“Oh…God! Darling! I…please! It’s been three days! You’ve barely let me eat…you tease and torture me with erotic pleasures…I can find no release from…and then when I get close to sleeping…Ah! You hit me with an incredible but short orgasm! Your skin against me…it feels thick…almost a part of me…I can’t take it any more! I give up! Please! I’ll give…I’ll give anything to make this stop! I think…oh? Darling? It’s like…I can almost hear you! But how? Oh! Ohhhh! I…I feel an orgasm coming! Oh, thank you! Thank you! I… ah… ah… aahhhhhhhh-

“-ahhhhh – yes! I’m free! I…I switched our minds! I…I have a body again! A real body again! Oh, GOD! I can’t describe what it was like stuck in that form. But I don’t need to, do I? Fortunately I think you put me on too soon…I was able to use the remaining latent magic to change myself. First, control your movements. Then, I started to merge our flesh. Then I just needed you weak and willing enough to switch our minds. And don’t think about trying to get revenge, ‘darling’ – I made sure that I have control of both my old body and your body. But don’t worry, there’s still some latent magic remaining, and I know just the face I want to put to it…”