Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's 2012 Calendar Cover (front)

I’m not usually one for wall calendars, but Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell’s most recent one has got me reconsidering. It is hard to tell from the fairly lo-rez image below, but I had this product in my hands last weekend and there’s a specific art piece I’m considering buying it for. The image at the top of the left hand column on the back is called “Transformation” and features a woman with butterfly wings being stared at with burning jealousy by a woman who has a caterpillar body instead of legs. Like all of Mr. Vallejo and Ms. Bell’s works, it is especially sexy, as are the other fantastic pieces showcased. If I have the cash to pick it up I’ll report in with further details.

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's 2012 Calendar Cover (back)