I’ll be the first to admit that Well Suited is a slight change of pace from my usual stories. I’m always trying hard to bring something fresh and new, but that doesn’t mean the story is for everyone. I wasn’t surprised that there was some feedback here and elsewhere with recommendations on how else things could have played out.

But it’s not often I get a submission with an accompanying message that includes the sentence,

Since I used your characters and even some of your words, I relinquish any rights I might have to any of this material — you’re free to post it, rewrite it, use ideas from it for completely different stories, completely ignore it, whatever.

Not certain what to expect from a story preceded by such a humble statement, I clicked to the linked tale and began reading. What I found was a very enjoyable revision to the conclusion of Well Suited, with some fun original twists and a few ideas I had originally tried to work in but left on the cutting room floor after taking a new direction.

And then I figured, who am I to keep a good time from my readers?

Below you’ll find regular reader Catfish’s submitted alternate ending to Well Suited entitled Cowed, with some edits and additional material added on top of it by me. Credit where credit is due, Catfish’s original text was very good and didn’t need editing, but I wanted to try and keep the flow of the first part consistent in this new portion while adding in some new stuff that Catfish’s tale opened the doors on. The very end – one of my favorite parts – is still 99% unchanged from Catfish’s original text.

Plus, he said I could play with it! 😉

So, without further ado, lease enjoy!



crafted and written by Catfish as
an alternate second half to “Well Suited” by Dan Standing

with additional material and edits made by Dan Standing

The story picks up from Darla’s confrontation with the witched-dressed woman shortly after crossing the street.

“Excuse me, that honk was for me.”

“Dressed as a slutty cow? Sorry, that was for me,” the witch replied, shaking her chest a little and eliciting many more blaring sounds from the cars. Darla sighed, knowing the woman was probably right.

“Aw, something wrong?” the witch added, cued Darla’s exhalation. “Look, I tell you what – I do feel a little sorry for you, so here’s a little spell to help you out.”

Spell? Darla repeated in her head as the witch dropped her sign to one side and made a quick, seemingly meaningless series of gestures with both hands.

Darla’s attention was drawn down to her breasts for two reasons; the low groan of stressed fabric, and a warm tightness. In nothing more than the time it took for Darla to glance down her breasts had quickly grown several inches. She could barely breath with her newly grown boobs straining against her black-and-white tank top. Her nipples fought hard in their attempt to puncture the fabric.

Stunned, Darla dropped her own sign to feel the freshly grown attributes through the shirt’s fabric. They were all too real. Denial pushed through to shock tinged with fear. She looked up at the witch with a quizzical expression, realizing that her breasts were now on par with her rival’s chest.

The witch gave a knowing smile, “If you haven’t already guessed, my costume isn’t just for holding punny signs…or even a costume. I am a witch.” She paused and rethought her statement, “Well, one in training. But I’m quite good at body modification, if you couldn’t guess before your own growth spurt. You don’t think all of this just grew out of me at puberty, do you?”

The witch waved at her body as she finished her question,  and passing car honked.

Darla couldn’t believe what was happening…but the weight hanging from her ribs was the best anchor to the reality of the situation that one could ask for. OKay. This woman had magic. But she still had to walk down to the corner to attract customers, which meant…

“You forgot something,” Darla spoke up.

“What, your ass, or your waist?” the bikini-clad woman asked with a bit of a chortle. “Sorry, your boobs are as far as I’m willing to go to try to improve your pathetic-”

The cow-dressed girl interrupted.

“Not about that. What you forgot is that results are what matter. It’s not how many people honk, it’s how many people actually go to whatever restaurant you’re advertising for-”

“SandWitch Stop, right down the street,” said the witch, pointing.

“Yeah, and they’re not gonna know that without…” Darla quickly reached down and picked up the piece of poster board at the witch’s feet. She quickly adjusted for the weighty jiggle of her enlarged breasts as she finished her threat; “…your sign!”

Invigorated by her apparent victory Darla held up her competitor’s sales instrument triumphantly, then quickly lowered it so that she wasn’t giving any free advertising.

“Hey!” the witch yelled, following Darla as she backed up towards Fulmination Avenue. “Give that back!”

“Come and get it!” Darla exclaimed as she pretended to throw the sign into the street. The witch was fooled, jumping forward to try and save the sign from the oncoming traffic. On her own, the woman would have landed on the safe side of the curb and realized what had happened. But her high-heel-clad foot briefly tangled with Darla’s own extended boot, and that was all it took for the witch to stumble into the street, directly in the path of a speeding SUV.

