a short story by Dan Standing

Tiana’s body tensed as the orgasm rolled through her. Her arms instinctively pressed in on the hips under and between them, pressing her breasts tightly against the pelvis below. She could feel the quivering quim under her own tongue spasm and splash as well, a groan of pleasure leaving the lips lapping at Tiana’s dripping slit.

Rolling off of Dri the top-lover rotated herself around so that they were next to each other, a pillow under each of their heads. The down mattress shifted with their weight, cradling them in the center of their love nest. The hands that rested between them gripped each other, and the two women lay back together in a sweaty glistening glow.

Dri’s coconut sized breasts rose and fell under her deep breaths, her body still squirming from the ecstasy it had just been wracked with. Her brunette locks were matted all the way down to her shoulders, and she licked some her lover’s juices from her plump lips. Her runner’s muscles refused to relax from their most recent experience.

Tiana slid a hand down her ribs and caressed the scant curve of her pleasurable palmfuls, teasing one very hard nipple. Her blond hair barely made it to her neck, and it still maintained some of its poofy body. Her soft, lithe flesh glowed from the experience.

For another moment the two sexy lasses lay in silence, until Dri gave a little giggle before saying, “Now I’m hungry. Go make me a sandwich!”

“Make your own damn sandwich,” Tiana sighed, a smile spreading thin her own succulent lips as she gently poked the other woman in the ribs with her elbow, “I’m your girlfriend, not your waiter!”

“Ah! I wish you enjoyed feeding me as much as you did fucking me!” Dri laughed, not realizing that at that moment the invisible Irony Fairy just so happened to be within earshot. She was more than happy to grant the woman’s request.

“Only if I got to – oh…” Tiana’s response was interrupted by her grunt of arousal, as her chest was taken by a splash of chill energy. She arched her back and gripped the sheets with her toes, her still-wet pussy and engorged labia pushing up into the air. The stretching motion obscured for a moment the changes in her bust, but as she lowered back to the bed it was quickly very obvious that “palmfuls” would no more be the most accurate description of her breasts.

All four eyes went wide as the girls watched Tiana’s tits surge out in little pulses of jiggly flesh. For the blond, each moment of growth was like a cool hand caressing her skin, coaxing it forward. Her nipples were achingly hard, and although the cool sensation left her skin with each push, behind her teats the cold seemed to be growing. From apples to softballs to honeydews to volleyballs the two women watched in frozen astonishment, Tiana’s body flexing and jumping with each expansion as her teeth bit hard into her bottom lip. Tiana could feel layers of fat filling in beneath her skin, but under that was another sensation that was much less defined.

Finally the growth seemed to finished, and Dri helped Tiana push her back up further on the bed frame. Hanging from the blond’s ribs, practically resting in her thighs, were two boobs just a few inches wider than soccer balls. They were heavy, but not to the point of crippling her. Nipples the size of thumbs stood out stiff and proud. And within each fleshy pillow, Tiana now realized, sloshed about a gallon of milk.

The physical changes done, the final adjustments were now being made. Although the sensation of being bloated with liquid did not hurt, Tiana suddenly felt the intense desire to be emptied. It was a similar sensation to when she was hot and horny and just ached for a good pussy licking. And somehow she quite plainly knew that the only one who’d be able to empty her changed chest from now on was Dri.

Dri’s mind and body had not gone unchanged. She was quickly aware that she’d never be able to eat anything else again beyond Tiana’s milk – it would grant her all the sustenance she needed. This should have driven her to screaming, but the thoughts of what she’d been robbed of were pushed away, and all that filled her mind was the idea of how tasty Tiana’s tits looked.

The blond gasped as Dri suddenly leaned forward and latched onto a nipple. Her lips milked the fleshy nozzle, bringing gulps of milk into her mouth that warmed her body on the way to her stomach. Previously Tiana had considered the idea of sexualizing lactation a perverted idea, but that impulse was also pushed from her mind as she felt how good the feeling of being suckled was. One hand tightly gripped the nearby pillow, while the other grabbed the brunette’s hair and made sure she didn’t let go until the process was done.

As her breast emptied it felt as if the pleasure in Tiana’s pussy was filling. She could tell she was getting closer and closer to orgasm with each suck from Dri. After about ten minutes the one breast was emptied, and the blond guided Dri’s face to her unattended nipple. The brunette’s stomach felt nearly full, but the milk tasted so good she needed more.

Tiana’s pussy continued to build its orgasm, until Dri drained the last drop. Her stomach was tight in its fullness, and almost visibly gorged. She was pushed away from her lover’s bosom as Tiana was wracked with pleasure, an orgasm stronger than the one she’d experienced earlier crashing over her. She cried out as every muscle tensed, and she sprayed her love juices across the mattress. Eventually her moon-shaped ass returned to the sheets, and as she tried to catch her breath Dri cuddled up next to her.

They both rested there silently for a few minutes, the very idea that what had just happened was in anyway unusual scrubbed from their thoughts. Tiana could already feel the milk starting to refill, as a cool tickle began to grow within her bosom. Finally they turned to each other.

“So…wanna go clothes shopping and maybe see a movie?”

“Sure…as long as we’re home in time for dinner.”