Lately, reader Catfish has been playing the Andy Richter to my Conan O’Brien (just in case it’s not clear, that is meant to be a compliment). After I pointed out the interview in Maxim where Kate Beckinsale briefly mentioned nearly playing the Three Breasted Hooker in the Total Recall remake, Catfish left mention that she’d discussed the same topic on TBS’ Conan.

Well, of course, I had to see that. Now knowing that Total Recall‘s director is also Ms. Becksinale’s husband, the entire reason why that almost happened makes way more sense to me. For those who want to see her delightful reaction to Conan‘s reaction, check out the video below. The part about the Three Breasted Hooker starts at 2:30, but I recommend the full interview, as it is entertaining in general.

And yes, we’re all thinking that, Conan.