Store Caught Justice: Voted Conclusion Part III

by Dan Standing

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“Excellent,” the bartender replied, quite pleased by the wager he and Dani had just made. He quickly produced twelve shotglasses and spread them out along the bar. The cursed woman saw him grab a bottle off the back shelf of the bar…it had some sort of Eastern European lettering on it that Dani couldn’t read. It was also a strange cyan color.

“What is that stuff?” she asked, as she watched him fill each glass with some.

“Not entirely sure, but I know it’s so strong it’s illegal,” the bartender grinned, placing the bottle back where it had come from. Dani lowered her head and sniffed; it was like a combination of paint thinner and lavender. “Ready?”

The man had placed one hand around the shotglass on one end of the row, and Dani gripped the one closest to her.



It all happened very quickly. Dani got the first four down just as quickly as he did, pushing back her reaction to swallowing what felt like turpentine and soap. The speed of it all was so fast that Dani didn’t really register the tingling that spread across her lips just as she reached for the fifth glass. By the time she’d raised it to her mouth she hadn’t taken into account the sudden expansion of her lips. Thus, she missed any actual opening of her mouth, and the alcohol splashed all over her face as she slammed into her expanded lower lip. The blue liquid dripped down onto her breasts, causing the threads of the tassels to stick to her skin.

“Whud du helb!” Dani exclaimed, still not registering what happened until she put her hand to her mouth. Suddenly understanding, she grabbed a napkin and tried to cover her active curse.

“Done!” the bartender exclaimed, slamming his final glass onto the table.

“Thab nob fair!”

“What happened to you?” he asked, sort of jumping when he realized the mess Dani had made. He quickly grabbed a rag and sopped up the liquid on the bar.

“I…a cursb acbivated…” Dani mumbled.


Dani lowered the napkin for a second to display her fish lips, then hid them again.

“Oh. Well, technically I still win.”

“Ib shubn’d counb if…fine, youb win…” Dani sighed, not wanting to try and argue through her mutilated mouth. Besides, she was starting to like this guy, and didn’t want her inflated lips to ruin whatever direction the evening was going in.

She was also starting to feel all the alcohol she’d just drank.

“I’ll make a deal…you still have to grow for me in a bra, but not until it bursts. How’s that?”

“Deal,” Dani replied, trying to show a smile through her exaggerated face.

“Great, stay here for a moment,” the bartender grinned, dashing out from the bar and heading backstage. Dani furrowed her eyebrows for a moment, but her curiosity was interrupted by the sensation of her lips deflating.

Finally! Someone who didn’t LIKE the fucking lipstick! Dani thought to herself, lowering the napkin and poking at her retreating flesh. By the time her lips were normal again the guy had returned. There was clearly something stuffed in waist of his pants, covered over by his shirt.

“Oh, good, you’re back to normal!” he exclaimed, as Dani turned from the bar, her breasts sliding off the wood and resuming their impossibly perky shape.

“Normal is a sliding scale for me,” Dani replied, standing up and giggling as she happily took the crooked arm he offered her. Walking as they were the wide curve of her tit rubbed against the side of her escort.

“Well, I’m glad you can talk again, because I want to understand every sexy moan you gasp out when we get back to my place.”

Dani smiled and gave a small laugh as they walked, with a slight waver, out of the club together. As they made the short trip back to his apartment they exchanged small talk about some of the Club’s regulars, and then Dani vented a little about what the curses were and mentioned there were lingering side effects. Arriving at the apartment building the two were quickly upstairs, and the bartender lifted his shirt and pulled out with a flourish the material he’d been hiding.

“What do you think of this?” he gave Dani a sly grin, holding up the largest bra the young woman had ever seen. It was clearly from some sort of costume, and Dani made the sad realization that even the joke brassiere looked like it would almost properly fit her enormous watermelons.


“Where the hell did that come from?” Dani asked, reaching out and taking the thing from him. It had clearly been stitched together by hand.

“The UpStage used to be a drag club,” the guy responded, leaning on the wall as Dani inspected the bra, “That was used by a fairly big man who did one of the funny shows. I think he used partially inflated beach balls or something to fill it out.”

“And you actually wanted to see me burst this?” Dani asked. It had meant to come out as concern, but her tipsiness blurred the intonation. She already had to push her breasts aside to see her feet…if she’d burst this they’d never be seen again by her. She’d need bracers just to pull herself upright in the mornings.

“I can’t say I seriously thought that through…” the man replied, swaggering over. The tilt to his walk was more from the night’s competition than from bravado. “I still won the bet. I’d still like to see you grow again, if you’re still up to it. Where do you want to sit?”

Dani’s eyes moved from the bra – which she tossed onto the unfolded sofa bed – and then traced up and down the bartender’s body. She took a step towards him and latched her hand onto the denim lump that was clearly his very hard manhood.

“Right here…but it seems to be covered with the wrong material.”