Darla gasped and cringed, but was surprised when she saw the vehicle suddenly stop, inches from the woman. The cow-dressed girl hadn’t noticed the witch make a quick waving motion with her hand as she fell into the street.

And now Darla was confused as to why she herself couldn’t move.

Meanwhile, the witch seemed far from terrified about having been almost killed. She simply caught her balance and walked back onto the sidewalk, then went right up to Darla’s face and grinned.

“Although my spell froze you in time, just as it did everyone else, you’re the only one who’s aware of what’s going on right now.”

Something about the tone in the woman’s voice made Darla’s blood run cold.

“Did you think I only dealt with T&A? Witches are a lot more powerful than that, thus your current, uh, statuesque state. But as you’ve already seen, I do specialize in transformation…and that wasn’t very nice of you…”

It was an accident! Just let me go so I can apologize! Darla thought but couldn’t vocalize.

“Transformation…transformation…what was it your sign said? ‘Cow me’? I think I’ll do just that. Should be pretty easy with that outfit. First, a little amnesia spell on that poor driver, then we’ll release the freeze…”

The return of her ability to move caused Darla to nearly stumble into the moving traffic herself. Before she could say anything, the witch was waving her hand at her.

“…and apply your fate.”

Darla opened her mouth to apologize profusely to the busty spellcaster, but of course all that came out was;


In surprise, the girl clapped her hands to her face, and was shocked when something much harder than plastic struck her nose. Looking down, she could see her gloves were changing from stiff rubber to hard keratin. Within the false hooves, Darla could feel her fingers fusing together and to the surrounding material. It was a strange…thick feeling.

Suddenly the same sensation invaded her nose, causing Darla to sneeze. As her new breasts heaved and threatened to sever the stitching of her top, she instinctively brought her hooves up to her face. But instead of bumping the plastic cow snout, she could feel that the broad nostrils and nose were combining with her own flesh. A large bovine snout was quickly taking over most of Darla’s face. As the elastic separated and fell around her shoulders, the hairband holding on her once-fake horns also dropped to the ground as the hard spikes pushed through her skin and became one with her skull.

“Mooo!” Darla shouted again, this time more out of fear than anger. No cars seemed to notice what was happening, but she could feel a tingle in her spine as the tail became a part of her own flesh. Her shorts pulled tight and her top pulled tighter, and the fabric ceased its impending destruction as it grew into her skin as fur. It made her arms, legs, breasts, ass, and every fold of her now-exposed pussy itch something terrible, but this also meant her breasts were suddenly without their artificial confines. They bobbed down to a more natural – but still surreal – rounded form. Her nipples bloomed out from under the very real cow hide. In moments they had taken on a much darker coloration to match the black of the Holstein spots they had sprouted from, camouflaged from anyone who wasn’t making the most detailed of inspections to her form.

Finally, Darla felt her legs and feet fusing to the plastic hooves, but that was not what had her attention. The now all-too-real weight of the formerly rubber udder hung heavy between her legs, attached to a spot just below her abdomen. Four long pink teats attached to it, splayed out almost more obscenely than her real nipples.

“Don’t worry,” the witch grinned. “Maybe spend some time stuck as part cow, and you’ll learn your lesson, right?”

Darla tried to plead with her still-human eyes, and wondered if there was any way she could vary her moos to sound like human speech. She tried to form her altered mouth into the shape for “I’m,” as in “I’m sorry,” but it again only came out as the already oft-repeated “moo.”

The witch picked up Darla’s now-ironic sign, “Now, take this, go back to your side of the street, and don’t bother me for the rest of the day.” The grin was off her face.

Darla’s hands, now odd-looking cloven hooves, had just enough split in them to allow the edge of her sign to be wedged in for some grip. She really wanted to crush the witch bitch’s nose inside her skull with them, but knew she’d never even pull her arm back before she was frozen again. The steely glare of the bikini clad magic wielder, which was clearly trying to indicate impatience, was enough to get Darla stumbling across the street as soon as she could.

The hooves that her hands had become – completely unsuited for anything requiring manual dexterity – were not the primary cause for her difficulty. Her legs were not really designed for what her feet had become, and it was only once she’d finally made it to her corner that walking started to become natural.

The first thing that Darla thought the moment she got to her corner was what to do. She could run back to the restaurant…or go home…or just hide. But she knew if she left she’d never have the chance to be put back to normal. Plus, there had to be a way to win in some way over the woman who had done this to her. Darla wasn’t going to do nothing.

