The screeching of the alarm startled Michelle awake and she immediately regretted her attempt to jump up in surprise. As her body was yanked back down by the forgotten weight of her breasts, the transformed woman groaned and unwrapped the blanket from her and threw it aside. Holding her hands to her temples, Michelle turned as best she could and stared at the alarm clock with intense malice. Anchored in place by her person-sized tits, and definitely unable to reach the noisemaker with her hands, she thrust out her left foot, and after kicking at the damn clock of few times finally slammed her toe down on the snooze button.

The screeching sound gone, Michelle dropped her face back into the pillow resting atop her exaggerated flesh.

After taking a few deep breathes, she lifted her head up again and pushed her disheveled hair out of her face. Her entire body ached from sleeping on her knees, partially bent over. She moved away the pillow and stared into her valley of cleavage, then looked across at the mirror again.

Definitely not a dream. Michelle managed to stave off the hyperventilating.

“Alright, girl, let’s do this…”

Michelle picked up the pendant, which had been lying on the bed next to her, and was about to open it when she stopped.

As the grogginess of sleep still seeped through her head, she did recall that making her earlier wish unprepared and rushed was part of what got her into this mess. She’d probably be best off thinking it through a little first.

Exploring her thoughts, Michelle realized that she sort of liked the idea of completely outclassing any woman she came across, especially those damn cheerleaders when a class reunion did eventually roll along.

But she also enjoyed walking.

And she’d definitely have to do something about the pain.

Thinking through some wording, and satisfied with her course of action, Michelle opened the pendant.

“Good morn, human Michelle,” Scrim announced, forming above the bed again and seeming to stretch, “Do I properly infer that you have a new request for me?”

“Yes I do,” Michelle said, settling more comfortably on her knees to look up at Scrim, “I wish that my breasts would shrink down and stop at a size twice that of the largest breast size possessed by any cheerleader I went to college with and that my breasts would always be round and attractive and never cause me any physical pain.”

“Very well, one moment while I confer with the Universe,” Scrim replied, once again becoming silent.

Michelle waited patiently, anticipation building inside of her, when Scrim finally opened her burning eyes and said, “I have found what I need, let your request be fulfilled!”

As Scrim burst back into the pendant, Michelle could already feel a change. The ache in her back and the soreness in her chest from the pull of weight was starting to fade away.

And then she felt the contraction.

A tight feeling throughout her breasts sprung up, as if her skin was drawing taught. Although not initially noticeable, Michelle could see in the mirror that the indents her breasts had made in the blankets and mattress were beginning to become visible. Slowly her tits began to retract back into her body.

For a moment she was nervous as to where the extra mass was going to, but Michelle inspected herself and didn’t see any other changes; as magically as her breast-flesh had appeared, it was just as magically evaporating out of her.

After a moment she was able to stand again. Getting off the bed and stretching, she watched as her boobs slowly poured backwards up her chest, reducing past watermelons and then…stopping.

Michelle stared at the mirror for a little longer, waiting for them to continue down to E or maybe DDD size, but she could no longer see or feel any changes; her tits had stopped at a size approximately as big as her head. Her areola were about four inches wide, and her nipples as large as her thumbs.

Looking down at them, Michelle could definitely not see her feet any more, but she could tell her toes were a little deeper than expected in the hotel carpet from the new weight on her chest. She furrowed her brow in frustration, hands held up in the air without real certainty as to what she should do. This was still much bigger than she intended.

And much heavier. Michelle could feel the pull on her back as she just stood there – no pain per se, but she definitely felt their mass and its effect on her body. What would walking be like with these things?

Almost as if she could have pulled them off of herself, Michelle grabbed her fleshy pair in frustration – and anger quickly melted to pleasure.

As her hands ran over the skin of her tits, Michelle couldn’t believe how insanely sensitive they were. While her breasts had shrank in size, all of the nerve endings from her previously massive chest had not disappeared, but instead compacted down into her new size and replaced her pain receptors – each breast was now a ball of pure erotic sensitivity. Michelle’s hands caressed her tits, and one finger flicked a hard thick nipple by accident.

