Karmatron: Milk and Honey

Part I

a story by Dan Standing

I found her laying back across the bed, completely naked, the sweat on her skin glistening in the waning sunlight.

“Long day?” I asked, placing down my briefcase while my free hand started to undo my blouse. She raised her head slightly, a smile stretching thin her moist, full lips.

“Yeah,” was the quiet reply, and her head went back with a thump. I pulled the blouse off my shoulders and added it to the ballet shoes and outfit she had discarded. The stems of my succulent chest apples sprung to attention as my bra joined my blouse. I stepped towards the bed, shoes and skirt left behind me. She liked me to wear the stockings and panties into bed so she could be the one to finally free me from my office trappings.

I crawled alongside her nude muscles, sore from a day’s rehearsal. Her eyes were closed and she smiled as the taught material wrapped around my legs brushed the side of her thigh and buttocks. My hand slid lightly along the inside of her calf, past her knee, aside her thigh, and my finger tips barely kissed the moistening lips between her hips. She hummed and squirmed, and my mouth took a thickening nipple. She gasped as I sucked and pulled the softball sized pleasure up from her ribs. I released and it wobbled and jiggled its erotic dance for a moment before pancaking to match its twin.

“You certainly know how to say, ‘Honey, I’m Home!'” she grinned, finally rousing from from stiff recline. She winced as her tired muscles moved, but the desire to sit up and enjoy my lithe body was too strong. She grabbed me around the waist and pulled us together for a tight embrace. She kissed my neck as her hands traced the band of my pantyhose. My own hands traced her shoulder blades and back down to the dimples of her butt cheeks. We held this for a moment until Honey pulled away. Her back rested against our bed’s headboard, and one of her fingers slid around to the front of my waistband. She toyed with it as we talked.

“How did practice go?” I asked, my hands unafraid to caress whatever parts of her sprung to mind.

“Same as always,” Honey sighed, “Derina was the diva she always is, which made things take twice as long. And your day?”

“The usual,” I replied, thinking back of the course of my boring hours spent at my boring office job, “Oh! But I did find something weird.”

I escaped her clutches for a moment, her disappointment audible. Her finger dragged down my panties and pantyhose as it was pulled away, partially freeing my bubble rump. I laughed to myself as I felt the cool air sweep into my crevices, knowing that she was watching with rapt attention as I bent down and fished the device from my briefcase.

I returned to the bed, my legs mingling with Honey’s. In my hand was a plastic box hinged like a clamshell. I handed it to her and she read the text printed across the top.

“‘Karmatron?’ What does that mean?”

“You know, karma. Like ‘what goes around come-‘”

“I know what karma is, I mean why does it have -tron after it? What is this?” Honey asked with suspicion, handing it back to me.

“I don’t know. I found it at the coffee shop during my break. I tried to turn it in, but the barista said the store wouldn’t be responsible for lost objects. It’s been with my papers since then.”

I lifted the hinge and a small screen flipped into view, with a tiny keyboard  Without touching anything the screen blinked on. It was like a computer monitor from an 80s movie; stark with boxy green text. It provided a few prompts;


“Weird. I wonder what this means…”

“What?” Honey asked, arching her head to see the screen. I described it to her. “Oh, well, clearly it’s to pretend take revenge on an enemy to blow off steam or something.”

“That’s what you get from that?” I laughed, looking to my lover with disbelief. She placed her hands on her hips in faux insult – even if she’d been serious I wouldn’t have been able to find her nude posture anything but erotic.

“Seriously. It’s called the Karmatron. Clearly you’ve stumbled across some sort of weird desk gift for ‘the man who has everything.’ You know, like those Executive Decision Makers that are nothing but randomly blinking LEDs that stop on ‘Definitely’ or ‘No’ or ‘Fire Everyone.'”

“Oh, I get you,” I laughed, looking down at the screen again, “So…who would I pick…” My eyes traveled across the sheets to Honey, and I gave a naughty grin, “Technically the target doesn’t have to be an enemy…”

“Oh? And what have I done to deserve your wrath?” Honey stuck her tongue out at me, playfully batting at me with her hands.

“Well,” I said, typing in her name, “I am getting tired of you always telling me to quit my job…”

“That’s because you hate it,” Honey laughed, moving her legs as they had started to fall asleep.

“Yes, but right now we need it…but I could quit if you had the ability to make up the income,” my grin was ear to ear as I typed, Honey lays a golden egg form her downy plumed slit every evening. She’s stretchy enough it doesn’t hurt.

“Don’t do anything that would mess up my dancing,” my lady lover grinned, playing along and leaving me to keep what I had typed a secret.

“Oh, I won’t…” I smiled, adding in, Any pressure or attention to Honey’s feet will cause her sexual need to increase through the day until relieved by her lover. That would make her mood after rehearsal very interesting.

I was satisfied with my joking and looked over to the screen to Honey.

“You have any ideas?”

“For me? Or an enemy?”

“Ha, no, for someone else,” I giggled, typing Y next to ADD ANOTHER? and hitting ENTER. The screen collapsed to show Honey’s name in a ready state at the top, but her “punishment” was gone, replaced by the four prompts. I handed her the Karmatron and adjusted my own legs as she considered her options. “I’ll understand if I’m in your crossfire now…”

“No, no, I have a far more satisfying target in mind,” she grinned.


“You bet that sweet ass…” Honey smiled, her thumbs typing vigorously at the Karmatron. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Wow, someone has this already planned out…”

“Oh yeah. She called my breasts udders once. We’ll see how she likes it when her tits fill up with milk every day and she needs someone else to milk her!”

“Wow, don’t hold back anything there!” I exclaimed, amazed at the real hatred that had welled up in Honey, “I didn’t realize you really disliked her that much!”

“Oh yeah…” Honey grinned, “let me just add some thumb-sized nipples, and a perfect dancer’s body for some irony…and maybe just…”

I watched as Honey let the tip of her expert tongue poke between her lips as her typing became more furious. After a moment she made her final tap with no shortage of theatrics and looked up at me.

“Did you have anyone else you wanted to add?”

I rolled back on my butt just a bit as I thought, my lower lip slipping under my upper teeth for a moment. Names came to mind but the whole joke was starting to reach the end of its energy so I replied, “Nope, good as is.”

“Alright then, manifest!” Honey laughed, exaggerating her one finger as it came down on the ENTER key.

Since I hadn’t expected anything to happen I was surprised when Honey furrowed her brow, reading something new on the screen.

I was further surprised when the Karmatron vanished from her hand in a flash of smoke and light. As we both coughed and waved away the dissipating darkness I asked the question I didn’t want the answer to;

“What did it say?”

Honey swallowed before answering.

“It said ‘Target punishments more severe than perceived crimes. Target/User reversal commencing.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

A tickle around my labia meant I didn’t need to wait for an answer from Honey.

To be concluded…