a short story by Dan Standing

Charlene kicked the door closed with her heel, doing her best to balance her purse, briefcase, and the box she’d found in the mail room. Pressing the door completely shut with her shoulder, and awkwardly bolting the entrance to her apartment with the same hand that still held her keys, Charlene heard someone coming down the hallway from the bedroom at full speed.

“You’re home! And it arrived!” Baily exclaimed, bursting into view. Her coconut sized breasts bounced and swung enticingly inside the blue babydoll lingerie that hugged the hourglass that was her curvy frame. The swinging strands of a pink bow complimented the sway of her bosom and the matching flowers embroidered in the fabric.

“I take it this box is for Freaky Friday?” Charlene sighed, placing all of her items on the kitchen table as she attempted to settle in. Her eager lover grinned and nodded her head, blond curls that hung past her shoulders bouncing with her excitement.

“Oh yes indeed!” Baily grinned. They’d been together three years now, and the barefooted blond had proposed “Freaky Friday” as a way to keep the sex life between her and the surprisingly conservative Charlene interesting. After a few weeks of trying various locations and positions, Baily had finally gotten Charlene to agree to adding some toys to the mix.

Charlene shook her head, amused at the other woman’s enthusiasm, a trait that had endeared her from the start. She’d returned from work in a pencil skirt, blazer, and blouse, and removed the blazer. The kitchen light played across her ebony skin as she set aside her outer top and unbuttoned the inner one just a bit.

“I thought we’d agree to buy from an established and accountable website, like Adam & Eve? Where’s this from, I-”

Baily snatched up the box as if she was cradling a child.

“What? I shopped around, what’s wrong with that? I even added the ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ to your toy for our order.”

Before Charlene could continue her objections Baily grabbed her hand, leading the mock-moaning woman out of the kitchen and down the hall towards the bedroom. Charlene knew better than to try and resist – not that she really wanted to anyhow – and undid her skirt, allowing it to slide down her smooth legs and reveal the top of the thigh-high stockings that adorned her legs. She stepped out of the crumpled skirt and entered their love nest in stockings, heels, pink panties, and blouse – which had a few more buttons undone by now. Baily spun the dark-skinned beauty onto the bed with a giggly flourish, where Charlene continued to remove her top while Baily joyfully ripped open the box.

Setting her blouse aside, Charlene reached back and undid the clasps to her bra. She let out a long-held sigh as her generous bosom – which bounced out at least two inches further than Baily’s wonderful orbs – was freed of its repressive prison. The ultra-tight bra was Charlene’s way of avoiding unwanted stares and advances from her male-coworkers, who had no concept of the sensuous glory hidden beneath the no-nonsense woman’s shirt.

“Oh shit, that feels good…” Charlene sighed, leaning back and really letting her breasts roll out across her ribs. She brought up a hand and traced the indents her bra had left in her skin, “…taking that off is practically all the foreplay I need…”

“You’re not getting out of this that easy…although hopefully getting off will be,” Baily replied through a giant grin, turning from the destroyed box and revealing its treasures, “This one is yours!”

Dark brown eyebrows furrowed as Charlene accepted the object dangled before her – a large black rubber shaft hanging from the crotch of latex panties. But they weren’t just panties – the backside of the kinky underwear had extra padding. Worn under clothing it would appear as if a woman had a pronounced bubble-butt.

“And I’m supposed to think…”

“Oh, get over yourself,” Baily grinned, tearing into some sort of foil square, “I’m sure that’s just in case I wanna throw you up against the wall! The description said it will give you an amazing profile, and the dildo portion is suppose to be a complete extension of your clit! It should feel amazing inside me!”

“I see…” Charlene sighed, holding up her present between two fingers as if it were a dirty diaper. Her own ass was slight and toned – a marked difference from the stereotype applied to women of her ancestry. It was a stereotype she was happy to be an exception from, and was unsure of what she thought about the implication of the panty’s extra material.


Baily’s sexy hum turned Charlene’s attention back to her lover, who’d pulled up the babydoll and pushed aside the matching blue panties wrapped around her hips. Her eyes were shut tight, a lip slightly bit in a savory smile, and she had three fingers thrust inside the lips between her thighs.

“Hey, I thought that was my job,” Charlene exclaimed, taking a step towards Baily. Her high heels clacked on the hard wood floor, sending a little echo through the room.

“Don’t worry, I’m not starting early, just applying my toy,” the blond grinned, removing her hand and turning towards Charlene, “It’s supposed to make it feel like my whole body is being fucked and is to be used for nothing else.”

