When G. posted a link to this video over on Keatts Universe, the only comment left with it was “Wow.”

That was exactly my reaction after watching it.

This is simply amazing, so before watching the video below take a moment to read about the incredible talent behind it. Then enjoy.

From the YouTube Page;

The Offering is a short animated film that was completed by a group of students in 2009 at Cogswell College. It’s based on the love story of the Hindu gods Shiva and Parvati. It includes some great animation and dance sequences. The works of Ray Harryhausen were of great influence on the film. It has won numerous awards from film festivals around the world. The Offering was completed as part of a animation production class called Project X that is offered at Cogswell. The writer and director Michael Zachary Huber is an industry veteran that has worked on a lot of Hollywood blockbusters and is now running the Project X program at the school. The soundtrack for the film was created by Jeremy Soule, the legendary composer that created the Skyrim soundtrack as well as other Elder Scrolls games and more. For more information about the film and its crew check out the links below.


You can also contact the director at mhuber@cogswell.edu