Looking Back

Part III of a short story by Dan Standing

Concerned about the spreading stiffness emanating from her bare feet, Sadie stopped and looked down past her breasts.

From her toes to her ankles her skin had become pale, and slightly shiny. Her altered flesh was nearly pure white, and she felt like she’d seen a similar substance not too long-

“I’m turning to salt!” Sadie exclaimed, trying to move her feet, but only able to shift her leg slightly as the sodium wave traveled up her shins. She would have fallen over in her panic, but the salt quickly locked her knees in place, and the solid mass of her legs was heavier than even her swinging breasts.

“Sodom! Come back! Help me!” Sadie cried out, realizing now that her glance at the man’s ass was what had triggered the protective magic of the grotto. When she heard no activity behind her she started appealing directly to the magic.

“Please, no! I mean no harm to you, or Sodom, or Gomorrah!” Sadie squealed, tears dripping down her face as the changes moved up over her hips. The magic didn’t seem at all interested in her pleas.

In her panic she hadn’t even felt the cool transformation of her slit, and now she was more concerned about her abdomen as it hardened into mineral. Her hands followed the changes up her body, over the wide circumference of her breasts. Had she not been so scared she would have appreciated the pleasant coolness of the transformation, which captured her nipples at their full extended length.

Soon Sadie’s shoulders had surrendered to salt, and her arms began to lock in place. Her hands turned inward as she watched the palms become mineral, and the same change washed over her head and poured down her hair, locking every lock in place.

She was a solid pillar of salt.

Who could still see her upraised hands and full pale bosom before her.

What insanity is this! Sadie cried out in her mind. She had been certain that such a change to her body would snuff out her life. But she found that she could still see her hands and breasts and the forest beyond, although the angle of her vision was equally frozen in place. After a few moments, as the train-wreck of thoughts in her head began to straighten out, she realized she could also still feel the ground beneath her white feet and the wind moving across her crystalline skin.

How can I still be alive? Still able to see? Sadie thought to herself. At first there was a small burst of relief in knowing she was not dead. But that feeling was quickly soured as she recalled the large block of salt she had discovered shortly before happening upon the glade. Now she understood; that had also been a previous visitor of the grotto, destroyed by the forces of nature.

Oh God, is that going to happen to me? Doomed to slowly dissolve away until I’m nothing? Sadie’s mind whimpered. She was about to go into a full internal panic when she heard the sound of twigs and leaves rustling behind her.

Hello! Sodom, have you returned for me? the solidified hiker useless thought, as she hoped against hope that the man had turned around for her. Suddenly she felt something soft and wet on her buttocks. Something was licking the curve of her ass. Just as contact had been extremely pleasurable on her flesh-and-blood body, she found her mind forcibly being turned on by the ministrations. Unlike before, a cool tingle followed each lick.

Oh, what…what is doing that? Sadie whimpered as her mind reeled. Then the attention stopped. Caught in this elevated level of arousal, the imprisoned woman was both relieved and frustrated that the attention had abated. She waited, her mind fuzzied by the mental erotic cloud. She could hear whatever it was moving around behind her. Finally she caught some motion to her left. The head of a dear slowly came into view. It moved through the brush, head down, investigating everything. Sadie wondered what it was doing so deep in the woods, when another deer to her right caught her attention.

Of course there’s more…I don’t see only one dear often… she thought to herself. The one to her right turned its head towards Sadie, and moved around in front of her. Before she could mentally protest the animal began to lick at her breast.

Oh! Noooo…it feels…so good! Sadie’s mind rolled at the attention. Soon she felt the wet tongues of other deer in places she could not see; her ass, her thighs, her feet…

No! she tried to to protest, This isn’t right…but feels SO good, but I’m dissolving away! But it…feels…so… The attention of the multiple tongues on so many places was too much for the frozen woman’s mind, and her head started to flow into a mental orgasm. Just as Sadie was about to hit the crest of cranial cumming, the deer in front of her moved to her nipple.

And bit.

Sadie was already in the mental throws of orgasm when the creature snapped off her teat, and the action did not interrupt her pleasure; if anything it added to it. As a cry of bliss resonated through Sadie almost to the point of cracking her salt structure, something caused the deer to suddenly move on. As Sadie’s mind came down from her strange orgy of pleasure she could see the animals depart before her.

She could also feel the tingle where her salt nipple had been sheered off.

Oh God! It’s already started! I can’t believe that creature-

Sadie’s terrified tirade was interrupt by the unbelievable. Fixed as she was the hiker had no choice but to stare at her hands and breasts, and she was able to just see the tip of her remaining nipple. But the tingling in the damaged breast continued, and suddenly Sadie could see the tip of the missing nipple reform beyond the curve of her bosom.

The tingling stopped.

Gomorrah’s gift! Sadie’s mind exclaimed. The tingling sensation had nothing to do with her salt skin; it was her gift of healing immediately reforming the minieral that the deer had licked off, and regrowing her damaged body. No other visitors to the glade had asked for such a boon, and were doomed to experience the eventual dissolution to nothingness. But Sadie would not; any damage done to her would be immediately healed.

She wondered if living forever as a statue of salt was any better than the eventual release of nothingness.

