Looking Back

Part I of a short story by Dan Standing

Sadie MacDaniels pushed further through the loose brush of the forest. The canopy of the tall oaks blocked out much of the sun’s rays, but that didn’t stop the saplings, ferns, and other small undergrowth from trying to stake their claim in the nature-littered floor.

With one hand Sadie pushed aside a low branch, while the other pulled back a lock of her brunette hair that had come loose from her short ponytail. Her fingers had hit the rim of her glasses and after pushing the stray strands into place she adjusted her thick-brimmed specs. Her heavy boots crunched through the leaves and sticks that obscured the ground. She’d trekked these woods many times before, and her legs and overall figure reflected the effort that such activity entailed. Her frame, if outlined from her hips to shoulders, was more rectangle than hourglass, but it was all healthy muscle and tone.

The hiking woman paused a moment and looked around. She was shocked to realize she was in a portion of the forest she didn’t recognize. She’d explored off the trails many times and always orientated herself without issue. She was so assured of her knowledge of the woods that she’d stopped bringing a map long ago, a decision she was now rethinking. The trees seemed to be especially thick in this section, making it difficult to see much beyond her immediate area. She would have backtracked, but was aware that she’d turned herself around a few times. The only option was to pick a direction and hope that at some point she could discern where she was.

Taking a step forward Sadie stopped as she felt her foot knock into something under the leaves which was heavier and harder than she expected. She bent down to inspect her find, her slim breasts barely shifting in the bra that was held beneath a few layers of jacket and shirts. Her hands brushed aside the decomposing leaves to reveal an enormous salt lick. It was nearly as long and thick as Sadie’s own torso, and had clearly been resting in its spot for some time. It was shaped almost like an hourglass, its original form worn from the wet attention of animals and rain.

Sadie furrowed her brow, simultaneously perplexed and concerned. This was a protected forest, and while the rangers did at times put out salt licks to help draw deer and other animals to specific areas, this was much larger than anything they would have used. She was worried that it had been placed by a hunter to encourage deer and other game to frequent the area. But even that was unlikely, as the thick concentration of tree trunks meant almost any shot from a reasonable distance would be mostly blocked. Uncertain what to do about it Sadie gave the sodium block another kick and moved on.

About fifty paces further along the hiker began to hear sound; a trickle of running water. Given the flat terrain this was strange, and the sound seemed to be coming from a particularly densely ingrown thicket. Hoping she could follow the water back to a more familiar area of the forest, Sadie pushed in through the brush, and found herself in what could only be described as a grotto.

The tree trunks and small brush were packed densely around the natural room, separating it from the rest of the wooded area. The space would have been just big enough to fit two large cars. The ground was completely clear of sticks and leaves, covered instead by very soft moss. In the center of the grotto, backed against some of the dense brush, was a pile of rocks. Water trickled down the stones and finished its route in a small pond, only about two feet at its deepest. The water was clear, and the pool was mostly contained by seemingly natural stonework, although the arrangement had clearly been put into place by some directed intention.

Sadie was completely amazed by what she saw. The enclosure was impossible. Ignoring the water pouring from an impossible source, the moss was certainly not native to the area, and everything was kept far too clear of debris to not be maintained by someone. The hiker approached the pond, incapable of not marveling at its crystal clear depths. No ounce of dirt or pollutant seemed suspended in the water in any fashion. It looks so cool. Crisp. Clean. Quenching…

Before she knew what she was doing Sadie had a palmful of liquid between her lips. It was indeed an incredible substance to drink, but she quickly became aware that she had just drank from a water source she knew nothing about and ripped her hand from her face, shaking the last drops of liquid from her fingers. She didn’t know what had come over her to-

“Hello, my lovely explorer…”

Sadie whipped around at the sound of the voice behind her. Standing in the middle of the glade was a woman.

A completely naked woman.

The hiker had heard of women’s bodies described as “hourglass” before, but never had such a description been more accurate before now. Long, straight, earthy hair framed a perfect face, with large eyes, a small but slightly turned up nose, and full pouting lips. The tips of the greenish-brown strands washed partially over the woman’s shoulders and brushed the tops of her breasts; large, full orbs which had a natural hang despite their volleyball-ish size. Succulent nipples, thicker than the hiker’s biggest toe, proudly capped their ends. The woman’s body continued down beneath her bosom, her ribs covered in silky flesh that showed not one ridge. Her waist pulled in only to explode out into hips which had to frame an ass competing for attention against her breasts. Her legs were long and toned, and she seemed to float ever so gently off the ground as only her toes brushed the moss beneath her.

Sadie had never seen a vision so beautiful before in her life. Pure womanly essence had presented itself to her.

“…welcome to our glade. I am Gomorrah.”

It had felt as if Sadie had stared at the woman’s body for ages, but now she realized it had only been for the time between words as Gomorrah introduced herself. The comely hiker cleared her throat.

“Uh, hi. I’m Sadie. I didn’t mean to trespass.”

