Store Caught Justice: Voted Conclusion Part II

an experiment by Dan Standing

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Getting a new job seemed as problematic for Dani as keeping the old one had been.

During one interview Dani’s lips ballooned up, terrifying the interviewer into thinking Dani was having an allergic reaction. When she denied going to the hospital she was denied employment for being too much of an insurance risk.

She missed another interview because of the socks activating once again, causing her to miss the bus she needed (not that she would have attended it with the spray of juices that now covered her thighs and skirt’s interior). At that time, as Dani stumbled for a nearby bench to wait until she could walk without her body spasming in carnal lust, she came to a realization; she should put these giant breasts bouncing and rolling around in her sweater to work for her until the curses were done.

That’s how Dani ended up dancing at the UpStage Gentleman’s Club. All she had to do was wear the tightest shirt she had, with her dinner-plate sized breasts and shot-glass nipples hanging from her thin body, and she was immediately hired. Now she could finally wear the sexy tops and skirts she was accustomed to, and if someone noticed she wasn’t wearing panties it usually meant she got tipped.

In fact, during one of her dances when the socks did activate, and she was stuck in the middle of the mainstage in the throws of multiple orgasms as she tried to exit for the next dancer, she got more money thrown at her than she had ever seen in her life. It was considered one of her greatest performances at the club.

Not that there weren’t still problems. One time, after her shift was over, Dani was sitting at the bar, chatting up the cute bartender. His own shift was going to end shortly, and the young dancer was hoping to get a real dick in her. But, as the top of the hour ticked closer, Dani suddenly felt something push into her pussy – her skirt was so short that it had pulled up when she sat, and the fake-leather bar stool she had been perched on had grown the pulsing PANTYtration dildo.

To keep people from using the stools as weapons the stool was screwed to the floor – which meant Dani was now literally screwed to the bar. Despite her best efforts she could not pull herself off the seat cock, and collapsed her head into her arms as she realized she was going to get fucked on a stool in front of so many random men. Dancing and cumming on stage was one thing…it was considered a show, almost performance art. No one thought it was real. But being penetrated and fucked on a stool in a room full of strangers was just slutty and pornographic.

To make matters worse, when the bartender came back and Dani had to try and explain why she wanted to go with him but couldn’t, her tits tingled and started to expand in her tight top. She was actually almost thankful…it didn’t matter what she was saying as the guy across the bar simply stared in shock as two extra inches of tit flesh stretched her shirt to its limits. As both boobs slowly oozed onto the bar, the feeling of her engorged nipples expanding against the resistance of the fabric combined with the pumping of the plastic prick in her pussy, and Dani actually closed her eyes and let out a small orgasmic gasp.

Fluttering her eyes open and staring at the completely flabbergasted man, she smiled and said, “Next time I’ll let you do that to me.”

He awkwardly nodded his head, and left. But she had plenty of stares coming to her from the other men at the bar. Dani was stuck with her sopping lower lips grinding against the stool for another thirty minutes before she finally found herself able to slip off the black dildo and go home. She couldn’t even walk away with much dignity, as her tits each now hung a foot off her chest, and her shirt continued to rip as she balanced her slow march out of the club.

Dani was too embarrassed to approach the bartender again for some time. Instead, she concentrated her time on dancing in the large fake birdcages that circled most of the Club’s sitting room. Any dancer at the Club, who wasn’t scheduled for something specific, could climb into any empty cage and earn some cash. Each cage had its own pole, and Dani used the time to practice for her own main show.

One night seemed to be going especially well, as she danced in one of her short black skirts that didn’t obscure any of her genitalia. Each breast had a large tassel pasted onto it, and she had on a pair of knee-high lace-up dom boots. As she was practicing pulling herself up off the floor with her arms, spreading her legs out in front of the pole, and leaning back as far as she could as her breasts and tassels rolled up to her shoulders, she felt a tingle across her crotch.

And just like that, she was stuck on the pole. A gray rubber dildo had grown out of the metal, and Dani discovered she couldn’t lower her hips from the position she had herself in. Her legs couldn’t reach the floor, and now hung uselessly from either side of the silver shaft.

