I’m sure many of us don’t have to be reminded of the definition of Internet Rule #34:

If it exists, there is porn of it.

I’d like to add a real world extension to that rule, which I have dubbed Humanity Rule #344:

If it exists, there is porn on it.

Human beings are obsessed with nudity and sexuality, as befits our evolution-driven nature. As our society has evolved we’ve applied that base desire to the things we’ve created. I know I’ve seen mud flaps, playing cards, trucks/cars, pens, and so many other things (especially when bachelor/bachelorette parties are involved) which apply to this concept. But I hadn’t really thought about it until I received the following matchbooks;

Matchbooks revealing Rule 344: If it exists, there is porn on it.

I can understand a strip club advertising on a matchbook with a nude woman – including the groan inducing slogan “1000’s of Beautiful Girls & 3 Ugly Ones” – but I fail to see how a washing machine supply company (the blue one displays front, back, and interior above) relates to the nude woman inside.

I mean, I guess if the washing machine is broken eventually you’d need the parts so you could wash things and be clothed once more, but it seems a silly pairing of ideas. And that’s what I’m really getting at…items which don’t really need or having anything to do with nudity, but feature it anyway.

Things that exist with no relation to porn/nudity, but have had it applied nonetheless.

What are some other unusual/creative ways that my readers have seen Rule #344 played out?