Not too long ago Amber and I had a talk about all the organizations she works with. She’s a strong, creative woman who brings a lot of drive and experience to everything she touches. But it was clear she had dedicated herself to too many organizations that had grown to the point of needing more individual attention – attention she could no longer properly give to each of them.

She hates to disappoint anyone, and was torn about what to do. We had a long talk about the difference between “quitting and leaving people in the lurch” and “properly passing on one’s role to someone who can give it the attention that is needed.” There’s a big difference between them. Something else I brought up was that, “Sometimes being stubborn is the worst problem. It’s a bigger disservice to a group if you promise something you know you can no longer uphold to your best standards than it is to explain how things must change to everyone’s benefit.” She wasn’t at that point, yet, but it was something I thought was important to make sure we resolved before it happened.

Of course, I think I already passed the point when I should have taken this advise myself.

Back when I started this personal blog I didn’t really have a direction for what I was doing. I knew I wanted to write what I wanted, work on some projects, and get involved in some online things. To help give myself purpose, drive, and goals, I swore on April 4th of 2011 that I would update with something every day for a year. As of today I’ve done that.

But it is not yet April 4th, 2012. And it is no longer a good idea. I’ve been stubbornly chasing that goal for too long, for no other reason than simply to complete it.

I made this goal well before I became involved with EXIERN, a comic I am incredibly proud to now be shepherding. This promise also came before any of the ongoing projects in the ESCarchive. And it was made before other pet projects of mine came within reach. This drive to post once-a-day has helped generate some great things like the Scenes series. But as my time has been drawn towards other projects my once-a-day goal has brought to more poems than I ever intended, most of the time not because I was truly inspired to write them, but because I had to write something!

Haikus are real short.
They are great for quick filler.
You deserve better.

So as of today I am dissolving my post-every-day requirements.

Don’t panic.

I plan on updating more than once a week. But instead of having to force myself to come up with something quick to post for one day, now I can take two or three days to put together more substantial things; a return of Reviews/Spotlights, more original (and better) art, and more short stories (like the one who’s opening paragraphs accidentally went out to the email lists earlier today). Poems will still happen, but now it will be when I’m inspired, and not just a quick haiku to satisfy an obsolete goal. I have better goals now.

Doing this means I’ll be able to get far more material available for everyone, both here, on EXIERN, in the ESCarchive, and on yet-unannounced projects. Honestly, once I get my schedule refined, I expect there will be daily updates again. If these aren’t original stories, art, and/or reviews, then they’ll be updates on where to find new material for my other planned projects.

So, the bottom line is that if checking is a daily habit for you don’t fret. I only have more material planned for the future, not less. I just want to make sure I’m able to provide the best of what I can offer, instead of stubbornly offering you the fastest.

Feel free to leave comments and questions. My readers are my best inspiration, and I want to make sure everyone knows I’m not going anywhere!