It didn’t take long before they were both stripped once again, and proper protection had been applied. They crawled onto the bed, with Dani’s tits and nipples stretching far enough to gently brush the bedspread. The bartender sat crosslegged, his shaft at attention. Dani, between her walking feet and her tickled tits, was already slick enough, and she moaned deeply as she lowered herself onto him.

“Mmm, feel good on there?” the guy asked, as Dani’s low purr ended with her eyes opening.

“Yeah…” Dani sighed, “You?”

“Oh yeah. You ready?”

“Sure thing, pervy boy…” Dani smiled, lifting the bra from the bed as she flexed her lower muscles around him. He helped her clip the joke undies on and adjust the straps.

“How long before-” the bartender had started to ask, but he stopped when he saw a change in Dani’s expression. She also felt her clench again down below.

“Oh, yeah, it’s starting…” the dancer answered, the buzz of drunkenness causing her to enjoy the experience more than she had before. The guys eyes went wide as he watched her bulbous breasts start to push out into the material.

“Holy shit…” was all he could say.

“Mmm…fuck me while I grow…I’ve never really tried to feel good while it happens…” Dani groaned, her eyes closed tight. Her face contorted a little as the warm tingle of expansion spread its influence across her skin. She tried bouncing her body a little to simulate a pumping sensation, and the guy was only too happy to grasp her around the ribs and help lift her up and down along his very hard shaft. This caused his arms to push her tits together and up, putting them right in his face.

“God, this is so hot…” he muttered as he watched Dani’s engorging nipples grow themselves out from the grinding woman’s curves. Her tits had already mostly filled the space between them, and he felt fabric-covered-flesh pressing against him. He could see the bumps of her areola popping up along her skin as the circle of darker tone spread. He just couldn’t resist himself and planted his head into her canyonlike cleavage, his face swallowed up as he started kissing and licking every patch of skin his mouth could fine.

“Oh, holy fuck, YES!” Dani cried out, less from his licking and more from the feeling of his facial stubble scratching across her skin, “That’s just – that’s just – oh! I’m cumming!”

Dani’s entire body locked up as the wave of bliss exploded from her loins and cascaded through her body. The bartender could feel dampness between his legs, had to adjust his hands to grip her ass to keep her from falling back too far as her back arched. As he did so he pulled his head out of its glorious encasement and gasped for air…and from his own orgasm. Both lovers stretched up and were still for a moment. But as the guy’s experience passed, Dani’s seemed to continue.

“Yes…yes… it feels so good – I’m still – I’m still…”

That’s when the bartender looked back down at Dani’s chest and quickly fumbled for the clip in the back. Through the fuzz of drunkeness it took him a few moments to get the nearly full bra undone and off the girl, and as soon as she was no longer under its influence she spasmed again.

“YES!” she cried out, her body shaking. Her hair was being thrown everywhere, the sweat of their bodies causing it to stick to her face and shoulders. “Oh God…oh God…” Dani panted as she came down from her ridiculous cum. She was panting hard, nearly unable to catch her breath.

“Are you okay?” the guy asked, trying to make eye contact with the exhausted woman, who’s body he was still supporting.

“Yes, yes…I’m fine…” Dani finally panted.

“Are you going to be okay…with these?”

Dani blinked her eyes a few times and tried to focus on what was in front of her. As her vision came to full resolution she gasped again.

Her breasts had gained just over four more inches each. Her nipples were the size of a man’s fist, and were mashed up this man’s chest. Her breasts had hung wide past her ribs and arms before, but thirty-six total inches of flesh fighting to fill the space in front of Dani was jawdropping. Although they were somewhat supported by the man’s arms, she could already feel some of each breast’s twelve and a half pounds of weight.

“Holy shit.”

“I’m so, so sorry,” the bartender exclaimed, complete and total panic and shame on his face punching through his tipsiness, “I got carried away and wasn’t paying attention and-”

“Shhh shhh shhh…” Dani interrupted, bringing up a hand around her absurd chest and placing two fingers on his lips, “I agreed to this, remember? And after what I just felt…the feeling you just gave me…wow. I don’t know if I’d care of I’d gained twenty inches.”

“We’ll see if you still think that in the morning…” the guy replied, still feeling guilty.

“Is that an invite?”

“It can be if you want it to be. Oh God, what if you need help getting out of-”

“Shhhh!” Dani laughed, placing her fingers on his lips again, “I’ll be fine. In fact, I’d like to show you how thankful I am for how you just made me feel.” Dani pushed herself up off his dick, which she could tell had already started to harden again from its presence inside her. She was pulled down a little as she lost the support of his arms, but just as she had experienced with every previous growth spurt, somehow she was able to carry the weight of her insane breasts. She felt every pound, but somehow her body was able to stay upright. But this time down was where she wanted to go.

“What do you mean, thankful?”

“Well…” Dani grinned for a moment, before she began to lose control of her lips, “I just felt a tingble ib by libs thab I wab to use…” The bartender gasped as she pushed her soft, spongy, trout pout down his very slick, and now very hard again, rubber-covered shaft. It was like having a donut of memory foam envelope him.

