I am constantly searching for transformation-themed material (just wait until I get to what I found in the Poconos!), and recently discovered this Mexican Cinema movie poster for a film called ANIMALES HUMANOS. It’s so large I couldn’t scan it and had to lay it out on the floor to photograph. Take a look;

Photo of my Mexican Cinema poster for ANIMALES HUMANOS

Now, I’ve done some research into the film, and it sounds terrible. Not “terrible” in bad production values, script, or acting (although those things could all be true), but “terrible” as in “the acts described put me off something terrible and I don’t even want to list what happens in it.”

Let’s just say, if you read the bottom credits in white, I feel really bad for “Larry.” Really really bad.

So, yeah, bottom line, the film has no tree transformation, or any physical transformation at all, from what I can find. But hey, it somehow found a way to pay an artist to paint a funky space tree transformation/fusion – so, kudos to whomever came up with that idea!

Zoomed Photo of my Mexican Cinema poster for ANIMALES HUMANOS