Michelle felt her clothes unbutton themselves and slip down her amazing form as she entered her apartment. Locking the door and freely stepping out of the long coat, skirt, and panties that now lay on the floor, Michelle smiled as Lexi’s gloriously naked and undulating form stepped into the front room.

First picking up the loose clothes as she had been instructed to always do, Lexi was then able to set aside her cleaning supplies and give Michelle an impassioned embrace. All eight tits pressed against each other and all eight hands explored each other’s form as the exotic lovers kissed.

“How was AdultCon? I – ooo – missed you,” Lexi smiled as Michelle retrieved some of the freely flowing lube from Lexi’s slits.

“I missed you too, and it was good,” answered Michelle, breaking away from Lexi and sitting on the vinyl sofa. Shee used Lexi’s lube to slick up her own breasts as she massaged them, “I made a few contacts to distribute our video.”

“Oh goody!” Lexi exclaimed.

Michelle smiled and sighed as she watched Lexi get the mop she carried with her and cleaned up her most recent trail of slick liquid.

Life was pretty good.

After finally getting both of them back to her apartment Michelle had everything redone in tile, vinyl, or other similar surfaces to allow for Lexi’s dripping wet presence.

Lexi had taken a job doing online form completions to help support them. Michelle and Lexi had also started making some fetish videos of themselves for sale.

Derrick from the internet forum had helped with some contacts before heading out of state for school, and Michelle thought they had a chance at getting big in some adult interest circles. She always went alone to the cons and meetings. Lexi always felt it was punishment, but it was really because neither could be clothed when near the other – or at all in Lexi’s case. The “punishment” of forcing Lexi to stay home was just a bonus as far as Michelle was concerned.

Michelle was getting used to life outside with her new body, but it was tough. While fetishists didn’t seem to make her feel threatened in her exotic form when she appeared in meetings or shows, she wasn’t as comfortable when out in public. She had tried running out to pick up some quick food one night and her lower hand slipped, her hex-empowered clothes quickly flashing open. She thought she’d cause a riot. Now Michelle was always wary when going out.

Inside was a different matter. Despite what had happened, Michelle deeply cared for Lexi now. The two were able to find common interests, and little inside jokes were beginning to grow as a natural relationship was built. And besides – no one else could fuck her like Lexi could. Michelle did, however, have no qualms about framing and hanging Lexi’s notes from that last morning at the hotel in the living room. She could see Lexi shudder with guilt when looking at it from time to time.

External difficulties aside Michelle loved her body. The feeling of so many pleasure points, the double orgasms, the dexterity. She never regretted the changes made to her, or the difficulties she needed to overcome.

Sometimes it would be nice to have help, though.

As Lexi dribbled off to make dinner, Michelle lay back on the couch and closed her eyes, her hands spreading the other woman’s slick secretion sensuously over her breasts. As she contemplated which pussy she should start with, Michelle’s bout of masturbation was interrupted by a knock at the door.

While Lexi did most everything in the apartment, the one thing she could not do was answer the door. Thanks to the conniving woman’s inadvertently self-imposed inability to put on clothing this was also the reason why Michelle had been unable to custom tailor a sexy French Maid outfit for her little submissive lover.

Throwing on the robe she kept nearby at all times, Michelle hid her extra arms and whatnot and cracked open the door to take a look at who was there.

Standing in the hallways was a vaguely familiar – and definitely attractive – redhead covered in a tattered and modest set of seemingly vintage rags. She seemed familiar. Michelle just stared for a moment, not sure if she should believe her own suspicions.

“Hello again, ‘human’ Michelle,” the woman smiled, laughing at her self as she parodied her formerly forced language.

Michelle just stared for a moment. She wasn’t sure what to think. It wasn’t really possible that this was…

“How may I help you?”

Finally, Michelle smiled, opening the door and embracing the other woman.

It was turning out to be a damn good hump day.