After meeting the friendly and pleasant Enrique Carrion at C2E2 I hoped that I would enjoy Issue #7 of VESCELL as much as I had the previous issues. It’s never fun negatively critiquing something, especially once you’ve put a face and a handshake to the name on the cover. Fortunately VESCELL’s latest issue lives up to the standards of the previous stories. Before we move, I must say SPOILERS…sort of.

The cover to my copy of VESCELL #7

I’ve actually spent a few days trying to decide how best to review this issue. The thing about it is that Mr. Upchurch’s amazing painted art, combined with an in media res storyline from Mr. Carrion that involves a heavy amount of prose, makes describing the goings on somewhat akin to trying to explain a dream to someone. You may get the basic players, plot, and action correct, but there’s no way to capture the experience – and nothing ruins a dream better than trying to ground it in the structure of lucid description.

What I’ll say about issue #7 is that it does have basic premise; world-weary good cop gets caught up on a bad take, in the process encountering a young woman that revives a dying spirit within him. As the story plays out we learn more about Icarus City, the area surrounding it, and what parts of the world are still functional since the Banerealm bumped into us. The majority of the issue follows this cop and young woman, with Agent Moo, Machi, and Lt. Vega only arriving at the end to clean up the loose ends.

THE FINAL VERDICT: If you’re only reading Vescell for nudity or fantasy women you’ll find less than previous issues. But that shouldn’t keep anyone from reading a visual and visceral journey, easily one of the series’ most artistic entries.

Don’t mistake my comparison to a dream as an indication that any of Issue #7 doesn’t make sense – it does on all levels. Fans of fantasy women will get a kick out of Seranna, a woman whose DNA seems to have been mixed with that of a salamander. Her presence is brief (and clothed) but still a welcomed character to add into the mix. You are cheating yourself for not experiencing this issue.

Actually, I just realized two things. The first is that this issue proves that VESCELL would make a pretty great TV show, and if I had the money I would certainly start talking producing (for new series DOCTOR WHO fans think of this issue as one of the “Doctor-light” episodes that works really well).

The second thing is, as I look at the book sitting under my monitor, that the cover is probably the best possible review of this story. Go back up and look at it. I mean, can you tell me before reading this issue that you don’t want to know what the hell is going on…and afterwards how spot-on a summary of this issue that cover actually is?