it was…cloudy recognition? It was as if Rini couldn’t focus her vision, as if she’d never really seen the customer before. It was like a TV flashback as the image blurred into a sharp picture. She had to rub her eyes, and as she lowered her hands everything became clear. Rini gasped, pushing back into the plastic bench with a loud squeak.

“Hello,” the woman grinned, putting out her hand, “My name is Barina Bossom. And we have much to discuss.”

to be continued…