It all started because I have to wear these damn high heels to work. They pinch and hurt my feet, but I don’t have a choice about them. So when I saw the set of creme tubes that promised to help adjust my body – and there was one for Pleasure – I had the silly thought that they could be the solution.

Of course, my roommate – as all roommates are apt to do – mocked me for wasting my money. I ignored her. I went into my bedroom and applied the Resist creme to my hands, which would make it so that no other cremes would work on my hands for the next 24 hours.

I then pulled out the Pleasure creme. Applying a generous glob to my hands I worked it into both feet. Once that was done all I had to do was wait for the stuff to dry.

Oh my God…I wasn’t expecting what happened. I just wanted them to not hurt anymore. think most people would have expected my feet to become some sort of erogenous zone. Don’t get me wrong, my first attempt to stand afterwards was following by a stong orgasm which sent my ass toppling back onto my chair.

But this wasn’t just an orgasm. This was a complete feeling of satisfaction. Like the love of my life had just dined me, wined me, drilled me, cuddled me, and made me breakfast. It was pure pleasure on every level.

I had to have more.

I reached down and massaged my feet, which brought the cloud of pleasure down upon me more gently. But I wasn’t satisfied. I reached over to the cases of tubes and found Flexibility. Quickly popping off the top a slathered it all over my hips.

Mmm…yes…something about my warm moist mouth sucking my toes to this incredible cum is just…addictive.

If I only I could fit more in…my hand on my other foot just doesn’t seem enough…