“OH!” she cried out, her whole body involuntarily convulsing. She hadn’t orgasmed or anything, but the sensation was so intense Michelle thought she could if she kept playing with them. She almost thought her engorged nipples had become as sensitive as her clit. As her thighs started to clench and squeeze her moistening pussy, she considered lying back down on the bed when –


The sound of the alarm’s sleep mode ending snapped Michelle back to cold hard reality, and she dropped her hands from her chest as she turned to shut off the infernal clock. As she did, her new center of balance asserted itself for the first time and she almost tipped over. Her breasts wobbled and shook, brushing into each other with pleasant effects, but Michelle saw the time and used the bed to make it over to the clock and shut off the alarm.

The busted woman looked across the room at herself again, the consequences of her new chest really rushing in now. She thought about summoning Scrim again to ask what the fuck was up with her tits – she definitely didn’t remember any cheerleaders with breasts even a quarter of her current size – but a more pressing matter occurred to her:


Michelle opted not to shower. Showering with her tits’ sensitivity ratcheted to – hell, even 11 seemed a low estimate –  was out of the question at the moment. She knew that she’d never keep control, and could not be late. She stumbled to the closet, gradually getting used to the extra mass, and pulled out the larger blouses she had accidentally brought.

It actually wasn’t that long before Michelle found herself awkwardly strutting down the street towards the subway. She had foregone putting on one of her bras, since none would come close to clasping, and was instead wearing her largest blouse buttoned up to her neck to hide all her cleavage. Michelle’s nipples had immediately gone rock hard from the rough fabric, and she had managed to pull close and button one of her jackets to at least obscure the sensitive orbs in place and obscure the tented fabric. Having selected the flattest pair of shoes she had packed, Michelle was gradually adjusting to walking with her new center of gravity.

Lost in her own little world of what do I do when I get to work? and God it feels good when my tits move against the shirt Michelle almost didn’t realize she had boarded the train and taken a seat. It was a few stops before she realized that people were looking at her.

Slowly peering around, she realized that nearly every passenger was throwing her some sort of glance.

Both the Jogger and Sports Bra Slut included in that.

Michelle put her head back down as people started to look elsewhere about the train after being spotted. She did have a little smile…it felt good to be bigger, but she had no intentions of keeping her breasts this big – this was embarrassing. She placed her briefcase upright on her lap to obscure the view.

Michelle made her way from the subway to her building with little trouble, but still could not help but blush at the stares. The jacket only did so much to constrict the interior wobble, sway, and bounce. As she rode the elevator up to her floor, she took a deep breath in anticipation.

She then released it as she felt her nipples push against her shirt.

As the elevator doors opened she moved as briskly as she could to her desk, which wasn’t really that fast. Walking to the subway Michelle had quickly learned that too quick a step would not only bounce her tits and nips out of their jacket coverage, but also seriously start her thinking about things not safe for work.

Fortunately, most of the staff was concentrating on their own computer monitors and Michelle got to her desk, placed her case upright on it, and sat with no issue.

“Miss Spending!” a familiar male voice crowed over her cube wall, and Michelle instinctively pulled her briefcase against her body to block the view of her chest.

“Mr. Krow,” Michelle smiled awkwardly as Phil popped his head over the wall of her cube, “How is your, uh, your day going?”

“Eh, kind of…eh,” Phil replied, crossing his arms over the top of the cube, “Got a huge budget meeting I got to get into, I just don’t want to go.”

“Well, you had better,” Michelle replied, wanting to get rid of him as quickly as possible, “We don’t want to lose the coffee money.”

“Alright, very well, I’ll catch you later, toots,” Phil flashed his smile at her and disappeared down behind the wall of her cube.

Michelle sighed – even with enormous breasts she was still afraid of asking out Phil. She took the briefcase and placed it next to her cube, her hand flying to her chest to keep her breasts from rolling up her shirt as she bent down. Something had to be done about that. Quickly returning upright and carefully re-adjusting herself, Michelle turned on her computer.

The rest of the morning was uneventful, as Michelle simply didn’t leave her desk for any reason. When her lunch break rolled around she carefully got up and headed to the elevator. Some of her time had been spent doing a little internet searching, and she was going to go find the fruit of those labors.

Two blocks down from her building was a medium sized department store called Spencer Twins. While many of the local independent stores had gone under, this one had survived by working in specialty clothes and sizes the bigger stores still didn’t carry. The men’s side was run by Miguel Spencer, and the women’s by Serena Spencer.

