Well, I am home from C2E2 and Amber and I found it to be a great trip. Talking with Bill Willingham and Frank Cho is always a wonderful time (as is watching them draw). Meeting the creators of SPINNERETTE and VESCELL was an additional highlight. And this was the first year anyone ever asked ME to take a picture with THEM – which coincides with the fact that this was the first year anyone admitted to knowing who the Hell I was. Now THAT made my whole weekend.

While I am glad to have the 5 hour drive to Chicago done with, this Friday holds my 10 hour drive to Connecticut. But the trip to CT should be my last long drive for some time. Meanwhile, I have 72 precious hours at home to make sure I keep my day job, finish editing An Origin Story Part IV, make sure all the art that needs posting this week is ready, and give myself a decent meal.

Once I am back next week I should have time to start updating DanStanding.com with more material once again, instead of these scant updates. I look forward to doing more visual projects once I don’t have to rushedly empty suitcases, do laundry, and repack again all in a few days time…

Thanks for being patient,