You Can Copy A Copy On A…

Part I

a story by Dan Standing

Rini ran her hand down her panties, her thumb tightly pressed between each butt cheek. When she reached her goal she paused, tightened up her abdomen, and smiled as she felt the movement of air.

Pulling out from her skirt she took her thumb and ran it around the rim of the filled soda glass before her. She could feel the fresh carbonation popping and spritzing her fingers as she finished her circle and wiped her hand on the apron wrapped around what were actually thin hips enhanced by rubber under her skirt. Satisfied with herself a naughty smile broke out across one half of her mouth as she picked up the glass.

“Here you go, a regular coke, right?” Rini fully smiled as she delivered the diet soda to the table. She pushed a strand of her chin-length brunette hair behind an ear as she tried to act nonchalant.

“Yes, thank you,” the voluptuous red-head smiled. The customer’s blouse was unbuttoned enough that there was no uncertainty as to whether or not the grapefruits bulging up from her bra were real, “And I think I have my order, if you’re ready.”

“Yes, one moment, let me go get my pen,” Rini replied, turning and walking back towards the kitchen. Of course the pen was in her apron pocket, but as she got to the order window she turned in time to see her customer take a sip and look at the drink in confusion, smacking her lips a little. Rini didn’t care if the reaction was from the low-cal soda the customer hadn’t ordered or the special ring along the top of the cup. She was just pleased with herself for doing both.

Rini turned to make herself look busy, while actually popping into her mouth a bit of gum, and in that moment missed seeing the red-head wave her hand over the cup.

Returning to the table with pen and paper in hand, the waitress placed down a wrapped straw.

“I forgot to drop that off, sorry,” Rini grinned.

“Oh, thank you!” the patron smiled, taking the straw and popping it open against the table, “Are you ready for me?”

“Yeah,” echoed through Rini’s mouth alongside a crack of gum. She bit down hard, causing a small bit of spittle to eject from between her lips. The woman seemed oblivious to Rini’s actions and put in her order. Walking back to the kitchen window the waitress was greeted by the rugged and attractive face of the chef, Vizio.

“You know, one of these days the crap you pull is gonna get you canned,” the young cook muttered, his words straining under the weight of his thick New York accent. Rini allowed herself a moment to take in his combed back dark hair, his tanned skin, and the chisel of his jaw.

“Donny D has to be here to fire me,” Rini replied with a crack of gum, then she took her arms and pushed them against the lady lumps pressed against the inside of her blouse, “And you can’t goof off back there if he’s here watching me. Besides, if I was gone who would you leer at all day? You know you want this.”

“I’ve got tennis balls at home. I’d further fire you than fuck you any day,” Vizio replied, snatching the paper from the sill and disappearing back to the grill. “And don’t spit on this BLT, I don’t need any more customers thinking I’m the ass…”

Rini added a mean grin to her pose, and held it until Vizio was fully out of view. She then quickly turned and began to adjust herself. She kept what looked to be a spectacular cleavage covered by a fully buttoned blouse because her bra was filled with 95% padding. Her pose had shifted it.

That padding was certainly more complicated than a pair of tennis balls stuffed in her bra. Although he didn’t know exactly what she’d done Vizio had been around long enough to know something was artificially adjusting her hourglass. In fact, he’d uknowningly helped shape the idea.

One day Rini had overheard Vizio comment on his attraction to a famous red-head named Barina Bossom – a nude model turned actress turned recluse – and Rini had patterned her fake dimensions after Bossom’s legendary curves (even though she was still inches short). She’d decided on this course of action when she found herself serving plenty of male patrons with bigger busts than hers. Not only did this fake change piss off Vizio but there was an uptick in tips.


Of course, being a slightly kinder waitress would have also helped with her tips, but Rini didn’t opt for that route. If she was miserable in her shoddy apartment and low-pay job she had no problem using said job to make other people miserable…even if they didn’t know they should be.