Michelle made her way back to the lingerie section of the woman’s side, where a young woman was standing behind the counter, reading a GOSSIP magazine and chewing a piece of gum. The girl had a pencil sticking out of her blonde hair’s bun, glasses, a nose ring, and was wearing a sort of trashy shirt and skirt, with fishnets around her legs and platform boots. She almost didn’t think she wanted to be served by this girl, but figured she may have experience in what Michelle needed; her breasts were big, round, fake oranges encased in a bra that poked out of the somewhat open shirt.

The girl heard Michelle’s approach and looked up.

“Hello ma’am, what can I do for you?”

“Uh, well,” Michelle stammered, suddenly realizing she had no explanation for why this experience was so new to her, “I, uh, recently had a fire and lost all my bras and need to be fit for new ones…but I don’t remember what sizes they were.” Michelle gave an awkward smile figured it was a pretty good excuse, especially one having been thought of on the spot.

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry, come back to the changin’ rooms and I’ll fix you right up,” replied the sales girl, clicking her gum and coming around the counter. She led Michelle into a back area, where she stood on a small podium and reluctantly took off her jacket and shirt.

“Oh…are those real?” the girl asked as she took her customer’s clothes and placed them on a hook. The moving of fabric had excited Michelle’s nipples, which now stood at full attention, and she could feel the air current from a nearby air conditioning vent gently caress them. Her breasts sat unbelievable firm and pert on her chest despite their size, thanks to the wording of her wish. They were pretty much level with the sales girl’s head.

“There’s, uh, no inserts in them, if that’s what you mean,” Michelle replied, still not entirely comfortable calling them “real.” The girl clicked her gum and pulled out a measuring tape.

“I would have killed for a pair like that without any work,” the young woman continued, spacing out the tape in her hands, “Someone’s certainly blessed.”

“Yeah, blessed,” Michelle muttered, as the girl passed the measuring tape around her back from one hand to another.

“Oh, right, must way a ton.”

“Actually – OH!”

While Michelle was happy to be interrupted so she wouldn’t have to lie about what she thought big breasts that weren’t magical felt like, she was less happy that the interruption was caused by the sales girl pressing her hands and tape across the hair-trigger teats to get her first measurement.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sensitive?” the girl asked, pulling away and taking the abdomenal measurement.

“Yes, uh, a little,” Michelle replied – her knees had practically dropped out from under her, all from the momentary touch of another person. Michelle had never considered girls, but after that –

“OK, no worries, all measured up, I’ll go pick some things out for you,” the girl said, rolling up the tape and stepping back from the podium.

“Uh, just out of curiosity…” the flushed customer muttered as the sales girl made her way to the door and stopped, “What is my cup size?”

“Well,” replied the girl, slowly turning back, “That’s really sort of a moot point in this case, but if I had to give you a size, I’d say…33J.”

Michelle’s jaw dropped as the girl popped out of the room.

After trying on a number of humongous – and silk lined – bras, she had finally picked out three for the time being. The sales girl even comp’ed the one that Michelle wore out of the store, saying it was her way of helping the poor woman recover from the fire. Michelle shamefully thanked her and started walking back to her building.

The bra helped a lot. Although actual support was not an issue, the cups of the bras meant Michelle wasn’t reliant on her jacket to obscure her probing nipples. And the silk meant she wasn’t getting as stimulated as before.

Still not helping to hide their size, however, Michelle went into a drug store and picked up some fabric wrappings. Arriving back at work and ducking into the bathroom, she taped herself down. While certainly still busty, she hoped that the size of her shirt would help obscure any clues.

An hour after Michelle got back from her lunch Allison Pue arrived for some system orientation. It took the rest of the day, and the entire time Allison never asked about her more tenured coworker’s still obviously larger chest. Michelle wasn’t sure if it was new-hire nervousness, or if the quiet girl was really just not as bawdy as most other employees who worked there.

One thing that had concerned Michelle was an e-memo that came through while Allison was sitting with her; no days off until the Scyton Account was secured. Michelle knew the threat was legit; she was going to have to be really careful about her wishes.

As 6 o’clock rolled around Allison thanked Michelle for her time, and walked over to her desk in the Western Team section of cubes. As Michelle gathered up her things, she could hear the familiar sound of shoes approaching.

“Miss Spending, don’t tell me you are leaving from this magical evening so early,” Phil said, coming around the cube wall. As he did Michelle could tell his eye was attracted to the change in her bust.

“Yes Mr. Krow…Phil…” Michelle sighed, “I have a busy schedule of doing nothing and sleeping this evening.”

