Dan Standing Entertainment is now an official Playboy affiliate. That means I can post images and earn some extra money off any subscriptions they get through this website. Back when I first started here I reviewed Vintage Issues of Playboy. Time has restricted me from doing more right now, but I plan to extend that to compliment this relationship.

Being an affiliate also means I can post my own Playboy galleries! Don’t worry, these won’t replace my usual daily updates of Transformation, SciFi, or Fantasy posts. That is, and will always be, the primary purpose of my website.

But some extra sexiness doesn’t hurt.

I’ve already put one gallery up. My feelings are that anyone can just post images of women. My galleries have beautiful women, and light musings on Philosophy! Enjoy my first one here;

Jessica Workman, with a side of Existentialism

Hopefully, any income from this can remove the needed to have donation pools for images…