Karmatron: Milk and Honey


a story by Dan Standing

I must have fallen asleep. I don’t know if it was the chill of my exposed feet or the pressure of liquid within that awoke me, but I don’t remember falling asleep. Honey had curled up beside me, and I could feel her warmth against my skin. For a moment I almost thought what had happened was a dream, if not for the golden egg stuck to my hand from my own dried fluids.

My still-larger breasts and incredible need to use the bathroom were also reminders.

I forced my fingers to release the egg. Dried flakes of natural lubricant crumbled away. The metal hunk landed on the mattress and rolled against me. A quick investigation proved that my stomach was no longer pushed out, and my breasts seemed to have reduced in their size slightly. I could guess where it had gone.

Despite my need to pee my pussy was still aflame with the desire from earlier. It was a strange mix, the fire betwixt my legs which would not be ignored and the desire to urinate that wouldn’t let me ignore it for much longer. I pulled myself away from Honey, who let out a soft moan and rolled over. I pushed myself up to a sitting position and slid off the bed.

Onto my feet.

I sucked in as if I had just stepped on cold tile – except this cold tile made me really horny. I could practically feel the erotic pulse move from my feet through my legs to that piece of wonder between a woman’s hips. I practically crumpled to the floor from the sensation, and I wondered how on Earth I would get to the toilet; I had almost pissed myself and didn’t think I could make the dozen or so paces without releasing on the carpet.

After a moment of thought I had an idea. As carefully as I could, moving my feet as little as possible – an impossible and frustrating goal, I assure you – I managed to sit my ass on the carpet. Leaning back and using my hands I lifted my lower body up and landed my butt about a foot away from where it had started. My whole body bounced and jiggled, including my sloshing breasts which would not let me forget they still contained liquid. I again put my hands right under my ass and moved again. And again. And again. After a few pushes I landed in the bathroom – and the feeling of my ass coming down hard on actual cold tile elicited another silent suck of air.

It took a few more air sucks before I could pull myself onto the toilet. I finished, wiped, and carefully took the same path and process to return to the bed.

“Mmmm?” Honey muttered, stirring as my awkward climb onto the mattress disturbed her slumber. By this point I had pushed my body’s need for sex far beyond anything I had ever experienced, and I ordered through gritted teeth; “Fuck me!”

I don’t think what we did could even qualify as sex. Honey rolled towards me, despite the extra mass hanging from her chest. As her body and breasts brushed me and she kissed my lips one hand slid down to my soaking flower, and as her finger brushed my engorged stamen I exploded.

The orgasm was indescribable, as was my scream. It was just a moment of pure eroticism pouring out of me, thanks to all that I had built up since the night before. It was such a sudden reaction Honey didn’t know what to do, except embrace me. As I finally plummeted into a white hot afterglow we just laid together in each other’s arms.

Reality could wait to be faced.

But not forever.

Eventually we sat up and took stock of ourselves.

Honey’s breasts were still enormous, with teats like spikes jutting out from their tips. Her perfectly toned body meant she had no pain from their weight from standing or walking, but they would be a severe damper on her ballet. And she was already starting to refill; I could see the future of my evenings stretching out before me. And she couldn’t even lay hands on any clothing that wasn’t her leotard, sports bras, or booty shorts.

My breasts were still distended from her special milk. Beyond that I hadn’t changed much physically; just the little tuft of white feathers reminding me of the small fortune I’d bring into the world that evening. Every time I tried to get off the bed I had to fall back onto it, and Honey sated my lust. I can’t imagine how she would have ever gotten through a day of dancing like this. I would have no choice but to quit my job and stay home…in bed.

With little more to do as we absorbed the reality of the situation we just fucked the shock of it all out of ourselves.

We’re strong women. We’ve faced challenges before. We have love, and that is more than enough to get us through this.

The little bundle of gold each night helps, too.