“With something like that in you, I really think you should have shopped-”

“I know, I know,” Baily sighed, shaking her head and walking up to Charlene. With a smooth motion she grabbed her lover’s panties and shoved her backwards onto the bed, pulling the pink fabric down to her knees in the process, “Now shut up and fuck me with that thing.”

Charlene laughed and shook her own head in fun, pushing the normal panties the rest of the way off and pulling on the black ones while Baily stripped of her babydoll. As she pulled the rubber shaft towards her Charlene examined it further – it most definitely was not intended to anatomically resemble a cock. It had some thick ribbing most of the way to the tip, which was more of a sphere than a ridged head. As the black beauty slipped the latex over her hips she could feel some texture she’d not noticed slot along her pussy. This nestled against her throbbing and sticky clit – Charlene immediately realized why it might feel like an extension of her pleasure nub.

“Alright hot stuff,” Baily grinned, pushing Charlene back until her shoulders touched the quilt of the bed. The padding on the ass of the panties was an alien but pleasant sensation. “My pussy is really starting to ache for something in it and I’m not waiting anymore.”

As Baily spread her legs to climb atop her lover’s reclined body Charlene could see exactly how much “aching” the blond was doing – she’d never seen Baily glisten as much as she was right now. Her flower was practically dripping, the petite patch of blond hair adorning her mons already matted down.

“Come and get it,” Charlene grinned, taking Baily’s hands and guiding her up and over the plastic parapet that was already getting the laid-back woman hot and horny from its weight alone. She guided Baily’s hips down, and her slick slit engulfed the rubber shaft.

“Oh yes…” both women hissed from their respective pleasures. Baily’s body was already beginning to show little spasms as the substance she’d applied enhanced the feeling of her filled canal. And although Charlene could not access her quickly dripping pussy, she almost didn’t need to thanks to the sensations her clit was getting.

Suddenly they were each in a blur of activity. Both felt as if an orgasm wasn’t far away, and there was so much more pleasure to be had from each other’s bodies. Breasts were palmed and massaged, nipples were pinched and licked, arms and legs tangled, caressed, and gripped nearly to the point of bruising.

“Oh God…you were right…” Charlene hissed, raising her ass up and down from the bed in an attempt to find even the smallest amount of additional pressure to be applied to her sexual button. Her hands gripped Baily around the ribs, trying to help maintain a proper rhythm, “This keeps feeling better and better…it’s like my actual clit is inside you…”

“I told you…” Baily grinned, her lips loosing into another moan as her breasts bounced wildly across her chest. Her eyes were still closed as she continued her attempts to take as much of Charlene’s strap-on as she could…but each thrust seemed to always just miss the limits of her depths. She ran her hands down the sweating woman beneath her, expecting to once again trace the edges of the latex panties, but this time she couldn’t discern where Charlene stopped and the panties started.

Opening her eyes the blond looked down and was surprised by what she saw…the latex was smoothly merged with Charlene’s skin! It was as if it had always been a part of the other woman’s body, the solid black of the rubber integrating with the more mocha tone of the real flesh. Startled by this Baily knew she needed to draw Charlene’s attention to this strange development.

“Ooooo!” escaped from the bouncing blond’s mouth, her lips locked in an oval that she could not alter. Baily tried to throw up her hands to investigate the problem, but they were slow to react – in fact, they were doing the opposite of what she wanted. She could feel her shoulder and upper arms pressing against her sides. Her elbows were bending and turning, sending her lower arms and hands across her chest in each direction. She couldn’t command them.

“Oooo indeed!” Charlene moaned, seemingly unaware of the situation. Baily’s hair was beginning to stick together as a solid mass. Her mind tried to comprehend what was happening…but the thick black rod pounding at her vag made it difficult to concentrate. In fact, why worry about it now? Baily’s brain became a complete fuzz as she decided that whatever was going on could be dealt with after she came…and it was clear that she was finally nearing a very big orgasm.

This was true for Charlene was well. Her eyes had shut tight moments before Baily had opened hers. If she knew there was a problem she didn’t show it – all she was concerned with was the growing pleasure between her legs. Not the impending orgasm, but the literally growing pleasure between her legs – the black shaft had fused to her clit and was quickly becoming fully flesh and blood.

And it felt great.

