We stopped in the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, TX on the way back home. It is easily one of the best museums I’ve been in. It was clean, bright, all the animatronics worked, the touchscreen games were actually properly themed, it was overall really great.

And I never even liked Dr. Pepper.

The second floor of the museum has a spot where you can watch Dr. Pepper ads throughout the ages. Now, the ad embedded below is an abbreviated version of the full ad you can watch here. But I can’t embed that one, and they both show the same three-legged waitress crossing one leg at the very end for a split second.

And I mean, like, a split second then split again.

But it’s a fun ad with some kooky stuff in it (the full add linked above has a close-up of the dancer which is not in the embedded video below), and I’m just really smitten with this commercial’s strangeness. I reccomend you watch the whole commercial above, but if you just want to see her, see below.

I hope you enjoy.