Copper Toning

a short story by Dan Standing

She gasped as she pulled her foot from the pool. From her ankle to her toes it had turned from soft flesh to hardened copper. So heavy was it that she let it land on the cement with a loud clunk.

She didn’t know what to think. Yes, she’d been warned, but who believes such a thing? All she could do was stare down at the transformed appendage. The light glinted off the smooth metal and the drops of nanite-infested liquid still dripping off her copper skin.

She had expected her foot would have gone numb, but the opposite was true; she could distinctly feel the remaining water, the warmth of the sun, the slight breeze, and the cracked cement beneath her.

And it all felt strangely pleasant.

In fact, she had almost yelped in pleasure as she felt the little machines rearrange the very electrons and protons of her flesh. She could not bend her foot or flex her toes, but something about that made it all the more wonderful.

She didn’t really know what it was that went through her head as she slowly turned in place, her pert young ass now facing the pool. Something about eternal youth and pleasure raced through her consciousness as she let herself lean backwards.

And fall.

This would be the last time the tresses of her red hair would move in the wind, or that momentum would cause her coconut-sized breasts to lift from her chest. A cold splash greeted her, followed by the warm embrace of atomic reconstruction. Her body was soon fully embraced by the cool H2O, splashing over her toned arms and legs, slipping inside her warmed womanhood, and crashing over her thickening nipples as they sunk beneath the waves like the towers of Atlantis. Water flowed up her nose, and her lungs burned briefly before they were taken by the near-golden metal.

As her body tanned from its freckled pale coloration she felt herself sink much faster to the bottom of the six-foot deep pool. Her vision blurred for a moment, then returned to her. As she felt her metal ass settle on the bottom tiles she could gaze upward as the light tripped across the small ripples above.

Below the surface the small currents caressed her metal form, gently bringing her to a plateau of pleasure that showed no signs of dipping.

The smile now locked on her face certainly deserved its permanent home.