In the last issue we found out something very interesting about Machi, and we haven’t been kept waiting to learn more. Yes, I’m finally getting around to reviewing Vescell #6, and as usual – spoilers await!

The cover to my copy of Vescell #6 fairy

The cover to my copy of Vescell #6

Things start quickly as Moo and Avery assist Machi in leaving her cocoon. She’s reborn with a beautiful pair of feathered wings (see cover above), and she relates her experience to the two humans.

It seems that she passed over to the Banerealm, and ended up in her old home city of Oranembu. She quickly discovered that her wings had completely vanished, and while exploring her old home she encountered Moo’s mother. The older woman informed Machi that the reason Banerealm and Earth bumped into each is because some idiot let the ultimate evil out of its can, and at that very moment its forces were coming to claim the village. Moo’s mother then took on the form of a winged centauress to take on the invading ships, while Machi’s gained her wings when she attempted to escape the area with two children.

This ends her story, and the three of them contemplate the message from Moo’s mother; that the Vescell agent is on the precipice of fate and choice, and the much hangs on his future decisions.

The second half of the issue concentrates on Cybercan’s bionic enforcer Batan and his boyfriend Lee. Someone is murdering Cybercan employees and ripping data out of their heads, and Batan is concerned Lee may be next.

But that doesn’t stop Batan from using Lee as bait.

Meanwhile, Moo’s aunt has assigned him and Machi to investigate – and eliminate – the murderer, as a Vescell employee has also been struck down. But she does not let them leave before hammering home the idea that Machi may be willing to lose her wings for a night of passion with Moo. The faiemorai and agent ignore her statements, eager to get on with the case.

Things get complicated when the murderer literally takes the bait, and Batan and Moo call a truce so they can retrieve Lee alive. Machi finds the murderer first, before he can injure Lee, and Machi kills the Cybercan serial killer when he attacks…but he doesn’t die before admitting that it is Moo’s aunt who has hired him to do everything revealed thus far.

The primary mission over, and with Lee safe, Moo and Batan start posturing over who will get the stolen data…and Moo wins the argument when he blasts Batan in the heart. As Moo and Machi leave Lee is able to save his cyborg lover by hooking him up to an alternate power cell.

Back at Moo’s apartment he and Avery and Machi rest in bed. They are watching the news, which announces that Cybercan is in trouble thanks to the data Moo revealed and turned over to Vescell. Since there is no actual evidence of his aunt’s involvement the company is not at risk, but Moo questions what his actions – despite his ignorance – mean for his honor.

THE FINAL VERDICT: This really is a must buy.

As usual, Mr. Carrion and Mr. Upchurch bring us a fun story with snappy dialogue and great art. But this issue includes a look at the Banerealm, Moo’s previously unseen pear-shaped mother (who becomes a flying centauress, even though no transformation process is shown), more back-story on how/why Earth and Banerealm bumped into each other, the ever lovely Avery, and Moo’s green-skinned aunt.

Oh, and a post-wing-grown Machi nude for a few panels, who later kicks some serious ass.

Honestly, what more can one ask for?