An Origin Story

by Dan Standing

3 – Experience

Pita started to turn onto her side when two things happened. First, an unfamiliar weight rolled across her chest and yanked her over. Second, her thighs squeezed her labia and she was hit with a shock of sexual stimulation.

The young woman’s eyes popped open as she awoke with a start, pushing herself up onto her back. She stared down as her new breasts swung and bumped each other, the sheets, and her ribs. Pita gulped.

It hadn’t been a dream.

She’d slept uncovered, and her body shivered from the dried sweat left from her unsuccessful masturbation the night before. But there was one place on her body that was emanating heat.

Looking down through cleavage Pita spread her legs and watched as her very damp pussy puckered open. She could easily see the liquid evidence of her desire. The intensity had died down slightly from her solo play, but it was still there, buzzing away between her legs.

Careful Pita swung her legs from the bed and stood, walking back to the mirror to examine herself in the clarity that only Morning can bring. She was indeed a bombshell; a choice chest, a winning waist, ample ass, luscious legs, and heavenly hair. She noted that she even looked like she was already in make-up.

Overall she was still fully satisfied with the results of her wish, but Pita could easily see the glisten of her own sexual lubricant framed between her legs and she wondered why she had this constantly vibrating vagina.

There was a tickle in her mind once again, and the answer presented itself to her.

…I will always be ready for sex or a night out…

That one sentence not only made sure her face and hair was always presentable, but she now realized it also meant she had to be constantly aroused and lubricated. She’d only meant for half of that to be true. Pita figured it wouldn’t be such a bad situation if she could have sated her own lust, but as she’d discovered last night only a man could bring her to orgasm. She stamped her foot at the predicament, sending her breasts out in little bounces. She watched her nipples move in little circles, practically hypnotized by the sight, thinking how one moved clockwise and the other…




Pita swung to look at her bedside alarm, which displayed it was ten minutes after when she’d normally get ready for work. A flash of panic rushed through her, but Pita shook it away. She’d have to call out anyway – she was certain she had no clothing that would fit her new form very well. She’d call off of work and have a well-deserved shopping spree.

Swinging her new curves over to her phone Pita pulled up her Work number and hit the Dial button. No one would be in yet – not even that suck-up Nate – so she waited through the info that the automated answering machine presented until she could get to the beep. As the sound came and went Pita opened her mouth to say she wouldn’t be in.

But she couldn’t get the words out.

The few empty gasps tumbled out of Pita’s mouth before she finally hung up out of frustration. Throwing the phone to her bed, she exclaimed, “What the fuck is wrong with my-”

Another tickle in her brain reminded Pita that she was unable to skip work because of her first wish, in case that was the day Synthia called. She had to go to work. There was no choice in the matter. The idea chilled Pita to the bone. Every day prior she’d been eager to get there, completely unaware that it was compulsory. Now she feared what would happen if she didn’t start getting ready fast enough.

She greatly abbreviated her morning routine, slowed up only during her shower. Unprepared for the experience of water on her recently sexualized form Pita would have decided to stay in the warm wash all day, if she hadn’t known that no washing of her pussy or tits was going to bring any satisfaction.

Choosing an outfit was tricky. She owned no bras that would be of any use. Thanks to Synthia’s help she’d shredded her shirt. She found an old t-shirt that wasn’t quite the right color but at least covered her chest, leaving her belly bare with a hint of underboob. She would have to rely on the jacket to obscure the tents her nipples were making.

Her pants had fared better than her shirt, but there was no way she was going to get the somewhat rigid and rough material to stretch back on. She found a pair of sweat pants which were a similar color, which she hoped would work until she had the chance to go out and buy fitted replacements. Thanks to her hips and ass all of her panties were just too tight, but Pita knew that with her damp pussy she couldn’t afford no protection between her moisture and the fabric of her sweat pants. She stretched out the softest pair of underwear she could find. But the tight material only made her arousal worse.

She’d need new shoes as well, but at least she was able to tie the laces of her extra pair of sneakers tight enough that she wasn’t completely falling out of them with each step.

As Pita was walking to the car she could feel something almost pushing her, and as she drove to the pizza house it was if a force was directing her along the best path to insure she wasn’t late. She sort of welcomed this, since the vibrations of the car were ramping up the feelings in her flower, loosening her concentration on driving. Even as she got out of the vehicle and made her way to the front doors it was if she was being shoved forward by an invisible hand.

Free of the strange sensation once she was inside, Pita noted no one was manning the front counter just yet. They were predominantly a delivery kitchen, and this early in the day it wasn’t expected that anyone would want pizza, let alone come and get it from their location. But the doors had been unlocked so Pita knew someone had come in since she called. Making her way towards the back she hoped she’d have time to find some better-suited clothes in the supply closet, but as she passed the establishment’s kitchen she spotted Nate.

The Assistant Manager was busy putting out the pre-refridgerated dough for the day’s later production, and hadn’t seen Pita enter. But he could hear her shoes on the kitchen tiles.

It now occurred to Pita that she wasn’t so much in constant arousal, as she was in constant heat.

Nate turned and Pita melted. Whatever he had done or said before didn’t matter to her elevated sense of sexual imperative; he was indeed an attractive man no matter what. Before Nate even had the chance to take in her new body and respond it had only taken Pita two steps with her long legs to be right in front of him. Her extra height and extended upper anatomy meant his chin was practically resting on her tits.

“Fuck me,” Pita commanded. She’d meant the sentence to be full of control and power, but it had left the horny woman as a breathy plea.

Her voice tone didn’t make a difference to the young man. Already ensorcelled by the power of her desire, he immediately he grabbed her jacket and unzipped it, another hand hiking up her shirt as it became available. Pita breasts rolled out into view, bouncing wildly as they poured out of the rising fabric. Nate was quick to have a hard thick nipple in his mouth, his right hand finding the other.

“Oooo…” Pita’s eyes had never closed so tightly before, as her body started to collapse. Nate’s left hand was also being productive, as it had started to yank Pita’s sweat pants and underwear down over her hips. Once free of this curve gravity did the rest of the undressing, and Nate cupped both hands around Pita’s pillow-ass and lifted her onto the counter.

“Oh!” Pita cried out, for two reasons. The first was that Nate had placed her on the cold dough just recently put out. The second was that he almost instantly had his dick in her newly accessible recesses.

“Yes!” yipped out of the cock-filled woman as the man began his thrusting. Pita pushed her hands through her hair before grabbing Nate’s and pulling him harder against her bosom. She felt the dough working its way between her ass cheeks as she did what she could to meet Nate’s thrusts with her own. She could feel her release getting closer and closer and-

“What the Hell is going on in here?”

“Ahhhhh!” Pita’s eyes shot open as she came, the scream escaping her mouth as she realized the store’s manager and a number of other coworkers were standing in the kitchen entrance. Shame mixed with the orgasm as both washed over her, the skin of her entire body becoming a deep red.

To be continued…