Looking Back

Part II of a short story by Dan Standing

Their entwined bodies fell to the moss with such force that Sadie’s glasses were knocked from her head. Her vision was blurry for a moment, then cleared. The lusty hiker knew in the back of her head that such an impact – even against the soft moss – should have hurt and bruised her, but the new changes to her body meant she felt little more than a burst of pleasure as she and Gomorrah struck the ground.

Their anatomy jiggled and shook against each other as they rolled. Sadie desperately pulled the other woman close to her, as their hands slid all over each other’s skin. Expansive bosoms and nipples pressed tight as lips and tongues met and danced. Legs were intertwined, and Sadie eagerly moved her hips so that she was once again straddling Gomorrah’s luscious thigh. Sadie’s dripping flower pressed against the other woman’s flesh, but she was frustrated that the pressure alone seemed unable to bring all the feelings broiled inside her to a peak.

As if sensing Sadie’s problem Gomorrah suddenly shifted her body. Sadie through back her head in surprise as suddenly the woman’s torso swung away from her, and seconds later her thighs framed Sadie’s face; Gomorrah’s hot slot presented itself to her. The hiker had never taken such a position with any lover before, and never done any of this with a woman, and was for a moment taken aback by the sudden lusty humidity presented to her.

But then Gomorrah’s tongue presented itself to Sadie’s needy flower.

The transformed hiker cried out in undiscovered joy, her body flexing and stretching, before she quickly began to return the favor. As her tongue slipped between the lower lips of the other woman and lapped at her pleasure point, Sadie’s hands explored both bodies. She was sexy. She was sensitive. She felt the weight of this body of pure female sensuality atop her. The juices running down her cheeks and chin were otherworldly sweet. And the slick attention being paid to her own womanly recesses was incredible.

Sadie came.

It was an orgasm beyond description, and Sadie’s voice made no attempt to capture the rapture rushing through her body. At the start of it she could do nothing more than press her face with even more force against the pleasure-giver’s pleasure, and it was clear this had put Gomorrah on the same path. Shortly after, Sadie’s body curled back on itself, trying to cope with the intensity of what she was feeling, the body atop her sliding away as Gomorrah did the same. Only a tiny squeak escaped the hiker’s mouth as the peak of her orgasm finally passed. As her body began to relax, flushed red from head to toe, Sadie began breathing deeply. Gomorrah turned her body and placed her head on the shoulder of her lover, one hand gently caressing the post-orgasm-sensitive skin of Sadie, who was too weak to do anything but twitch from flitting fingers.

After what felt like a lifetime Sadie finally turned her body towards Gomorrah’s, nipples and foreheads gently pressed against each other. Arms laid over each other’s sides in a loose embrace.

“That was amazing,” the transformed woman finally sighed.

“As it will be for you, forever on from now,” Gomorrah smiled. Sadie ran a hand through her hair, which was somehow not a tangled and matted mess. Was such orderliness taken care of as part of the healing spell cast on her?

“What are you? I can’t believe that you’re…”

“Human? I am not,” Gomorrah giggled, “I am a spirit of the forest. This magic glade is my home.”

“I could get used to being here,” Sadie smiled.

“My dear, I am sorry, but you cannot remain here,” Gomorrah replied, sitting up.

“Oh! My apologies, didn’t mean to presume…” Sadie shot up after the other woman, her breasts swinging and nearly pulling her to the side.

“No need to apologize, sweet thing, few previous visitors have wanted to leave my side. But I’m afraid my mate would have none of that. He humors my infidelities while I am by myself, but would be unable to share me. He is out now, and I would recommend you be on your way before he returns.”

“Oh, I see,” the hiker replied softly, following Gomorrah up as the other woman stood. The forest spirit walked over and sat by the pool, while Sadie absently searched for her clothes before remembering the manner in which they had been removed from her.

“I’m sorry, but they were transformed in a moment of passion without much thought from me. They cannot be recreated,” Gomorrah spoke up, realizing what Sadie was searching for. The hiker nodded her head, realizing there was nothing to do but accept the situation. She’d have to go into the forest nude…a concept that at her core shamed her, but for the moment she was thrilled that she’d have no choice at showing off her new shape.

“I’ll be going then, I guess,” Sadie smiled, taking in one more look at the seated Gomorrah, “Do you happen to know which direction leads to one of the human paths?”

“Yes, the closest is that way,” the shapely spirit pointed at the far end of the clearing.

“Thank you, for everything,” Sadie smiled, giving something of a mock curtsy, “I’ll never forget you.”

“Nor I you, but I have one thing to warn you of,” Gomorrah seemed to become very serious, “This glade allows visitors to find me as it knows I can grow lonely. But only my mate is allowed to return to me, all others must never attempt to revisit. The glade fears they will bring those who would destroy it. So you mustn’t look back, for any reason, until after you have gone at least three hundred paces. If the magic of the glade fears you are trying to remember how to return it will take steps to protect itself. And while I am able to harness some of its latent magic, I can do nothing to undo its actions of perceived self defense. Do you understand?”

“Yes, thank you,” Sadie answered. She had been sad to leave, and now she was depressed to know that she’d certainly never find her way back.

“Oh, and if you encounter Sodom in the forest, do not fear. If you pay him no mind he will give you no trouble.”

“Thank you,” Sadie replied again, taking one last look at the sensual spirit before her, before turning and making her way out of the glade.

The forest was as thick and unforgiving as it always was, and for a moment Sadie was fearful to walk through it without any protection. But she soon rediscovered the benefits of the changes cast on her; the sharp sticks, stones, and brambles did not cause her any pain, and any cuts and scratches heeled so quickly there was practically no blood on her unscarred skin. It was a strange sensation, only feeling pleasure as nature ripped at her.

For a moment Sadie wondered if she was developing a streak of sadism, as she reacted with some eroticism to the rough attention paid to her body. But she reminded herself she could not feel pain, and what she was experiencing was pleasure due to a lack of alternate options, not pleasure from pain. It was an important difference, and she was uncertain how to define it.

But she could not deny that the attention of branches and brush across her body was turning her on once more. She wondered if she’d have to attend to her need alone if she did not reach a cleared path soon enough.

As Sadie made her way she heard noise ahead of her, as if someone was making their way through the forest in her direction. She considered hiding for a moment, but her body’s desire for some human attention overrode her sense of modesty. She’d gladly bed a ranger or another hiker right here amongst the hard dirt and litter, even though she knew it would be uncomfortable for anyone but herself.

The other forest traveler came into view, and Sadie gasped. It was a man, walking completely nude, making no reaction to any forest impediment that poked at him. As Sadie’s grotto lover had been the very example of female sexuality, this man was the prime example of masculinity. Broad shoulders, toned muscles, and hair at just the right length. His face was square and intense, and between his legs hung the only dick any woman would ever need.

Sadie’s body flushed as she took him in, and she felt as if the fire erupting in her loins could have burned down the forest.

The two travelers were moving in the same trajectory, and Sadie moved to the side to allow Sodom to pass. His attention was directed intensely in the direction of the grotto and he never gave Sadie a passing glance. As he moved past the hot and bothered hiker took a moment to glance at his ass, which was as glorious as anything she’d seen on his front.

Sadie turned back and continued her way through the forest, but after only a few paces she had to stop; her feet felt heavy, as if they were getting stiff.

To be continued…