“I do not fear or reject visitors,” Gomorrah replied, walking closer to Sadie, her legs doing little more than swinging through air as her toes passed through the moss, “It is fortunate that you timed your visit as you did, or…do I sense you have drank from our spring?”

“Yes, yes I did, I am sorry, I don’t know what-”

“No apologies needed,” Gomorrah smiled, stretching out a lithe arm and placing her thin fingers on Sadie’s shoulder. Sadie could not help but pass her eyes up and down the woman’s body once more; her nipples were nearly brushing the hiker’s jacket at an arm’s length! “Those waters call to many explorers. Your consumption means I may grant you a boon.”

“A boon?”

“Indeed,” Gomorrah replied, leaving Sadie’s side and taking a seat by the pool, “What is it you desire? I will grant it in as much so as this glade can.”

“Well, right now I’m wishing I could be as much like you as humanly possible.”

“So be it,” Gomorrah replied, waving her hand at Sadie. The hiker was still too enraptured by the other woman’s beauty to think much of what had just happened.

Until she felt her bra go tight.

“Uh, what’s…” Sadie muttered, tearing her eyes from the visage before her and trying to peer down her jacket and shirt, “…why do I feel strange…?”

“The magic of the grotto is acting on you. You desired to be similar to me. This is the first part.”

Under her layers Sadie’s breasts had begun to grow, expanding out from her ribs and pushing against the fabric and underwire of her bra. The hiker winced in pain, still not entirely convinced of what was happening.

“Very uncomfortable…” Sadie muttered as she started to undo her jacket. Her hips were starting to push out as well, adding stress to another section of her outfit.

“Allow me to help you with that. Modesty is not needed here,” Gomorrah replied, waving her hand again at Sadie. Suddenly her outfit transformed into a layer of loose leaves; the foliage of oak, elm, and maple loosely covered her skin before a breeze began to strip them from her.

“Oh!” Sadie exclaimed as she was suddenly undressed by the wind, the gust carrying her former clothes out of the cleared area. Instinct compelled her to cover her nudity, but as her hands brushed her breasts and her own flower, she buckled. It was as if the entirety of her skin was becoming more sensitive to pleasure, especially the portions around her womanly bits.

“What’s…you did…what am I…” Sadie gasped as she began to accept the changes that were happening to her body. Her breasts were already four times their previous size, with no stoppage of growth in sight. The lines of her torso had already altered drastically; her ribs had pulled in slightly, her waist had drastically diminished, and her hips and ass were expanding out with abandon. Her muscle tone had loosened to a more smooth outline. Her brunette hair had already untangled itself from her band and was cascading down her transforming shape. She brought her hands up to watch as she felt her arms and fingers slim, and her legs also took on a new definition as her feet contracted amongst the moss.

What Sadie could most clearly observe was the expansion of her breasts and nipples. They were enormous, and she was fearful she’d topple forward at any moment, but she did not. It seemed to be a combination of new back strength and the counterbalance of her incredible ass that kept her upright. She watched in growing erotic awe as her nipples shifted up the curve of her fleshy orbs and pushed out into larger – and harder – forms. To match her teats her areola spread like a drop of oil on water across her perfect skin.

“I have granted your request, to be like me as ‘humanly possible,'” Gomorrah answered in response to Sadie’s mostly incoherent stammerings, “You have been given a body as beautiful and sensual as mine. You are also no longer capable of feeling pain. On top of that, any injury, no matter how extensive, will be quickly healed. A side effect of such a change on your human anatomy is that you will experience much more pleasure with everything you do, as pain is mostly a warning to avoid serious injury, a risk you no longer need fear.”

Sadie had heard, but wasn’t listening. Her breasts were still growing, only now coming close to the size of Gomorrah’s. The changes had indeed been pleasurable; like warm, invisible caresses reshaping her body, pure carnal energy being injected into her with ever growth spurt. She could feel how intensely wet her slit was, an irony given how aflame it was with lust. She hadn’t yet touched her breasts since she first attempted to cover herself, and her hands slowly approached her new boon.

“Allow me to help you inspect them,” Gomorrah suddenly interjected, and her fingers were immediately around Sadie’s nipples. The pinch sent a shock of intensity throughout the woman’s body, causing an actual splash across her thighs. No better word than “yelp” described the hiker’s verbal response. She’d had many lovers before, but never one of her own gender – but fuck she needed someone’s – anyone’s – attention on this new body of hers.


“Please…yes…” Sadie gasped as she stretched back her neck, her bottom lip tightly trapped between her teeth. Her back arched and her feet teetered as Gomorrah’s hands slid across the expanse of her breasts and around her back. Sadie was now in the woman’s embrace, their enormous tits pressed hard against each other. Gomorrah’s hand moved gently down the small of Sadie’s back to her pumpkin-sized ass. The hand squeezed a cheek and pulled her hips in closer. Sadie felt Gomorrah’s thigh press against her engorged and dripping slit. The hiker made a silent gasp at the intense and pleasurable pressure.

She could have exploded then and there, but the brunette felt the earth-haired beauty begin to guide her down to the mossy bed beneath their feet.

To be continued…