“Ooo, I feel that tingle back there now. You finally figured out where we are, eh Julie? It’s been six months and I still love how your horniness spreads from between your legs, down your spine, and flushes through me. I knew I had to do something special for us.

“It took some legal wrangling but I can come back to the gym now. The stares are delicious. Ever since you joined me I haven’t thought much about men, but there are a couple out there I’d love to see take us both at the same time. Sure, I’ve played with myself while that hot PA tends to you, but something about two thick shafts holding us from both ends…mmm, yes, I’m definitely wet right now.

“And I don’t mean from the shower.

“This is actually the exact stall I had been using when you made that fateful statement. I wonder what happened. Plenty of people have been through here before and since. I can’t believe it has anything to do with the stall. Maybe you were owed some cosmological favor, and asked for it at the wrong time? Or maybe the right time? So hard to tell what you’re thinking back there.

“Sometimes I do wish I knew what you were experiencing.

“Oh…what’s that tingling?”