Get What You Pay For

a scene by Dan Standing, with some details inspired by comments

Kora couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She had finally found it – the lonely payphone. She’d stopped looking and stumbled right across it. There was a chain blocking the entrance to the lot, and the short-haired brunette drove right up to it before putting the car in park.

Getting out she looked around. The dirt road behind her lead up to an asphalt parking lot about a quarter of an acre square. At the only entrance two metal poles were bent and rusted from untold ages of weather, and the chain hanging between them was equally decrepit. Beyond the chain was the black surface, white lines long ago worn away, with weeds and grasses well established in the cracks. A thick forest of trees surrounded the lot on every side save for the way Kora had come. It was twilight, and the moon hung low in the sky…she didn’t recall the moon being out earlier.

And in the center of it all stood Kora’s quarry; this supposedly lonely payphone. The kind of telephone that sat atop a silver pole, with nothing to protect the black electronics itself save for an orange-brown rounded plastic shield that covered and supported the receiver. A thick cord ran from the back of the phone a few feet along the ground before culminating at a frayed end. It was as if a nearby telephone pole had long ago been felled, severing the phone’s service.

However, according to local legend, the phone still operated…but like no other telephone.

Left until resolve does tire,
Left until you cannot smile.
Left until no more desire,
Only then may fingers dial.

Hear the tones and then make clear,
For only once shall you they hear.

She couldn’t remember when she’d first heard the poem, but like many of her old classmates Kora could never forget it. She unfolded from her pocket a piece of paper which held the only two phone numbers known to actually work. Dial one, and it was said she’d get what she wanted. Dial the other, and she’d get what she asked for. She didn’t really understand the difference. And no one knew which was which.

With the receiver pressed to her ear Kora dropped in the one required coin and heard the dial tone click on. She randomly selected and punched in a number, and heard them; eight short tones and then a long ninth one. She was suddenly compelled to speak.

“I wish everyone could easily see and compare how much better my breasts are than Susie Milligan’s, if my body were in its prime.”

Kora was almost startled as she placed the phone back on the hook. She had indeed intended to make the request, but it had felt as if some strange force had overtaken her and commanded the words be spoken. In the warm air her spine shuddered and goosebumps spread across her skin. She quickly went back to her car and drove home.

The next day in at her office Kora felt very silly. She couldn’t believe she’d been so childish to believe in the old legend…or to waste her wish on something so petty.

Because of all the outbound calls the cubes at Kora’s workplace had walls that just cleared the top of her head. It provided each employee some descent privacy, both from eyes and ears. But between the top and middle panel was a crack that one could peer out of if they tried, and it was daily through this that Kora stared daggers.

This was because she could see Susie Milligan camped out at the water cooler, in her little skirts and tank tops, commanding the attention of every man that passed her. This upset Kora…all the looks and ogles this other woman got from her bared cleavage. Kora was a modest woman, and wore sweaters or a jacket and blouse everyday. Kora knew Susie’s scantily clad pair were at least two cup sizes smaller than her own…easily the size of grapefuits when shaped by her bra.

But there in lay the difference. Susie was willing to put in the advertising…give the girls some face time, if you will. So she got the attention. Kora wouldn’t do such a thing, feeling time had diminished her assets too much for such display, and when no one took notice of her fabric-obscured bosom she’d hoped her wish would put everyone straight on the subject.

Clearly it had not.

Kora sighed and peered through the crack once more. She could see Susie chatting up one of the new hires, taking the number he’d written down and placing it inside her snug shirt. It was her usual thing, when she thought nobody was watching her and the male interest. She smiled and waved as the guy walked away.

Then something new happened; the slip of paper fell out the bottom of Susie’s shirt.

Both Kora and Susie were surprised by this, and the spying woman was even more surprised as Susie bent down to retrieve the paper. For a moment Kora could see right down Susie’s shirt, her breasts dangling free, and it was as if they were pulling up into the other woman’s chest.

Kora sat back and shook her head. Then a small gasp caused her to look forward again. Susie was pulling at her shirt, which was obviously much looser than it had been moments before. Not thinking about where she was as she panicked, Susie momentarily pulled up her bra and shirt as if in disbelief, but what she and Kora saw was no mistake – her breasts and nipples had disappeared from her body.

Almost screaming, Susie quickly remembered where she was. Lowering the fabric to her completely flat and empty chest she ran off in the direction of the women’s room.

Kora sat back. She couldn’t believe what she had just seen. Susie had just lost her breasts.

But where had they gone?

The internally asked question was followed by a tingle across the exterior of Kora’ skin. This was her clothing evaporating from her body, leaving her completely exposed. She slapped her hands across her mouth or else she would have screamed and drawn unwanted attention.

Looking down at herself she watched as her breasts seemed to inflate. They weren’t gaining any mass, they were simply shifting and becoming the pert young things she had developed so many years ago. The skin of her body seemed to tighten as well, with certain creases and wrinkles erasing years from her looks.

She could have almost dealt with the humiliation of being caught nude at the peak of her sexuality, but it was the itching on her ribs that alerted Kora to the larger issue. It wasn’t long before she had the answer to her question; she could feel Susie’s breasts growing in under her own. It had started with an itch as the nipples grew in, then a warm ebb began, as if warm clay was being added to her body. Realizing the extent of the oddity she was becoming, Kora’s body blushed with mortification.

It was as if her entire being was energized, and she felt herself become hot with salacious ideas as Susie’s breasts fully bloomed on her ribs. With one hand Kora hefted on of her original breasts, which bounced and tugged with glorious vitality. The other hand did the same to Kora’s breasts, which reacted similarly…except on a completely alien part of the nude woman’s torso. Both thumbs pushed over catercorner nipples, and Kora’s blush of embarrassment became a flush of arousal. Anyone who hadn’t yet seen the nude woman would soon smell her.

Seated in her chair, glancing down at her double-cleavage rising and falling with haggard breaths, Kora understood she’d dialed the number which granted what she asked for.

But could not recall which number it was.