Hey All,

First, I just want to make one last push for anyone who wants to donate to TIME AND AGAIN: ISSUE 2. Right now we’ve raised enough that I’ll be able to tell the Genie’s origin story, but there is a new character who made some wishes we won’t see the unique results of unless we raise more.

Also, we’ve had no submissions of questions for “Protie” Anne’s post-Midas interview. If you want to ask questions of someone who has spent time as a golden statue, and currently has donkey ears, please head over to Sexy Fantasy Comics.

I will be away all next week with unreliable access to internet I can safely use, so most of my usual updates will be haphazard. I’ve been able to schedule of a few updates here and there, but for the most part I will have to catch up on things when I return.

Good health to you all,