Much time has been spent on my Dreamcast, XBox, and PS3 playing SOUL CALIBUR games. And, being that in many ways I am something of your typical male, Ivy has always been one of my favorite characters. She’s a strong, intelligent woman who wields her sword whip as craftily as she does her plotting.

And she’s also dressed in an outfit so skimpy that it’s had to be augmented in public ads, and barely contains a chest that should have been her literal downfall long ago.

She’s also not terribly nice (she’s the daughter of an undead pirate, so no real surprise there), so it’s no shocker that when the Soul Calibur sword decides to clean up some of the messes it has caused – by turning the perpetrators into crystal statues – Ivy is nearly the victim of such a spell.

Enjoy the video below, courtesy of rintintinsm on Youtube, which features Ivy in her default costume, followed by her more conservative alternate.