Dani sighed as the pulsing and throbbing plastic prick inside her went into full throttle. She was stuck in the cage, in this position, for who knew how long. She decided to make the best of it. Dani discovered she could let go of the pole and hang in the air, with no more support than the supernatural penis in her slit. It didn’t hurt, and she found that she had quite a bit more money thrown at her when she threw out her arms and legs and seemed to grip the pole using nothing more than her vaginal muscles. She milked the idea with blown kisses, winks, and ripples through her hanging breasts.

Of course, it really sucked when, twenty minutes later, she suddenly slipped off the slick shaft and landed on her back with a thud. She was sore for a few days, but uninjured.

To Dani’s overall fortune, this was the only time any of the curses had hurt her back. Even while dancing in a bikini and heels two days later, when CUPS RUNNETH OVER activated again and the growth popped the bikini off of her early in the routine, Dani still didn’t really feel any pain from her now fourteen inch diameter boobs. There was never a single moment that the dancer wasn’t aware of the pair of 10 pound funbags hanging from her ribs, and she was constantly reminded of their size as they bounced in her vision and hit her arms, but pain didn’t really seem to enter into it. As she watched her nipples grow to surpass the size of shot-glasses, her areola now bigger than tea saucers, Dani wondered if her lack of real discomfort stemmed from the fact she’d gained the curse from a bra…

After the rising star felt enough time had passed, she finally tried talking to the bartender again…this time while standing at the bar. He was clearly still interested in her, and nothing stopped them from walking back to his place that night.

Dani had always been prejudiced against the sensations she got from the PANTYtration dildos, and although she’d allowed herself a few orgasms there was always some emptiness to them; they weren’t on her own terms. But, as she watched this hot man slip on a condom and join her already undressed body in his pulled-out sofa bed, Dani was really looking forward to enjoying someone’s shaft when she wanted to.

Like most men, he was short on actual foreplay and big on playing with the dancer’s humongous rack. Before any of this had happened to her Dani would have been disappointed with the lack of build-up before sex, but now she had a pair of nipples bigger than shotgun shells, and proportionally more sensitive than they had been at their old size. One grip and one lick from the man was all Dani needed to start begging him to put his dick in her…she didn’t want to cum from breast play, she wanted a proper fucking.

He was only too happy to comply.

Dani cooed as she felt herself filled by an actual flesh-and-blood phallus, but her happiness was interrupted by tingling.

Somewhere, someone had put on PANTYtration.

Distracted by the bartender suckling her breasts and pumping against her thighs, Dani wasn’t sure what would happen…until she realized the rubber he’d slipped on had now been reformed into something of a condildo. Dani was having sex with the guy’s penis inside another rubber dick that was also doing its own work on her. The dual activity was very swiftly too much for any mental reservations Dani had regarding the situation, and she quickly felt her back and toes start to curve as a wave of bliss exploded from her loins and washed up her body. Her face tightened and she let out a long moan.

“Oh, yeah, it’s so hot when a woman cums…” the bartender gasped. Dani wasn’t sure if that was what really got him off, or if the activities of the pulsing rubber shaft were stimulating him as well, but through her haze of afterglow she quickly felt him shudder, heard him moan, and he rolled off of her.

Leaving the condildo stuck inside to continue its work.

“Oh, shit, it slipped off!” the man exclaimed, as he felt the sheet touch his bare dick. He started to roll back to pull the condom out of her, but Dani knew the attempt would be of no use, and she was not in the proper mind to try and explain what was going on.

“No, no…leave it in there…it’s so…dirty…it’s hot,” Dani quickly replied, not really selling the idea that she was turned on by a used condom being stuck inside of her. The guy’s look proved she hadn’t sold it to him, either, but he shrugged it off. He got up to wash himself, which was fine with Dani…she could feel his warm seed still sloshing around at the tip of the twitching rubber dick, and she sat up slightly to find a tissue to drain the thing.

The only option was across the room. Dani reached her hand down to clench the base of the latex tube shut, so she didn’t drip everywhere. She groaned as she pushed herself up – the weight of her breasts made it difficult enough to sit upright when she had both arms to push with, let alone one. Once up, she swung her legs out of the bed to get what she needed.

And doubly came as soon as she put her weight down.

Falling back onto the bed in flushed and gasping passion, her tits nearly knocking her in the chin, Dani realized that she must have missed the tingling that ushered in JOGASM socks. Everything down below had clenched up when the orgasms hit her, and she could feel stickiness on the bed sheet and her fingers. She wiped off what was on her hand and pulled the sheet over her body to hide everything.

