On our way back from Texas Amber and I stopped for gas. While I waited inside the station I wandered over the the magazine rack (is it just me or do fewer and fewer gas stations have magazine racks?) and as I was perusing the selection I found these two items;

Cosmopolitan, January 2012

Cosmopolitan En Espanol, Enero 2012

As I was admiring Miss Johansson, and the two covers were compared, the question arose, “Did they made her Hispanic?”

I’m not sure if there’s a more politically correct way to state the observation, but to investigate it I bought both issues and brought them home for my scanner. Here’s a detail of her face, side-by-side, from the two covers;

On the left, the cover of Cosmo en Espanol. The right is Miss Johansson from the English language copy of Cosmo, January 2012

Now, I’m only casually familiar with cameras and post-photo-work, but she definitely has a different skintone in each image. Although her hair is practically the same shade, her eye in the En Espanol cover is also considerably darker than the English language version of Cosmo. I understand lighting can make a big difference, but I don’t think her eye should have changed THAT much.

And, just to prove it isn’t because of how the covers were printed, or my crappy scanner that’s causing the difference in tone, here’s a comparison of the color code bar and text from the En Espanol cover overlaid on the English Cosmo;

Pink text and color boxes from the En Espanol cover of Cosmo are on top of the pink text from the English language copy.

As we can see, by comparing the pink text and color box from the En Espanol cover to the English Cosmo cover, any variance in tone from my scanner or the printing process could not cause THAT much change in Miss Johansson’s skintone between issues.

So what do you think? A simple change in lighting, or did the editors of Cosmo alter the lovely Scarlett Johansson to fit in better with the assumed readership of Cosmo En Espanol?

Also, what’s the deal with the En Espanol issue being the only one that gets the article on porn?