Which included delivering the red-head’s sandwich with a loogie hidden strategically amongst the other ingredients. Despite Rini’s procrastination and foul food intervention the woman actually left her a generous tip.

The same couldn’t be said of the other patrons Rini served that day, a few of whom tried to call out Rini on the deliberate nastiness she was delivering to them. But she’d been at this job far longer than anyone should have been, and Rini was well-practiced in deflating a scene and pushing guilt to other parties.

One reason why Vizio had always resisted her advances.

As she and the cook closed up for the night and went their separate ways Rini fingered the tips in her pocket – along with the bills swiped from the register. Her black flats turned and marched her a few blocks towards her apartment, but it was the bar across the street from her building that Rini stopped in first.

It only took a few shots to get the waitress into the drunken mindset she preferred. Her rowdiness unleashed, she was the life of the bar. But that didn’t change the fact that, no matter how drunk she got, she knew the bumps on her chest and curves on her hips weren’t real. Rini had more than once left quickly, while a man who expected to be leaving with her was taking one final trip to the bathroom.

Tonight was no different. Entering her small apartment alone the inebriated and horny woman kicked off her shoes and dropped her skirt to the floor. The small loop of elastic that held her rubber hips fell next. The blouse and padded bra followed.

It was impossible for Rini to climb into bed without catching sight of herself in the wall mirror. She sneered at her boyish figure, which sat at the top of the long list of things she felt life had screwed her on. The transition from chest to abdomen to hips was nearly a straight line, and her butt and boobs barely extended from her body. Skinny legs and large feet that made high-heeled shoes uncomfortable rounded out her list of complaints.

“Life would be better if I actually had the body of Barina Bossom…” Rini muttered. Turning away from the wall, and cursing the street lamp that so easily illuminated the offending image, Rini dropped into the sheets. With her nipples smashed into the mattress she raised her hot loins up a bit and slid her hands down where they were needed most; past her patch of brown curls and into her steamy slit. In her mind she captured the look of Bossom’s body with her head atop it, using it to seduce that cocky cook, and eventually Rini’s fingers brought her to grunting satisfaction. Wiping her slickness along the edge of the bed she eventually fell asleep.

It was a few hours after she nodded off that unnatural forces began to act on the sleeping woman. She’d passed out face down in her pillow, her breasts still pressed hard against the sheet. Over the course of a few minutes they pressed harder and harder against the mattress, as warm flesh began to spontaneously generate upon Rini’s chest.

As more and more soft breast mass built between Rini’s ribs and the mattress she eventually rolled over, a belabored process thanks to the extra weight that orange-sized-and-climbing orbs added to her torso. As she turned her body leaned against another bit of expansion; her hips and ass were growing as well.

Not all of Rini was getting bigger. Her stomach and waist sucked in, further enhancing the exaggerated hourglass of her new body. Her feet contracted and slimmed, her pads arching as tendons shortened to facilitate and encourage the wearing of high-heels. The curls upon her mons, and all the rest of her hair below her eyebrows, ceased to exist. An incessant hum started up in her pussy, causing every part of her flower to moisten. Her sensitive stamen engorged and then pushed slightly further against her lower lips than ever before.

Nothing about Rini’s face or brunette hair changed, but the rest of her was very different. Round firm breasts larger than her head rested atop each other as they hung from her ribs. Wide womanly hips held onto a butt that bubbled out nearly half a foot from the base of her spine. Her waistline was barely larger than the diameter of her head. Her legs had lengthened and toned, ending in petite feet that would no longer stretch flat. A bare moist pussy buzzed with arousal. The final detail was her fingernails lengthening and taking on a bright red polish that matched the one spreading across her toenails.

The changes complete Rini tried to turn over further in her sleep, but her boobs and butt were holding her in place like bookends. It wasn’t enough to wake her up, so the brunette settled into place and unconsciously squeezed her rounded thighs together as the arousal flushed through all of her flesh.

Her body would await its discovery in the morning.

To be continued…