“Sounds exciting,” Phil replied without missing a beat, despite his grinning eyes firmly locked on her chest, “I almost prefer to be back in the meetings.”

Michelle stared at him, the desire to ask him out burning inside her. It was clear she had her own insurance hanging from her chest, but the words fizzled in her mouth as she coughed them out.

“Well…” Michelle sputtered, but Phil interrupted her.

“Well, well, who’s that?” Phil asked, motioning behind Michelle. She turned and saw Allison returning to her desk from what must have been an unintended trip to the printer, given the thick mess of papers in her hands.

“Oh, that’s Allison Pue, she started yesterday,” the defeated woman answered, with disappointment dripping from her words. She turned away and picked up her briefcase.

“Wow, how did I miss her?” Phil said mostly to himself, pulling a comb from his back pocket and doing some touch up in an imaginary mirror.

“Too many meetings, I guess,” Michelle replied mostly to herself, pulling her briefcase in to her and backing out of her cube. “Goodnight, Phil.”

“Goodnight, Michelle,” Phil said, not even glancing back, then putting on his smile and walking over to Allison. Michelle watched them chat for a moment from the elevator, and then sighed to herself as the doors closed and she started down to the ground floor.

She never saw Allison smack Phil across the face.

Back in her hotel room, Michelle dropped the briefcase to the floor and let the door slam behind her. The trip back had been uneventful. There seemed to be fewer subway passengers staring at her, although those she shared a returning trip with seemed confused by her more under-control bust. She leaned back against the door for a moment and groaned.

“Stupid girl, why can’t you just go for him?” Michelle chastised herself, trying to take a deep breath to calm down, but her mummified chest fought back.

Tired and frustrated with everything, the constricted woman pulled off her jacket and shirt and began unwrapping the fabric tape. As she pulled it away she could see the creases it had left in her flesh across her shoulders and the tops of her breast. Removing it actually felt kind of good.

Moving towards the bed so she could see her reflection, Michelle reached back and unhooked her bra. She could feel her breasts, even in this humongous device, push the fabric away as the straps went slack.

“I really do need over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders…” Michelle mused to herself, letting the bra fall away from her body. The air on her tits felt so good. Now, having already survived a day without anyone screaming, “My God, what are those things?” she took some time to really look at and enjoy her new breasts.

Moving from a forward view to a profile, Michelle actually loved how they hung just short of a natural teardrop. The upper curves had a rising roundness to them that kind of gave the impression she was wearing an invisible bra. However, her erect and puckered nipples were proof otherwise of that.

She really could not get over how big they were. Michelle realized she had never specified that she wanted to be bigger than the cheerleaders had been while in college, and wondered if one of them had since gotten implants. It was the only explanation she could think of.

On a whim, Michelle shook her body side-to-side and cooed as her breasts painlessly sprung around on her chest. The feeling of all those pleasure sensors bumping into each other turned her on more than she thought it would.

She unhooked her skirt and let it fall around her legs, and then let her dampening panties follow. Unable to see her feet unassisted, Michelle used the mirror to bring each foot up to release them from their trappings.

Setting the alarm, turning off the lights, pulling down the sheets, and settling into the hotel bed the proper way for the first time since arriving, Michelle finally let her hands explore her enhanced body unrestricted.

The feeling was incredible.

She let out a soft moan and arched her back as both hands took hold of her sensitive orbs. Fingers spread across them as far as could be reached, and she then took hold of her nipples, which caused a sensual cry to escape from her.

That had pushed things into the point-of-no-return, and Michelle let one hand leave her fleshy delights and travel down to her mons.

Her tits sat round and high on her chest, and Michelle could barely see through her cleavage to get a look at her slightly-bristled pussy, but she didn’t really need to look, she knew what she was doing. She navigated the lips of her moist and hot box, one finger sliding slick inside of her, rubbing over her engorged clit.

Pumping her finger, flicking with her thumb, and running her other hand back and forth between each breast, Michelle could feel that glorious feeling beginning to build inside her. It wasn’t long before she felt the rush of the orgasm wash over her, a tiny scream erupting from pursed lips. Her back arched, her toes curled, and after a moment she dropped back onto the bed, warm, satisfied, and exhausted.

She slowly pulled her lower hand up and back to her breasts, and let both hands just gently rest on her pleasantly sensitive orbs.

“Maybe these aren’t so bad…” Michelle sighed, and fell asleep.

The next part of Room 2739 continues tomorrow!