A friend of mine asked me to sell on eBay his collection of Ultimate Marvel Comics TPBs, specifically Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man. I took the opportunity to catalog anything I thought specifically had to do with transformations or related subject matter. Below is the list of material in each collection of TPBs, and the eBay link if anyone is interested…

Marvel Ultimate X-Men TPBs v. 1-16 graphic novels

Other than the fact that Jean Grey, Storm, Kitty Pryde, and others are all drawn pretty sexily in outfits that range from their skin-tight full body outfits to teeny bikinis, the following material appears in certain volumes;

Volume 3 – Prof. X’s son David, a mind jumping consciousness, takes over Betsy Braddock’s body and her head transforms into his own grotesque Pinhead-like visage.
Volume 4 – Kitty shows up, so lots of phasing fun from here out. There is also a woman named Kathleen, who is little more than a centipede with a lady’s head, who appears twice.
Volume 5 – Ultimate Wasp guest appears, so some size-change and womanly-insect-wings.
Volume 8 – Some brief dessication. Also contains the first appearance of Emma Frost, whose skin just gets shiny instead of becoming a clear diamond.
Volume 9 – Rogue absorbs Angel’s powers and wings burst from the back of her shirt. She does some flying around for a few panels.
Volume 11 – Ultimate Spiral appears. Plenty of six-armed goodness.
Volume 12 – Ultimate Lady Deathstrike with extending stabby fingers. Near the end Bobby Drake makes an ice sculpture that looks like Rogue…not a TF, but still sexy.
Volume 13 – Brief Lady Deathstrike again, very brief Wasp, some Emma.

For anyone interested;


Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man TPBs v.1-18 Graphic Novels

I really love this art, and it was hard for me to agree to part with these books. Since the characters are mostly students I won’t delve into the fact that many of the characters wear outfits to school that cover less skin than some superheroes, but there is the following material to keep an eye out for;

Volume 8 – First appearance of Black Cat. She’s just a (full-grown) woman in a costume, so not a TF, but still sexy as hell. There’s also some preliminary sketches of her in the back which do include a tail. Also has Electra, who is also quite easy on the eyes.
Volume 9 – The Wasp is in this one, if you like tiny insect-winged women. She also defeats Doctor Octopus by flying down his throat, which may appeal to some.
Volume 11 – Carnage feeds by sucking the life force out of people, which leaves two women as dessicated husks. It also tries to morph into one of them briefly, and we see her face form inside his maw.
Volume 14 – Black Cat and Electra return.
Volume 15 – Kitty Pryde starts to become a major character, so if you like phasing women that really starts here. And Silver Sable shows up, who has a nice outfit.
Volume 16 – Lots of sexy X-Men goodness in the first half. The second half has vampires, including a couple lady vamps that get stabby-vanquished by Morbius.
Volume 17 – The Clone Saga! So…there’s a female clone of Spider-Man…Gwen Stacy is actually the globular Carnage…MaryJane is treated with OZ and becomes a furry demon…and more Kitty phasing. There’s really only two brief TF processes shown (MJ reverting back to herself), the rest happen split-second off panel. Oh, and the Wasp even shows up briefly.

For anyone interested;