Sadie had plenty of time to think on it. She wasn’t sure how long she had stood in that spot. The forest canopy was already thick, and depending on the cloud cover it was sometimes hard to tell just when day and night transitioned into one another.

But it had rained a number of times. The cool liquid dripping through the trees and washing at her. Sadie found that she’d practically orgasm through an entire rainstorm, the drops caressing her entire body as the tingle repaired their damage. She’d cum and cum and cum and wonder if a real shower would have felt as good.

After the fourteenth or fifteenth rain Sadie began to feel something odd around her feet. She eventually reasoned that it was a disk of salt forming around her toes; washed off by the water, this extra mineral was drying in the ground around her. It was almost becoming a natural podium. Strangely, she could almost feel it, as if it was part of her body.

Sadie began to recognize certain animals as they visited. The squirrel with the white spot. The deer whose leg had healed from a hunter’s misplaced shot. The rabbit with one red ear. Since they could not hurt her, Sadie she had learned to welcome their attention. Although her thighs had hardened in such a way to make attention to her womanhood nearly impossible for a casually lapping tongue, she rarely went more than 48 hours without cumming. Even if the small creatures nibbling on her toes were not enough to peak her pleasure, their attention would seem to hold in her, keeping her mind abuzz with arousal until others came to lick her ass, breasts, and skin. The deer snapped off their fair share of nipples and fingers, but as Sadie had observed before, without the ability to feel pain she could only find the damage – and healing – pleasurable.

Then one day she heard the sound of something large moving behind her. She heard a voice cry up, “Oh my!” and the movement became faster. She felt a delicate hand on her back, and for a moment Sadie hope it was Gomorrah, but as the visitor came into view the hiker realized it was some other woman. She was also nude and very attractive – no doubt just from the grotto and Gomorrah’s embrace – but her body contained signs of cuts and bruises from moving unprotected through the forest.

“Are you one of her previous lovers, caught by the grotto’s protection?” The woman asked, her curly brunette hair bouncing against the tops of her pert apple-sized breasts as she circled the solidified woman.

No! Keep moving! Don’t- Sadie tried to cry out as the curious stranger turned around to examine the salt statue. Just as Sadie and turned back over a matter unrelated to the grotto’s location without thinking about her action, so had this woman. Sadie could watch the confusion in her face as she felt her legs go heavy. The statue observed as the other woman – with as much confusion, terror, and anger as Sadie had displayed during her transformation – struggled against the changes happening to her. The transformation to salt was unavoidable, and Sadie watched the process take the woman’s hips, waist, breasts, and finally her face and curly hair.

Sadie could not help but stare at the similar statue standing across from her. She had no choice. She also could not look away as the first rain washed the last remains of dried blood, and began to smooth away the woman’s features. She wanted to turn in horror as the animals licked and nipped at the unhealing woman. Nature was gradually smoothing her beauty and humanity away into a shapeless column, and Sadie could do nothing but cry for her fate.

What was strange was when their salt podiums started to overlap. Sadie almost thought she could hear – not crying – but constant orgasming. She attributed it to a hallucination of her mind – how could such a fate be pleasurable? Was the woman somehow finding solace in literally becoming one with nature? Was there something different going on that Sadie’s healing was keeping her from? Or had this woman simply gone mad?

Although there was still evidence that the mineral column before her had once been a woman, Sadie didn’t know how long she’d watched this slow melting before she felt an arm around her waist. She was startled by action, as she’d been so intent on the body and mind before her that Sadie hadn’t listened for any approach, but with a heave she was lifted from the soil, and the ground-salt between the two bodies cracked apart, severing any connection – real or imagined.

Sadie was being carried under someone’s arm back towards the grotto. She was turned out and away from her abductor, but she could feel no cloth rubbing against her, and made the assumption it was Sodom.

Indeed, they crossed the border of the magic glade in quick time, and Sadie soon found herself staring at Sodom’s chiseled chest as he settled her into a corner of the glade behind the rocks whose trickle of water fed the pond. The vision of his body was quickly gone, replaced by the pure femininity that was Gomorrah.

“Hello, my dear,” she smiled. Sadie could have cum on the spot, just staring at her. But she no longer had the blood required for such a flush. “I see the healing boon I granted you remained even after the grotto acted on you. I am so sorry you had to endure such a fate. And I am equally sorry we left you there for so long in the forest. Sodom has no concept of time, and it was not until the other traveler became so much more degraded than you that he finally realized something strange was going on.”

Sadie was not surprised such unusual creatures had no concept of the passage of time around them.

“I asked Sodom to retrieve you. As we cannot free you or any whom the grotto has changed, I wanted to ensure your strange perpetuity does not attract more visitors, or distract more as they leave. So you will stay here, as you originally desired, for as long as Sodom and I make this grotto our home. Whenever he is out, and no others have found their way here, you will have my attention.”

Sadie didn’t have time to process the statement; Gomorrah immediately moved in and kissed the solid statue’s salty lips. The slick saliva dissolved and tingled Sadie’s pucker. The spirit’s light hands pushed across Sadie’s hardened breasts and nipples, sliding around and outlining her back to down to her ass. One finger slid down between the tight space between her thighs and found the previously unattended womanly slit. Sadie’s mind exploded in a pleasure that wouldn’t leave her for days.