Sample from one of REBOUND's five illustrations.

I want to make sure everyone knows that my new illustrated ebook REBOUND is now in the SFC. Featuring 5 illustrations by Andrea & Ale, I hope that those who love breast expansion, multiple breasts, and lovely loving ladies find this a satisfactory story!

Also, for those following the shared character that has appeared in BAR BELLES and ROOM 2739, The Traveler shows up near the end of the book, and curious readers will get a little more insight into him and the world-building that I am working on as I try and prep for my larger ongoing transformation series MaGE FORCE.

Also, today is the last full day people can sign up for SexyFantasyComics at the $6 monthly rate. We’ll be bumping that up to $7 sometime on August 1st.

I also wanted to speak briefly about my plans for…well, for everything I am doing. Many of you know that I’m working on multiple websites; this one, SexyFantasyComics, Exiern, the ESCarchive, and others. Within that I’m writing, coloring, editing or otherwise working on many projects; TIME AND AGAIN, HELD WITHIN, EXIERN, NAUGHTY BITS, GAME OF NOME, and various different stories. I get up at 5am each day at the latest so I have time to make sure I can get something out to my loyal readers. Whether it’s writing, coloring, lettering, editing, compiling illustration descriptions, paying artists, I have a weekly schedule to make sure I can get all that done and then get to my day job.

Now, any members of SexyFantasyComics may have noticed that within the narrative of the website we have an office. It has a lobby, an R&D lab, Maintenance, the whole shebang. And while that’s all fictitious, there’s very little I want more than to make it a reality.

Yes, I want to make illustrated transformation fiction my actual job.

This is why everyone may have noticed the plethora of paid material lately; TIME AND AGAIN #2 fundraiser, SexyFantasyComics Membership, the ESCarchive Membership, and so on. I really want to find a way that I’m not cramming everything in before I go to my real job; I’m trying to figure out how to make getting quality transformation fiction and imagery to all of you my real job – but also have the money to eat. I want to make sure things like PROJECT: iSES and the upcoming ODIN can continue to give back to those who have come before me – while having a roof over my head. I want to show the people out there that this subject matter is respectable, serious, and capable of self-sustaining – while paying a water bill.

This is a long, hard road ahead, but I do believe it is possible. And I am dedicated to maintaining quality free material here (have a fun story in the works I hope will post this week). And I’m not saying all this in a search for handouts. I post this because I want you all to know that I am here for the long run, and it is because of you.

This is what I want to do. Whether it’s feedback in the chat to the right, or comments left on HELD WITHIN in the ESCa, so many people have let me know that what I’m doing is enjoyed. I know I will screw up some things, and I want to be told when I do. Things may sometimes delay or break, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to figure this out. And your feedback is going to be the best way for me to know if I’m doing the right thing for everyone, or just me.

And I hope, someday, I’ll be able to bring people great expanding breasts, multiplying limbs, petrifying bodies, and mythological sexiness Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day.

After all, one can dream – right?