The sensation of the ass padding fusing with Charlene’s own butt cheeks also didn’t raise any alarms. As Baily’s body lost its mass, and Charlene’s hands grew larger around the mentally-moaning woman, it appeared that the reclined woman found all of this to be perfectly normal. Charlene’s arms worked all the harder to pleasure herself as her lover lost the ability to move about on her own. Slowly the blond’s pale skin took on a neon pink, her legs pulling up and close to her sides. As she continued to shrink Baily could feel her insides simplify – the love canal that was dominating her form was soon directly connected to the small round opening her mouth had formed into. Every part of her was merging together as rubber.

As Baily’s new body was nearing its final form so was Charlene’s. She was pumping her inanimate lover up and down her big black clit at record speed when the lips of her own pussy finally parted through the latex skin. The changes were complete.

And Charlene came. Her pussy had never squirted before, but it did this time – tablespoons of liquid splashed off the end of the bed onto the floor. As Baily’s user orgasmed so did she, exorcizing the only movement she maintained – squeezing tight around Charlene’s shaft and enhancing both of their pleasure. The bed-rested lover’s body arched, and she spasmed and rolled back and forth as she let out a scream of pure bliss heard four floors in each direction from their apartment. Her curled toes nearly ripped holes in the quilt.

Finally Charlene’s body collapsed in exhaustion and afterglow, her hands releasing the small rubber shape that Baily had become. So much slick, natural lubricant had been produced by each of them that the rubber pocket pussy slowly slid from the enormous clit and landed on the moisture soaked quilt. For a few minutes both of their brains were out of commission.

Baily was the first to finally focus her thoughts. She no longer had a biological body that could be exhausted, so she was quick to assess the situation; she had clearly shopped at the wrong website. The colorful text she’d read were not figurative descriptions of sensation, but literal descriptions of outcomes. Her whole body had certainly felt like it had been fucked, and she had no other purpose now. Somehow she was still able to see, and had a clear shot up the bed at her dozing lover.

C’mon Charlene, wake up! the plastic pussy cried out in her head, I need to be filled – I mean, fixed!

On her own the resting woman slowly roused from her post-orgasm stupor. She pushed herself up, and as she moved her hips the enormous bundle of nerves slipped across her thigh and landed in the crevice formed by her closed legs.

“Oh!” Charlene exclaimed, in a voice one would expect from someone whose clit had just been lightly slapped. She looked down at the banana-sized appendage pushing apart her labia and still as thick and stiff as it had been when it was rubber – its shape was even the same. Although now made of sensitive flesh it retained it’s midnight-black coloration.

Baily waited in anticipation for Charlene to freak out, but she just stared down at the monstrous clitoris and showed barely any reaction. Finally she spoke.

“Wow, that was great! This thing is going to be awesome! Oh! I need to check how my new ass looks…”

Baily nearly rolled off the bed as Charlene jumped up and began to examine her very bubblicious ass in the wall mirror. If Baily’s jaw could have shifted from the O shape it would have dropped. At first the pocket pussy could not understand why Charlene was so calm. So happy. So…


That’s when Baily realized it. She’d added the Satisfaction Guarantee to Charlene’s gift when finishing the order. Like everything else, it didn’t work as expected; instead of the ability to return an order, it changed the user’s mind to be happy with whatever outcome was caused by the purchased items. Including the transformation of Baily from flesh-and-blood to pink plastic pocket pussy. Thanks to the Satisfaction Guarantee placed on the posing African she wouldn’t be searching for any customer assistance hotline anytime soon.

That’s when Baily really accepted that she was stuck.

“Oh man, I’m going to need to get some big silk panties and some loose pants to hide my new clit, but I am going to look good in them…” Charlene called out to Baily, slapping her newly enlarged ass and watching her cheeks jiggle a bit. As she swung her hips back and forth the thick sensitive shaft slapped her thighs, causing a look of arousal to flash, “And this thing is going to keep me horny all day at work…”

Still in her heels Charlene strutted back to the bed and picked up Baily. Her lips practically engulfed the pink face, frozen in a look of pleasure, as she kissed her rubber lover.

“You are going to get so much use!” Charlene grinned, “Oh! I’m going to need a lot of lube for you!” Placing Baily back on the bed Charlene ran over to a desk in the corner of the room which housed Baily’s laptop, the big clit and bloated butt bouncing the whole way.

From her place on the foot of the bed Baily watched the screen blink on. She was very happy to hear that she was going to be used…that’s what she was for now. She’d always enjoyed a good fuck more than anything else, and now that was all she was responsible for. It wouldn’t be a terrible existence.

She just hoped that Charlene took her own advise, and that the lube came from a more established – and accountable – website.