Yesterday Exiern’s 2011 Holiday Art posted, which is also available just above. That’s the censored version. The ESCarchive holds a different version with the word bubbles slightly rearranged.

If you don’t have a login to the ESCa, you’ll still be able to check it out for a day. In the spirit of the season, and in the tradition started by Drowemos, the ESCarchive will have a day of free access today, December 25th.

Free ESCarchive login is as follows (capitalization matters):


PASSWORD: merrymerry

The ESCa also holds strips from my series HELD WITHIN, pages from TIME AND AGAIN, and other illustrated projects I’ve worked on. Thanks so much to all of my loyal readers for all your support! I hope the holidays have treated you well, and that the New Year holds so much more for us!