Karmatron: Milk and Honey

Part II

a story by Dan Standing

I think only reason neither Honey nor I went into full screaming-panic-terror mode throughout the whole experience is that we were too deeply entrenched in disbelief.

I displayed the effects first. The tickle around my lower lips quickly turned into a more intense tingle and itch. Moving up onto my knees I pushed the elastic of my panties and pantyhose further down my thighs, and we both watched in amazement as downy white pushed out of my skin. Quickly my crotch was crowned with a small tuft of ivory feathers, which seemed to have a sheen which betrayed their ability to resist moisture.

The slit between my legs had already been plenty moist thanks to Honey’s presence, but suddenly there was a new spark. This erotic electrical pulse was running from my hosiery-encased feet up my legs to my soaking recesses. I shifted my body to try and remove the pantyhose fully, but as I did so my ankles dragged across the bed’s quilt.


The sound that left my lips was neither a moan nor a groan, but a primal admittance that I was not able to resist my body’s basest urges. I fell back onto the bed, my body tense from the pure sexual rush I had just gotten. The room was thick with the humidity escaping my loins. I was practically lost in the singleness of my need when I felt fingers on my flesh. Realizing my aborted goal Honey had grabbed the pantyhose and was removing it fully from my legs. As the responsible fabric peeled off my toes some of my sexual torment ended, but even the feeling of gravity pulling my soles into the bedding continued to build my carnal curse.

“What on Earth did you write?” Honey quietly said, gazing down at my body as my slow breathing raised and lowered my achingly hard nipples. She hadn’t actually asked so I didn’t reply; I knew she was less concerned about what had happened to me and thinking more-so about what was in store for her.

Carefully I pushed myself up onto my elbows. I pivoted my legs up and turned, my bare ass rubbing against the fabric beneath me. After experiencing the new sensitivity of my feet I didn’t think even mashing my own slit against the bed would come anywhere close to what I had just experienced. With my feet hanging clear of any cloth, with only the air currents to attend to them, I turned to a worried looking Honey.

“How do you feel?” I asked. I was already noticing slight changes to her body. She was already quite athletic thanks to years of dancing, but her skin and muscles were tightening slightly. It looked to me as if she was now at a constant readiness to pounce on something.

“I…I feel very good…energized…” she responded, looking down and gently prodding at her body, “…nothing’s sore anymore.”

I recalled what she had told me just moments ago, and it made sense that a “perfect dancer’s body” wouldn’t get sore – or at least recover very quickly.

What I was much more interested in was the other part of what Honey had told me. All of our eyes were riveted to her chest. Her nipples had started to soften after I had stopped playing with her, but we saw them stiffen again and push out to their usual length and thickness.

And keep going.

“Ohh…” Honey’s eyes closed as she let loose the same verbal acceptance of the feelings acting on her body as I had. She answered my question before I could even ask it; “It’s like someone is sucking on them…pulling…but not stopping…and they feel so good to stretch with those invisible lips…”

I stared as the teats I had rolled my tongue over so often surpassed the size of my little finger. They were over an inch and half long now, thick as a marker. And there was no sign of the growth slowing. Suddenly Honey’s ribs puffed up as she took a sharp inhale.

“OH!” she gasped, eyes popping open, “I feel…warmth. And tightness.”

Honey let out her breath, but her nipples didn’t pull back from me. As air escaped her lungs milk was filling her breasts. Both of us watched as her cleavage started to grow deeper. She was already quite well endowed, and at first her wonderful orbs simply tightened up. I could see her biting her lips as her skin drew taught, and her nearly fully grown nipples started to point further up because of her skin’s tightness. Slightly over two inches and as thick as wine corks they pointed at me like heavy caliber guns mounted on the world’s sexiest battleship.

“Mmm…shit! I’m…still filling!” Honey muttered, scrunching up her face. It was almost like the sound of a hand on a rubber balloon as her skin started to expand and grow to take on the extra liquid that was still brewing inside of her. The impossibly round tits in front of me had passed the size of cantaloupes and were nearing a bowling ball diameter.

“How much milk did you try and curse Derina with?” I exclaimed, actually pulling away slightly so as to not be poked in the eye. It was clear that Honey didn’t want to reply, her hands finally breaking from their own frozen disbelief and cupping under the growing curves.

“No more…than a gallon…”

“A gallon!”

