by Dan Standing

Being one of the more well-built women at the small gym club meant Gia was accustomed to getting her way. And she hated wiping her sweat off the machines. Few – in fact, none – of the other gym members had ever dared demand she clean up after herself.

One day, after benching nearly twice her own weight, she got from the machine and saw a new member standing nearby. Knowing she’d left a considerable puddle on the padded parts Gia gave a snide grin as she got up and started to walk away.

“Ahem, miss.”

Gia stopped not from what had been said, but that she’d been spoken to at all.

“Excuse me?” the muscular woman growled as she turned to the petite young girl who was standing her ground.

“I just wanted to let you know you’ve left…moisture on the machine. Gym policy is that-”

“I know what the policy is, and I don’t give a damn about my moisture,” Gia grunted, stepped up to and towering over the defiant woman, “Anyone who wants to make something of it will have to-”

Gia never finished her sentence. The last thing she saw was the girl sigh and wave a hand at her. Suddenly the intimidater’s entire perspective shifted. She began to shrink, quickly. Her clothing almost immediately became too large and fell around her. Gia tried to move, to try and catching something, but her body went stiff. A strange warm wave washed over her as she turned to hardened white clay. Gia thought it felt like every pore of her skin was expanding open as the porousness of her new substance invaded her very being. Her legs pressed tightly together, seeming to fuse into one mass that pressed her thighs tightly against her pussy.

Once she was fully transmogrified and shrunk down to only a few inches the new member reached down and plucked the stiffened Gia from the floor. Initially silent, she walked across the gym and jammed Gia’s legs into the soil of a nearby potted plant. The transformed woman could feel the moisture of the soil invade her thirsty inanimate body, but the wash of incoming H2O did not extend past her knees.

She had been turned into a clay tool to judge when the plants needed water.

“There,” the now-larger woman grinned, “Now your only concern is moisture.”

busty muscle woman turned into clay statue shrunk TF