Dani had always planned to fuck and dash, but now she couldn’t leave the bed without falling all over herself in orgasms. And she had a disembodied dick still working away at her. The double cum had caused her skin to flush and become a little more sensitive; the actions going on in her groin were now going to be more successful than any time before. Dani was still panting and at a loss for what to do when she heard the toilet flush, and the guy walked back in.

“Oh…hey…I thought…you’d be dressed…” he stammered. Clearly they’d both had the same idea about the sex session…but now Dani’s curses were throwing everything out of whack.

“Yeah, um, after I…you know…” Dani started to say, her voice breathy and slightly staggered because of the activity in her crotch, “…I, uh, just like to lay…and…enjoy…the afterglow…”

“Oh, I see…I…I guess I’ll join you,” the bartender replied. He walked over to the bed and laid down next to the quivering woman. “Anything I can do to…enhance the feelings?”

“You can, uh…play with my tits…if you want…” Dani offered, pulling the sheet down to reveal them. If he was going to be in the bed with her – and she certainly didn’t want him discovering what exactly was still in her pussy – she needed to keep his hands busy. And a little stimulation to her continually sensitive breasts would probably help pass the time.

“Sure…” he answered, bringing up one hand and flitting his fingertips back and forth across her nipples. Because of the size of her breasts, which pancaked slightly when she was on her back and overflowed her ribs, his hand had quite a distance to travel.

Slowly the bartender began to work on Dani’s breasts more and more, which was certainly a turn on. He was actually pretty good, and very attentive. Between the attention up top and the condildo pumping away at her, Dani did cum one more time just from that, but most of her orgasms came from her testing one foot by sliding her leg out of the bed. Three separate tests each caused her back to arch her tits up into the guy’s hands…she figured by the end of it all he must have assumed he had the most pleasurable hands in the world.

But the fourth test proved Dani could get up again without collapsing in a moaning heap, although there was an unusual amount of erotic feedback from the pressure of her bare foot on the carpet. Grabbing the sheet to cover the still active rubber cock, Dani rolled over so she wouldn’t be stopped by her chest’s weight. She raced over to the door, where her discarded clothes lay. Once she’d covered her groin she dropped the sheet and pulled on her tight tanktop.

“Oh, uh, goodbye…” the guy said, a little shocked by how fast Dani had jumped up.

“Bye, it’s been fun,” Dani curtly replied over her shoulder, biting through the fullness between her legs. She already had her heels strapped back on. Dani turned for a moment, flashed an awkward smile, gave a little wave, and was out the door.

Back at her apartment it was another forty minutes before the condildo finally slipped out of her. Dani never could figure out why anyone would want to use the PANTYtration for so long, but she didn’t care; by her count this was the last time she’d be affected by either that or the JOGASM socks. She would have been happier, except she was beginning to understand what the “side effects” were.

The first one she figured out was what affected feet. Although far from having the type of sensitivity she’d had when the curse was on full effect, it was clear to Dani that she’d permanently gained two new erogenous zones. From her ankles to her toes, each foot was about as sexually sensitive as her breasts had become after she tried on the first two bras. Walking around was like someone fondling her old tits; do it enough and she was certain eventually she’d get turned on. And she had the distinct suspicion that the sensation of someone sucking on her toes would feel really good, an idea that had always sort of been a turn-off for her before.

A little while after the condildo fell out Dani was starting to understand the lingering effects there…her pussy felt empty. It was if she wasn’t complete if something wasn’t filling her. It wasn’t an erotic sensation, just something like the feeling one has after cutting long hair or fingernails; it sort of feels like something is missing. Except time wouldn’t fade this sensation; only a hard, hot cock would. Dani sighed. The feeling didn’t overwhelm her mind or anything, it was just a little nagging thought at the back of her consciousness. She’d deal with it. At least the next dick she put in her would be on her own terms.

The funny thing was, the next day Dani had no desire to take advantage of her new freedom. She tried on the boots with some socks for extra padding, and was uncomfortable. And when she pulled out a pair of long unused panties, she just wondered to herself, What’s the point? I’m just going to have to take them off again later. I feel like they’d just rub me wrong now. It’s certainly been proven I don’t NEED them. Thus, she continued on her life without socks or panties, completely by her own choice.