So she decided she’d do what she could, and beat the witch at the game she’d challenged her to. Darla was still able to hold up her sign, and that’s exactly what she did. If nothing else, she’d to prove that it was the sign-holding that was the important part of the job, whatever your tits were encased in.

But, of course, this wouldn’t be easy.

Darla quickly found that the itching, from the unfamiliar situation of her body being almost completely covered in coarse fur, wasn’t going away.

And it was worse in her pussy.

It was true that the adrenaline of the situation had left Darla both scared and excited. But either as an intended or unintended side effect of the transformation, she had also been left with a general horniness (both literal and figurative). Part of this was the sun and wind caressing her usually guarded genitalia. But another part of it was the course hair, parted down her mostly bare lower lips. It wasn’t the hair around her labia that was the problem; it was the soft bristle of her thighs constantly brushing her in a most intimate fashion. And the arousal was only growing with every step and fidget.

Of course, Darla didn’t dare attempt to take matters into her own hooves while standing on the corner. She was already nude, only having the appearance of decency to those who did not attempt a close inspection. The last thing she wanted was a cop driving by and arrest her for indecent exposure – a jailhouse examination of her current form would no doubt lead to far worse places than the corner she currently occupied.

The good news was that her pussy was hidden below her udder, and although her nipples stood proudly on her two large breasts the fur and dark coloration made them nearly undetectable.

Resting heaviest on her mind was the itchy arousal she could not seem to escape. Instead of letting her mind obsess over her groin Darla decided to concentrate on the task at hand. She danced around on the corner as much as possible, trying to keep her sign as still and visible as possible while her udder and breasts jiggled wildly. Despite their weight and lack of artificial support Darla no pain. There was some discomfort of course, but sharps jabs on her chest, back, or pelvis which would have been present from the massive circumference of her new body parts could not be found.

All the while her tail twitched back and forth, completely independent from any of Darla’s thoughts. She was barely even aware of its presence.

What was clear, that Darla was astutely aware of, was that all the car honking was not independent from what she was doing.

Most of the honking came from the vehicles coming her direction, the ones with a better view of her than the witch. She could see the drivers gaping as best they could. When someone honked, she tried to point to the BullStop logo on the sign as best she could, given the lack of fingers.

Darla grinned, as she thought she saw the witch across the street looking a little frustrated.

The honking increased. Now it was because people were out-and-out staring at her as they were stopped at the traffic light, and they weren’t doing a good job of noticing the light turning green.

The other manager, who Darla hadn’t seen yet today, pulled his car up in front of her and put his flashers on, rolling down his passenger-side window with a cheery, “Keep up the good work!” Darla kept holding the sign up and moving around a bit, hoping her boss would get the hint that she was concentrating and an actual conversation would be a distraction from their shared cause.

But he continued.

“We’ve had a bunch of people coming in saying they saw our cow. A few even asked about where we got the costume – they couldn’t believe how realistic it was.” He suddenly seemed taken aback, as if he’d really looked at Darla for the first time. “Where did we get that costume?”

Darla shrugged as best she could.

“I guess I’ll ask Bob when I get back to the restaurant,” he replied, mostly to himself. Two cars behind him honked loud and long, as others tried to change lanes to the next one over. “Okay, okay,” said the manager to no one in particular, his power window rising as he put his car back into gear and drove off, his turn signals still blinking.

Darla let out a sigh of relief as she continued to jiggle. Cars continued to honk at her. She lost track of time, and the number of honks and waves, when she saw a TV news van drive past.

And drive past again in the other direction about 45 seconds later, after what must have been an illegal U-turn.

And one minute later, return again, this time driving past her and turning off the street, where it promptly parked itself in a spot where it was partially blocking traffic in a driveway. From the passenger side, a man in a jacket and tie emerged holding a microphone. From the driver’s side, a more casually dressed man with a camera. The reporter walked up to Darla.

“Fred Sanders, Channel 6 News. You look very, uh, unique, and we’d like to tape you for the news tonight. Is that all right?”

No one seemed not notice her real nudity, and she figured it wouldn’t be any more obvious on TV than it was in person. Darla glanced over at the witch, who was loudly cheering across the street, apparently trying to catch the news crew’s attention. The cow-girl nodded enthusiastically.

Fred Sanders nodded to the cameraman, who raised the camera to his shoulder. The light attached to the camera flickered on.

