So True

by Dan Standing

Ysla held up the pink material and felt its cool smoothness between her fingers. Amazed by the leggings hanging in front of her, she clutched the gentle material to her bosom. Her nipples immediately sprung to full attention as she rubbed the fabric against them.

Pulling them away and balancing her luscious nude ass on the edge of her satin-covered bed,  the brunette bent on leg up to slip them on. Her breasts, easily the size of cantaloupes, wobbled around on her chest, causing her sensitive nips to brush against her arms and thighs as she bent to slip the pink mesh over her right foot. Ysla felt the warmth between her thighs growing.

“I want some that I’ll feel really good in,” she recalled telling the woman behind the counter at the strange store she had found in the mall. The older store owner has smiled, and produced the packaged leggings from behind the counter.

“These should do for you, but I recommend you resist the urge to orgasm with them on. The material reacts strangely to such action.”

Ysla didn’t understand why she would have been told such a thing, and was far beyond caring about the “warning” by now. She’d pulled the fabric over both feet, and as she stretched it up her calves towards her thighs it was as if a hundred masseuses were working her skin and muscles. She raised herself slightly off the bed as she fit the material into her womanly recesses and around her rear. She cooed as the sensation washed across her sensitive regions. Reaching one hand behind her to lean back, Ysla placed the other to her stomach. She looked off and hummed in pleasure at what the thin material was doing to her.

The fire betwixt her legs was becoming too much for her to resist. She slowly slid the hand resting on her midsection down her body, over the material, across her mons, and one digit pushed inside her covered netherlips.

“Ohh…”Ysla moaned, throwing back her head and biting her lip. Her breathing became ragged as she pushed harder against her clit. The massaging power of the fabric was acting on her sensitive flower, and she leaned forward so she could give her breasts some attention. She pulled on her rock-hard teats, and was about to start sucking on them she she was overcome by the sensation that suddenly exploded from her groin.

She’d never had such an intense orgasm before, and she would have cried out except her throat caught. As her body came it was also being absorbed into the leggings. Ysla didn’t even realize this was happening. As far as she was concerned, she was having the best orgasm of her life – which was true. Details such as her body being pulled further into the hem of some fabric didn’t seem important. It wasn’t long before her head and torso were no more, and then her legs collapsed under the fabric as they were also swallowed up.

Ysla’s essence seemed to float in a sea of sensuality. From all directions she could feel/sense the presence of dozens of other women. Their essences washed over each other, and Ysla’s mind purred at the sensation.

What happened? she thought, and her question was answered by the others.

You came…and brought us to orgasm as well, thank you! echoed the myriad of replies, But the fabric is enchanted, and now you have joined us for eternity.

Eternity? Ysla exclaimed. She had intended her response to contain a twinge of fear, but the feeling of her other captives washing across the core of her being was like a constant erotic hug, pure foreplay at its best acting on her at all times. Fear was hard to summon in such an environment.

Yes…eternity. We float here constantly aroused, but unable to release until someone wears us and brings themselves pleasure. But then they must join us. The hose will return to the store in the morning, to wait to be bought by another.

Ysla now understood what she had felt earlier, the many sensations working on her, trying to get her to pleasure them. A release, if only for a moment, but a release.

Again she tried to summon fear, but the emotion was impossible in this strange sea of pleasure. She had no other choice but to moan in need as she became resigned to her fate. She thought perhaps, when the time came, she’d resist trying to trap another woman as she had been. But then three more of her fabric lovers fell across her, and the pleasure without release blossomed even more-so.

She knew immediately such an idea of resistance was an empty promise. She did indeed feel good in the leggings…too good.