It was another few days at the Club before Dani could bring herself to approach the bartender again. He was cute, and reacted to her presence in his bed as best as one could expect, so those were points for him. She didn’t really know how to follow up on her very awkward exit, but once she had rebuilt her confidence, knowing that the two lingering curses probably wouldn’t interrupt another bout of sex that much, she found herself back at the bar.

“Hey…” she spoke softly, barely getting the guy’s attention.

“Oh, hey you…” he replied, flashing a smile that actually seemed to indicate honest happiness at seeing her again, “You okay?”

“Yeah, sorry about…how I left last time,” Dani replied, picking at a scratch in the bar with her finger. Her enormous breasts, covered only by the tassels she still wore from her last dance, sat enticingly on the mahogany, “I’ve sort of been dealing with a lot. But most of it’s over with now.”

“A lot? Everything okay? Like what?” the man asked as he washed a glass. Dani wasn’t certain if he actually cared, or if he was simply in his “listen to your troubles bartender” mode. She decided to go for broke.

“Oh, nothing much, I was just cursed by an old woman to have a bunch of shit happen to me, and some of the curse are finally wearing off.” The emptiness in her cooch came to mind as she considered the lingering effects.

“Ha, I’d believe it,” the bartender replied, placing the glasses he had just dried on the shelf, “I doubt my hand would really get you off four times in a row. And I’d wager that curses also have to do with why you claimed it was sexy to have a used condom stuck in you? Plus, it’s not every day you see a woman’s tits gain two cup sizes in front of you…not that cup sizes apply to you anymore.” His face still seemed a little glazed over, and Dani couldn’t judge how much he really believed his reply. But that had been a lot to rattle off without any previous consideration.

“Well, since I’m still cursed to grow until I snap a bra off, cup sizes haven’t been a concern of mine, yet,” Dani replied, for the first time curious if she’d even bother having custom bras made when this was all done. She wondered if she’d find bras as pointless as she now found panties to be.

“Grow until they snap, eh?” the guy replied, placing his hands on the table and looking into Dani’s eyes again for the first time since they traded Hellos, “I’d love to see that.”

“Ha, you already got a preview, and I think I’m big enough, and I still have another growth spurt to go before that curse wears off,” Dani replied, hefting her resting boobs to validate her point. But her doubts about the guy believing her story were gone.

“Looks like you carry everything pretty well on the stage, I take it there’s no pain?” he asked, and Dani cautiously nodded her affirmation. “Why don’t we make a bet?” He had a mischievous grin on his face.

“Oh yeah?” Dani asked, deciding to get her flirt on, “What kind of bet?”

“Well, a drinking contest. I put up six shots of the strongest stuff we’ve got. Whomever manages to get all six down first without spitting or spilling wins.”

Dani considered this a moment. She’d been a pretty heavy drinker in college, and certainly had her fair share of drinks bought for her since starting at the club. It seemed like a pretty safe idea.

“And the wagers?” she asked, “Not that I can’t guess one of them…” She rolled her tits again, resting them a bit further onto the bar, which definitely attracted the guy’s eyes.

“Yes, well, if I win you have to wear a bra of my choosing until you burst it.”

“And if I win?”

“Not only will you get all my tips each night for a week…” the bartender smiled, clearly leading up to something he thought was better, “…but I’ll show you the best cunnilingus you’ve ever had each of those nights, too.”

“Best, huh?” Dani repeated, biting her lip playfully as she gave the man a look up and down, “Where was that the other night? What makes you think you’re so great?” Honestly, she’d never had a man go down on her, but she wanted to know his retort.

“Hey, you asked for something else down there before I could offer! And you don’t work with a bunch of strippers as long as I have and not pick up a few things…” he smiled back, then put out his hand. “Deal?”

Dani stared at the outstretched palm for a moment, her hands nervously playing over the enormous loaves of bread she already had growing out of her. Her tits had certainly reached “freakishly large” long ago, to the point that the UpStage was probably the only place she’d ever be able to work at…and for better pay than her last job. So, at this point, what was really the harm in going for “freakishly huge” with this guy?

“What the hell…” Dani replied, grabbing the hand and returning the shake, “Deal.” Her boobs bounced on the bar as their intertwined fingers finalized the agreement.

To be concluded…