It was her own damn fault.

Redia had spoken ill of Aphrodite, saying the goddess was little more than a big breasted whore only concerned about putting herself on display. She had then vanished, reappearing in the goddess’ temple. Her feet were fused to a pedestal, her legs were locked into position, and her body had taken on the color of stone.

Whenever she was alone in the temple Redia could move her torso, which most of the time involved her groping in disgust at her ridiculously enlarged breasts. But whenever someone came near she froze in whatever position she had last been in.

After about a month of snarling and silent complaints – her voice was gone as well – Redia felt something new…a heat was gradually building between her legs. And then wind seemed to be exciting her previously barely-sensitive breasts and nipples far more than ever before.

Locked as her legs were, with her breasts blocking her as they were, guests to the temple soon discovered that the usually grouchy looking statue seemed posed more and more as if it were begging someone to attend to her miraculously dripping slit.