Most people seem to either love or hate AXE’s methods of advertisement. While I tread the line between finding them very creative and/or very sexist at times, at least the company is always willing to try a variety of commercials instead of subjecting people to the same one over and over.

So, eventually, you’ll find one you like. Or, at least, is subjectively appropriate to post on a certain website.

Below we have two examples. The first, for those into it, is a pretty impressive example of female disintegration. Although the action is just an analogy for turning women off because of dandruff, some of the women’s reactions would be just as appropriate if they were being advanced on by a mad scientist with an experimental ray gun.

Following it is an interesting commercial which could, I guess, imply latent telekinesis. The part of the commercial I especially call your attention to is the briefest of moments right after the :15 mark – you can decide if it is simply the woman’s nipples “reacting” to the remote attention, or permanently growing.

I know, I know, it’s the first, but…I reject that reality and substitute a far sexier one of my own. Besides, it also looks like the final woman’s breasts are growing…