by Dan Standing

The first thing Andrea had wished for was an incredibly sexy body. She had nearly cum on the spot as she felt her breasts heave against her suddenly-tight bra, her blossoming nipples driving into the cups like jackhammers. Not usually one to strip in a public place, no one seemed to be around the abandoned parking lot with its strange enchanted payphone, and her constricting top and bra were quickly discarded. This was followed by her shorts and panties as her waist shrunk and her hips pushed out. Her loose heels were also discarded as she felt her feet become more petite.

Looking down at herself Andrea was amazed. Her body was amazing! She was ecstatic until a thought struck her; she was 28. She had the killer body she had always wanted, but how long until nature caught up with her? So her second wish into the black mouth peice of the unusual phone was that she’d live forever; never aging, never injuring, without pain or the need of food or breath. She felt a tingle wash over her, indicating the wish had been granted. She held her breath.

And held.

And held.

She was indeed free from bodily need!

Knowing she could now have any Earthly pleasure she could ever want, Andrea’s thoughts moved to more lofty goals; ones she could only satisfy with her third, and final, wish to the lonely payphone. After eliminating a few she was afraid her call would disconnect before she made her last wish, and in a rush she exclaimed, “I wish I knew how it felt to float free of gravity’s influence, no matter what I wear!”

As she hung up the phone she actually giggled as she felt her feet start to lift off the asphalt. She laughed and pushed, her body smoothly sailing into the air.

Andrea could not believe how incredible the sensation was! Her breasts bobbed freely on her chest, and her hair would have been a radiant splash around her if not for her clip. She continued to climb higher and higher, completely oblivious to her true altitude, laughing and grinning at all the carnal fun she’d have on her return to Earth.

The floating woman had failed to consider a few things, however. The first was that she’d not wished for any control over her gravity-resistance. She was in fact unable to switch it off, and was now sailing on a one-way trip off of Earth. If her body had retained the ability to feel discomfort she would have noticed her hands, feet, and nipples starting to freeze as she rose higher into the chill atmosphere. It would only be after her muscles locked her ignorant grin onto her face that Andrea would realize her folly. It wouldn’t be long after that she’d be in space’s near-absolute zero embrace, her body immovably frozen.

Earth’s most beautiful satellite, cursing her wishes for the rest of time.