“This is quite a costume,” said the reporter. “Did you design it yourself?”

Darla glanced over at the witch again, now appearing to pout a bit, her arms at her side. Even more cars were honking, seeing the news crew. Darla shook her head.

“Oh, I’m sorry, it would actually help if you talked,” suggested the reporter, as the camera light went dark. “I thought, since you weren’t really in a mascot suit with a head, you’d be able to – wow, how is your snout attached? I don’t even see a seam.”

Darla shook her head again.

“Well,” said Fred, “without any sound, that’s just -”

A bit frustrated, Darla let out a loud moo that was more of a bellow.

The cameraman let out a “Holy shit!” as he almost let the camera fall off his shoulder. The reporter put a hand to his face.

“That’s incredible. Best cow impression I ever heard. You sound like the real thing. No wonder you don’t want to talk – you’re in character, right? Kind of a Method thing?”

Darla sighed at the absurdity of Method Acting a sign-holding cow girl mascot, but it got her out of speaking so she nodded and tried to smile under her cow snout.

“Of course, most cows aren’t quite as active as you – but most cows have four legs instead of two and aren’t advertising a burger joint,” mused Fred. “Okay, how about this – I’ll ask a few questions on camera, and you just moo in response, okay?”

Darla nodded again, and the reporter nodded toward the cameraman. The light came back on.

“So you’ve been out here all day?”


“Don’t you think it’s a little odd for a cow to be advertising a hamburger?”


“You must really believe in…” he looked up at the sign, “…this new Beef Burger Deluxe at BullStop.”

Darla mooed as enthusiastically as she could.

The reporter turned toward the camera. “There you have it, a hamburger so good that even a cow is a fan. In midtown, Fred Sanders, Channel 6 News.”

“Looked good,” said the cameraman as the light went off again. Fred turned back to Darla. “So that’s the BullStop that’s just a couple blocks down?”

Darla nodded as the cameraman said, “Let’s get the B-roll first.” The reporter nodded.

“Thanks for your time. If you don’t mind staying active for a while, we’re going to drive around a bit and get some tape of you doing your thing, okay? And then we’ll go to the restaurant, and I guess we can get info from your manager?”

Once again, Darla nodded.

“Great. Okay, this should be on tonight’s news unless we have a huge breaking story.”  With that, the two men left and walked back to the news van. Darla went back to jiggling.

The witch looked downright disgusted, especially after the news van drove by several more times without taking any interest in her.

More time passed. Many more cars honked. Darla was actually beginning to get used to the sensation of having an udder attached to her. She wondered if it would have to be milk. Mostly she just wished she could properly scratch the itch between her thighs. She was so busy continuing her act that she was startled by a throat being cleared in her right ear.

The witch had crossed the street. She was no longer holding her sign, and her body was once again covered up by her cloak.

“I guess you didn’t do too badly, did you?” she asked. “Not one of my best considered plans. Maybe I should leave you like that, since it seems to be such good advertising.”

Darla’s blood ran cold again, and the fear was evident in her widened eyes.

“No, don’t worry,” continued the witch. “You don’t really deserve that. I’m turning you back to normal.”

She gestured, and Darla felt the changes from hours ago in reverse. Fur receded into her skin as her spotted black-and-white tank top and shorts reappeared. The udder detached from her body and returned to being a pink plastic bag, her knees and ankles better settled themselves as hooves became feet contained within boots. Darla threw off the gloves as she could and wiggled her fingers, determining that all 10 digits were back to normal. She touched her face with one hand and her head with another – she was relieved beyond measure to feel an entirely artificial cow’s nose and a headband with plastic horns poking out of it. Suddenly Darla remembered the cause of the whole experience, and looked back at the witch.

“Oh, my God, I’m so, so sorry…” It seemed a bit weird to be able to enunciate words once more. The witch held up a hand.

“I know it was an accident. Let’s just say I was a bit annoyed, but you were right – it didn’t matter how many people honked at me, they needed to turn those honks into action. Of course,  you shouldn’t have grabbed my sign away from me…”

Darla opened her mouth to apologize for that, but the witch continued, “…but I really shouldn’t have set up at this intersection with you already here.”

“Well, I didn’t realize your sandwich shop was right down the street,” pointed out Darla.

The witch shrugged and waved toward the building. It almost seemed to ripple, as the lights inside went dark, the “SandWitch Stop” signage disappeared, the landscaping became weeds, and a giant “for lease” sign appeared next to the street. Darla realized that’s exactly what that building had looked like when she was standing on this corner yesterday – a long out-of-business fast-food restaurant.