It didn’t take long for him to finish being thanked.

The next morning Dani found herself waking up with an arm over her side, and a warm body – and hard cock – pressed up against her from behind.

She also had a small hangover, but nothing too head-splitting.

Dani looked down at the dual eighteen inches of pleasure flesh growing from her ribs, currently spread out on the mattress before her, and saw that her bedmate had passed out with his hand around her left nipple. A twinge of regret did enter her mind for a moment, but she figured she’d gotten some pretty good things out of the situation that brought on the growth. She picked up the hand gently gripping her teat and started kissing the fingers, which is when she realized she’d been left with a side effect after the final LIPSUCK had completed.

“Mmm, good morning,” a friendly voice wafted over Dani’s form, and she felt the guy push up onto an elbow. His hard shaft dragged across her ass into the small of her back, and he gently kissed her cheek. Dani couldn’t help the giddy little smile that flashed across her face, but she had to keep her priorities in mind.

“Do you have a mirror you can bring over here?” she asked, pushing one hand under her breasts so she could turn, left them, and sit up.


The bartender jumped up and went to the bathroom, then brought back a small shaving mirror as Dani positioned herself upright. Her breasts poured over her thighs in all directions. The man stopped in awe for a moment, causing Dani to laugh again and put out her hand. He remembered himself and gave the mirror to her, and she could see on his face he had already seen what she was investigating.

Holding up the reflective glass, Dani saw it as well; although nowhere near as exaggerated as she had been the previous evening, her lips had been left a little puffier. It was as if she was giving a sexy pout. She could smile and frown and stretch her mouth in all the ways she had been able to before, but at rest she had this smoldering pucker that automatically rested on her face.

“It’s kind of cute…” the guy said, giving a shrug.

“I won’t have to try and concentrate on smiling on stage anymore,” Dani replied, taking a few more looks in the mirror before handing it back, “I guess I just have one last curse to get through, and then I’ll be…well, stuck like this for the rest of my life.”

“There are worse ways to be stuck.”

“There are better ways, too.”

The bartender nodded in agreement to that, then asked, “So, breakfast?”

“Breakfast? You really want to take this…” Dani waved a finger back and forth at herself and the guy, “…onto something more serious?”

“Sure. I’d like to get to know you. I mean, I’d like to keep fucking you as well, but I figured…”

“You figured maybe you’d keep happy the woman’s whose breasts can grow on command for you?”

“I’m not just interested in your breasts.”

“If only there was a way to prove-”

Suddenly Dani felt the tingle. It washed across her chest, and as she sat there they both watched as her breasts – which were already overflowing her lap – pushed down and over her thighs. As they rounded out at twenty inches, with areola the size of personal pizzas and nipples the size of soda cans, Dani let out a little gasp.

“Are you okay?” the bartender asked, sitting down on the foot of the bed.

“Yeah…fine…I just…I just found out what the lingering side effect of this curse is…”


“I think my nipples are going to constantly feel like they’re growing…which feels very good…and now will all the time.”

“I see…” the guy answered, as Dani fidgeted in the bed, trying to learn how to push down the sensations.

“I…I can get a handle on this.”

“So, if all the curses on you are done, would you believe my intentions now if I asked you to breakfast?”

“You’re not just interested in what I got from the curses?”

“Look, I think you’re sexy as…well, I don’t think there is an accurate adjective for you. But what I’m far more interested in…” the bartender replied, his voice very stern and serious as he placed his hand on Dani’s, “…is what kind of person actually ends up with real magic curses cast on them. I mean, you must be some woman, Dani. I’d like to get to know you.”

“You…you know my name.”

“Of course…they do announce you over the speakers each night.”

“Right…” Dani replied, this time fidgeting from embarrassment, “So…how bad would it be if I asked what yours was?”

The guy laughed.

“How about a wager?” he grinned. This time Dani laughed.

“Alright, but what are the terms for this one?” she asked, a grin spreading across Dani’s face to match the man’s as she pushed her breasts up with her hands, “I don’t exactly have the same thing to offer that I could before.”

“Well, how about if you can’t guess my name in three tries, you buy me a big breakfast at the diner down the block?”

“And if I guess right?”

“Well,” the bartender replied, a sly grin crossing his face as his hand slid to Dani’s thigh, “I don’t recall losing the ability to follow through on my previous pledge. Not the breakfast I had planned for, but…”

The busty dancer let out a loud laugh at this, shaking her nearly twenty pound tits. When she looked at the bartender again she saw his gaze wasn’t on her breasts, but was centered on her face. They both locked eyes for a moment.

She was going to be happy, something inside Dani told her. Everything was going to be good. Even better than before she ever stole from that store. As far as the formerly cursed woman was concerned, there was only one thing left uncertain in her life.

Dani started guessing.

A little over an hour later they arrived at the diner. Dani was warm and happy under her lover’s arm…and in one of his old sweatshirts, which was very well filled out. They each took their seats, and easily started talking as if they were old friends.

And Dani didn’t pay a dime that morning for her generous breakfast.