“Ah, yes, I think that’s the last of the magic – it’s all used up now! And I think that last bit went to good use!

“Yes, yes, I can feel you struggling…trying to move on your own. Move me like I moved you. But we’ll be having none of that. I’m in charge of us now. If you didn’t like how magic fuckery could turn out you should have left us to our toys and safe words and been happy. I’m not the one who introduced this whole living latex suit idea into our lives…well, life now, I guess.

“Of course, I can almost hear your screams…but I can also sense that you can’t help but be turned on by what your experiencing. The conflict is delicious. It’s got me salivating…and soon you will be, too, I think. But now how you’re normally accustomed.

“It had felt especially weird not having quite all of my body together as one piece, so this feels much better. Since I already permanently bonded my latex to your old flesh in order to switch our minds, I was a freak anyway. And since your mind is now in my old head I think this is a highly appropriate arrangement. After all, since you fucked with me, I think its only right that I return the favor.

“Speaking of which, where is the extra large dildo, anyway?”

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