An Origin Story

by Dan Standing

4 – Consequence

Pita’s body shuddered as her orgasm subsided. Her heart was going a mile a minute. She desperately wanted to hold onto the satisfaction of the sex she’d just had, but she also couldn’t ignore the fact that she was half-naked and impaled atop thawing pizza dough in front of a room full of co-workers.

Nate seemed to be fully back to his senses, completely bewildered by what had happened. He backed away, and Pita let out an unintended “Ohh…” as she felt his shaft slip out of her raw tightness. She leaned back on the table, her breath still ragged, as one hand attempted to cover her chest with whatever fabric she could find.

“Nate! My office! Now!” the store manager barked. He was a man by the name of Bingus, and if you were told to guess what his profession was pizza store manager would have been a natural guess. Rounder than he was tall, with greasy combed-back hair that sat atop a complexion with equal sheen, he was more pig than man. As Nate desperately covered his manhood with hands and pants and rushed out of the kitchen Bingus’ attention turned back to Pita. “And you…you…you…cover yourself and go to the supply closet. Now! The rest of you up front!”

The red flush across Pita’s skin was now from embarrassment alone. As her coworkers dispersed under their orders, giggling and pointing as they went, Pita tried to slide off the counter. Thanks to the dough this was difficult, and the adhesion of the soft bread released from the counter before it let go of her ass. She landed on her feet, and the jiggle of her cheeks finally caused the majority of the dough to release her rear. It landed on the floor with a splut.

Although there were still pieces of dough in her crack and across her butt Pita pulled up her panties and skirt. She could feel the still-cool-goo smashed between her skin and the fabric, but she considered the feeling less demeaning than picking the foodstuff from her ass while the high-schoolers giggled and watched via the pass-through from kitchen to front counter. Now as presentable as she could be Pita strutted to the supply closet and stood amongst the empty boxes and cleaning supplies. The only reason she wasn’t crying was because, despite it all, she was clinging to the victory of having had sex with one of the hottest guys from her school.

It didn’t take long before Bingus retrieved her. As she silently followed him to his office she couldn’t see where Nate had gone. But she could feel that, despite what had just happened, she was getting turned on again. The feeling wasn’t even diminished when Bingus had her sit in front of his desk, which caused the uncomfortable sensation of the mashed dough to become even worse as it ground into her skin and the fabric of her underwear. Even Bingus’ usually libido-crushing roll of fat as he walked and ranted couldn’t hinder Pita’s growing heat. As he yelled about all the trouble their little tryst would cause him, Pita could only more and more concentrate on the pressure of her top against her nipples as she breathed, and the presence of thighs and panties against her still-damp nether-lips. She was so caught up in her body’s growing lust that Pita almost didn’t note Bingus’ growing crescendo to his tirade.

“…and for all of those reasons, Pita, I’m sure it comes to no surprise that you’re…” the manager tried to get the word ‘fired’ out but it caught in his throat. Pita herself was as confused as Bingus looked, as he tried again, before she realized he couldn’t fire her – it would disrupt her first wish! After a few more attempts Bingus changed his plan, “I…I think it’s best that you…” His voice caught again.

Pita realized she couldn’t be sent home, either. Nor could she leave of her own accord. She’d just embarrassed herself in front of so many people and she couldn’t escape them! Eventually Bingus gave up, telling her to stay out of sight until she could find or buy something to better cover herself. Pita nodded and headed back to the supply room without further incident, where she picked as much of the dough from her bottom as she could until her shift ended.

Getting back in her car, and wincing at the stickiness of the remaining dough which could not be removed, Pita went directly to the mall. If she had to show up at work every day until Synthia called again she was at least going to look good. Her pussy buzzed and her breasts bounced during the entire drive, and by the time her body had swung, jiggled, and rubbed through the parking lot into the mall Pita’s libido was trying to claw its way out of her.

She never made it to her intended store.

Pita entered from the food court portion of the mall. She immediately took note of some of the looks she was getting. She wasn’t used to being an object of lust, but given what her body was aching for she was happy that she didn’t think it would be difficult to sate her lust whenever she wanted. As she walked towards the main mall she casually glanced at some of the people staring at her. Most were bedraggled fathers or seniors, but she caught the eye of one guy, probably college age, eying her from a table. He and his buddies were seated around a table, pizza slices in front of each of them.

Suddenly, as she’d felt with Nate, Pita needed to be satisfied. Now. She felt her body move towards the man. As she did so he stood, unbuckling his pants and climbing across the table. The ruckus of his buddies and the other mall guests went unnoticed by either of them as he unstuck her doughy panties from her ass and slid them down her legs with her pants.  His arms shifted Pita’s body around so that she was on the table. She tossed back her head, her hair cascading in waves as she fell back, landing amongst the still warm cheese and slices. She began grunting as his thick manliness impaled her and started to drive. His face was on her breasts, his tongue across her nipples, and his hands caressed and gripped any of her soft flesh that they could find.

The world erupted into chaos, but neither of them seemed to notice.

The sensitivity of her body meant Pita was crying out from her own orgasm as she felt this stranger splash within her. Sexy, healthy glows washed across both of their bodies…and suddenly their minds were with them again.

Horrified by what she had just done, Pita was immediately aware of security pushing through the aghast crowd. She shoved the bewildered man out of her, yanking her pants up just far enough to bolt for the exit. Only yelling strangers were in her way, and Pita’s new body was perfectly capable of pushing them aside. As the mall cops descended on her fuckmate Pita was out the door and clawing at her car door.

She’d almost hit three other vehicles racing from the mall parking lot. Her mind was racing. Pita had thought her tryst with Nate in the at-the-time privacy of the kitchen was a simple misjudgement of passion made by her new arousal. But Pita knew no matter how horny she was she would have never fucked someone in public. Her body, sexy as it was, suddenly felt so dirty. She was a woman of self-control, why now would she suddenly – a tingle in her brain interrupted her;

I will be approached and satisfied only by the ones that interest me..

Was that it? Had Synthia made it so that not only was a man the single thing that could relieve her desire, but the moment she desired that relief she’d have no choice but to have sex with the first man she was attracted to? It was an absurd interpretation of her words, but it answered why she had just had sex in her workplace kitchen and mall food court.

This was a nightmare.

The drive home did nothing for Pita’s libido. The running and rubbing of clothes, combined with bumps in the road, all contributed to a warm wetness that she could not push away. Hastily parking the car she rushed into her building, eager to get to the safety of her apartment, keeping her eyes down with every step. As she fumbled with the keys she heard a voice behind her, “Hey Pita, you do something different with your hair?”

Out of habit Pita turned, looking straight into the eyes of her across-the-hall neighbor Lucas. She had long crushed on the Hispanic heartthrob, too shy to say anything.

They burst backward through his open door as each ripped at the other’s clothes. Over the surprised shouting of Lucas’ girlfriend Mina they roughly fucked on his carpet. With Lucas on his back, hands guiding Pita onto his dick as she began to bounce and grind, they were each oblivious to the strikes of the screaming woman. If anything they were a new addition to Pita’s sensations, and as she came and cried at what she had just done Pita escaped back into the hall as Mina’s anger was first vented at a confused and apologizing Lucas.

Inside her apartment Pita collapsed and cried, ignoring the shouts and bangs at her door.

To be continued…