I don’t usually use one of these daily updates to just snag something from deviantArt…it seems like a lazy update since most anyone can just set up their own filters for art there. As a compromise that’s why I’ve got a link to my dA favorites page for people who do want to know what I’ve been looking at (although dA seems to have crashed that function at the moment).

I take exception here because, well, I promoted Mr. Vallejo’s calendar and I feel I must also promote an artist whom I find equally as amazing; J. Scott Campbell. He’s recently put out a 2012 Calendar (colored by the equally amazing Nei Ruffino), and I just had to post something up.

I’ve been a big fan of Mr. Campbell’s for a long time, and I had the pleasure of meeting him at the first C2E2. He was great to talk to (for all of two minutes), and seemed like an absolute sweetheart of a man. Check out his Little Mermaid piece below, and if you’re interested you can jump over and nab the whole calendar here.


The Little Mermaid FTF 2012 by *J-Scott-Campbell on deviantART