Answering a question Darla didn’t ask, the witch said, “I created some golems to work inside. You might be surprised how well mindless automatons can handle running a fast-food restaurant. Actually, maybe you wouldn’t be surprised.”

Darla didn’t know what to say. The witch explained, “It’s all part of my training. Don’t worry about it. You won’t see me again. This isn’t really my dimension anyway.”  With a smile, she added, “Oh, and I think your managers will be a little nicer in the future.” She then snapped her fingers and faded into nothingness.

As Darla gaped, the first manager drove up again and stopped in front of her. “I don’t know what you did,” he said through his open car window, “…but today’s been, by far, our biggest sales day ever.”  He looked her up and down and muttered, “I don’t know what that reporter was talking about. This is the same crappy costume we’ve always had.”  He raised his voice again as he looked over his other shoulder, “I see that bikini witch left.”

“Uh, yeah, I think I got rid of her for good,” Darla said.

“Excellent, excellent,” said the manager. “I won’t ask about your method – probably best I don’t know. Anyway, your shift is over.”

“Oh, great!” Darla exclaimed. She’d known her grasp on the time since this had all started was loose, but she’d not realized so much time had passed since she’d been transformed.

“Here’s your purse,” the manager leaned out of the car window to hand it to her. Darla had left it at the restaurant, since the costume didn’t exactly leave a lot of room for storage.

“Now, we’re actually still pretty busy,” the continued. “If you’d like to pick up some overtime, I’ll drive you over and put you to work in the restaurant. I know you haven’t been trained, but everything’s really easy. It’ll take you five minutes to figure things out.”

Yeah, I know, a mindless automaton can do it… Darla thought. The money was a bit tempting, but she said, “Sorry, I think I’m too tired. I need to head home.”

That was an understatement.

“Okay, but we’ll see you tomorrow, right? Same time?”

She wasn’t sure she’d be as effective tomorrow, but Darla nodded.

“I’ll be out here.”

“Great, see yah,” and he drove off.

Darla rolled her eyes; she’d have appreciated a ride back to her car, but it was parked only about a block away, and this was a reasonably safe area.

As long as she didn’t piss off any more witches.

It wasn’t until she turned around, and realized that her chest felt unusually heavy as she made the turn. An unexpected weight tugged Darla’s momentum to the side, before settling under her shirt like gelatin. She looked down to see that she still had the breasts the witch had given her, the size of two overripe grapefruit stuffed into material straining to contain them.

She left me a Goodbye present! That was nice of her!

Slightly suspicious of there being any other final gifts Darla checked her horns, snout, udder, and poked a finger under her shirt and shorts, but it was all artificial.

This changes everything! Darla excitedly thought, a large grin spreading across her face, Maybe I will be more effective tomorrow. She mused over switching the costume from a tank top to a bikini as she started to walk to her car.

It then occurred to her that she’d like to see herself on the news, if possible. She was curious to see what her cow-girl form had looked like overall, especially the face. Now that the surprisingly positive experience was over she was sort of nostalgic about what she’d briefly been, and the unique sensations she’d gotten from it.

Digging into her purse for her phone she found an envelope stuffed inside. Opening the envelope, she found a thick stack of $20 bills. She didn’t want to count it in the open, but it might have been around $1,000.

There was a note shoved into the envelope, scrawled;

Bonus, you deserve it! George + Bob

The two managers.

Whatever the exact sum was, it was more than she’d been expecting to earn for the week, and it would more than compensate for having to buy new bras to fit her new assets.

Now she just wanted to get back to the car, where she could remote command her DVR to record the news, count the money, and then maybe drive to the mall…

She hurried her steps a bit, but found herself thinking about her cow-girl form again. She still had some of the unsated arousal percolating between her legs. Remembering the alien sensations from the fur, and the udder, and her uncovered pussy was putting her further into the mood to do something else when she got back to the car, something she knew she could do very effectively now that she had her fingers back.

As she walked down the block, she jokingly tried mooing. It came out as a human female doing a bad impression of a cow’s moo, and she laughed at herself – what else was she expecting? She wasn’t a cow anymore, after all.

The sky was darkening quickly. The streetlights were flickering on. That meant the bugs were appearing for the evening.

As she reached the car Darla’s tail instinctively twitched back and forth, swatting at the small flying creatures.