I’ve been loving SAINTS ROW THE THIRD. It’s not a perfect game, but it has been a blast. For me, it is one of the rare games that really gets me connected to the characters, so much so that when any of them are wronged I immediately well up with rage and want to exact vengeance on whatever imaginary character did wrong to my imaginary ally.

Although there are plenty of cooky weapons in the game, it lacks any transmogrifying ones. There is a gun that shoots mind control octopuses (if you pre-ordered) , but you can only use it to make people freak out and kick the shit out of anyone mildly threatening you. Not that that can’t be hot if used right…

Below are some images. The first set are screenshots I’ve taken with my character (a roboticized busty version of my character from SAINTS ROW 2) at some locations around Steelport that seemed right to post on here. The next are some images of my favorite (female) characters.

Spend Some Time in Steelport:

To your right, you'll see a devil themed stripper.

An angel themed stripper dances in a cage outside a strip club (one of the many you can't enter).

The stone Saints Angel inside PLANET SAINTS.

I check out the Prof. Genki mind control gun, while a PLANET SAINTS mannequin sneaks up on me.

Best. Streetlamp. Ever.

Best. Fountain. Ever.

I like to think this building was built around a giant naked lady...

A Few Of My Favorite Peeps:

Kinzie Kensington: This slightly paranoid techie knows her stuff around computers. When told she needs to get herself a man, she replies that there’s technology to scratch that itch. I love her attitude.


Viola DeWynter: I can’t say too much about Viola without potentially ruining some things, but let’s just say that much of my angry vengeance was generated out of unexpected care for her. She has some very choice things to say about some missions she ends up on.

Shaundi: One of my favorite characters from SAINTS ROW 2, Shaundi is back with a new look and a new attitude about getting her hands dirty. If you poke around enough online you can find some images of her old style nude thanks to PLAYBOY’s Virtual Vixens series, but in the game she rocks some pretty awesome tight…well, everything.