“…each!” Honey finished. I was flabbergasted. The sounds had stopped, and it seemed as if she had finished her growth. My lover was seated with her ass on her heals, which counter-balanced her. It was clear that the mass on her chest was very heavy, although she was holding it better than I would have thought. I didn’t think she had quite reached the size of bowling balls, but that was the closest comparison that came to my mind.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“Tight!” she gasped. Her fingers had shifted up to her nipples, but didn’t seem able to move past an invisible barrier ringed around her areola. “Please…I can’t touch them…they need to be sucked dry…”

“I’ll try to let a little out,” I replied, rolling a little forward while making sure my feet stayed off the mattress.

“Wait, once you start-”

My momentum had already put my mouth square around a nipple.

“-you can’t stop!”

As I began to suck the womanly syrup from my lover’s breast I wondered how a curse about herself would effect how much of her milk I drank. But as the thick liquid passed over my tongue and flowed through my throat I was struck by its taste. I’d never experienced anything like that before.

I had to have it all.

I sucked more vigorously now, and Honey gasped. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that her hands were snaking down to her pussy. Although I couldn’t see past the breast in front of me it quickly became clear that she was masturbating.

I didn’t care. All I cared about was getting all the milk I could. I could feel my stomach filling, and as I reached the point I should have felt finished it was as if a new option opened up in my body. As I finished the first breast I could feel the milk raise past my gut, and partially fill up my esophagus. My lips unlatched from one nipples and moved to the other. Just as I started to latch back on Honey startled me;


I had other things on my mind and did not ponder her exclamation, and she continued her self-attention at a more desperate rate. As I drank I felt something new; once the level of milk became even with my own breasts they began to fill. It was like feeling warm water wash through one’s fingers. I moaned as I felt my own skin stretch and distend, my apples growing out to be more like oranges.

After only a few more moments I finally emptied Honey’s second breast. As my mind seemed to clear I released and fell away onto my back. I could see her hands moving at rapid pace between her thighs, and moments after I disengaged she threw back her head, released a very satisfied second “Moooooo…” and leaned back against the headboard in exhaustion as each hand fell next to its respective thigh.

We were both silent for a moment. Finally I lifted my head slightly. My breasts, like Honey’s before I had tended to them, were now tight orbs riding high on my ribs. My nipples were at full attention, a slight tingle underneath them. My skin felt tight and warm, but not painful. My stomach seemed to be pushed out only a slight bit. Beyond and over my belly I saw a feather gently move. None of this had helped relieve the sexual ache between my legs, and I thought I could almost feel my slickness drip from my slit and down one cheek of my ass.

“So, I take it that’s not normal milk…” I let out in one long breath.

“No…” Honey replied in similar style, “…and it has to be sucked out.”

“And you…”

“Have to moo and cum when someone – you – do that,” she replied, quiet resignation hanging in the air as she considered what she had written.

“How badly did Derina piss you off today?

Honey did not reply to this so I asked the next thing on my mind.

“Anything else?” I asked, pushing onto my elbows slightly. I felt the liquid center of my chest shift and slosh over my ribs. For the first time I got a look at Honey’s empty breasts with a clear mind. Still firm and succulent, the skin was relaxed and they had a much more natural hang now. But their size had not diminished as much as I had expected.

“I’m compelled to continue dancing. And besides my ballet outfit I’ll only dress myself in sports bras and booty shorts.”

“Could I dress you in something else?”

“I think so.”

There was another moment of resigned silence. The tug of my newly enlarged tits prompted the next question.

“How long will my-”

“However long it takes you to digest all of that.”

At some point during the night I was going to piss like I had never pissed before.

But I was suddenly overtaken by a different sensation between my legs. From deep within me I felt something move, as if a part of my body had taken the form of a sphere and was working its way to an escape. I sat up, for the first time bringing my feet to the bed without recalling what would happen. I gasped and threw my legs straight as a bolt of sex shook me when my heels brushed the quilt.

“What’s wrong?” Honey exclaimed. She had leaned forward, but now threw out her hands to brace herself as her formally-engorged-but-still-enlarged pendulums swung and pulled her down.

“I’m having…an egg…” I muttered. My teeth were gritted together as the object within me moved quickly through my anatomy. Suddenly I felt it put pressure on my pussy from the inside. As I had typed, my flesh was more than stretchy enough to eject the golden object without any pain, and I was already plenty lubricated. I reached down and plucked it from between my labia as its travels came to an end. Completely exhausted I fell back, cradling the small fortune to my stomach. As the weight of my hand and the previous metal came down I felt my breasts bloat a bit more as the pressure pushed the milk from my stomach.

To be Epilogued…