Store Caught Justice: Voted Conclusion Part I

an experiment by Dan Standing

Highlight if you want to know the winning selection: Swallow her pride, return to the store, apologize, and submit to the process.

Dani could feel her lax jaw being pulled closed by her engorged lips. Now fully understanding everything that was happening to her, and why, she threw her arm up and rubbed off the lipstick she had applied. She could feel her lips start to deflate back to their normal size, almost like balloons losing the warm, moist air trapped inside them.

The thief paced back and forth for a few minutes, her mind swinging from intense anger to pure shame. On one hand, her body had been violated. On the other, she had stolen. Back on the other hand, no action really deserved the punishment she had been doled out. Back again, she had been caught.

Dani briefly considered just existing with the curses, but taking another quick look at her tattooed body in the mirror she knew; she had to swallow her pride and get this undone.

She grabbed the high heels from her closet that she had originally gotten up for – nearly tumbling over as she bent down when her breasts slid within the fabric of her shirt – and quickly strapped on the shoes at her bed. Taking a quick peak at herself in the mirror, which reflected back a large breasted waif wearing an obscenely small/tight shirt, heels, and a skirt she knew obscured a completely bare pussy, Dani pulled her view away and grabbed her purse.

On the bus, Dani was acutely aware of the stares. Her nipples wouldn’t stop tenting the shirt, since every bump sent her breasts jiggling with their irrepressible sensitivity. And although her legs were tightly crossed, she blushed with the idea that somehow everyone knew that with one lax knee most of her privates wouldn’t be private anymore. The bright  green color of her lips didn’t help with the stares, either. She didn’t consider herself a prude, and had done mock stripteases for quick cash at frat houses in college, but that had always been on her own terms.

At the mall Dani experienced the same issue she’d had walking to the bus; the heels forced her to walk with such a gate that her tits bounced and wobbled in the fabric. The small additional boost to their sensitivity was distracting. There was no way she’d ever spend a day unaware of the weight pulling and swinging from her ribs.

The thief went straight to the little store, and found it open, with the old woman seated at the counter behind the register. As her heels clacked against the tiled floor the old woman looked up.

“Ah, there we are now,” she replied, a smile on her lips, “I wasn’t sure if you’d show, or get here on time.”

Dani had expected the woman’s attitude to be smug, or better-than-though, but her vocal tone and the smile itself seemed to indicate a real concern, as if she truly wanted to help Dani get out of the situation.

“Yes, I’m…here,” the embarrassed woman replied, not sure what else to do or say. “I’m sorry. How…how do I undo this stuff?”

“Well, first you have to pay for it,” the old woman replied, standing from her stool and putting out her hand. Dani stared at the open palm for a moment, but went for her wallet when the woman added, “We accept VISA.”

A swipe later, during which Dani was desperately hoping she wouldn’t go over the card’s limit, the thief was signing the credit card slip and placing her card and wallet back in her purse.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get something to help get those images off of you…” the old woman said, as she placed the credit card receipt in the till. Dani remained silent, and simply watched as the store owner disappeared into a back room.  She stood awkwardly for a moment, uncomfortably rocking in her heels, and the woman returned shortly. She was carrying some sort of lipped granite tray, within which was a layer of sand.

“Now, just stand still, and I’ll have things in order…” the woman replied, holding the stone tray crooked in one arm while her other hand started making symbols in the sand. At first Dani thought the whole thing was a joke, but gradually she felt tingling.

“There, that should do it,” the woman said after a few moments. Dani looked down the stretched neck of her shirt; her skin was no longer white against her enormous breasts. The tattoos were gone.

But her breasts were still enormous.

“Thank you for doing that,” Dani replied, “But, not to look a gift horse in the mouth…why are my breasts still so big?” The young woman lifted them in her palms for emphasis.

“Oh, my dear, the protection curses have not been lifted, simply altered. Although you came back and paid for what you stole, you still stole. Your punishment has simply been changed, not fully removed.”

“What? But I-” Dani’s objection was interrupted by the woman’s stern and powerful voice.

“If you hadn’t returned you’d have been cursed for the rest of your life. Since you came back, I have worked out a resolution to what is acting on you, but the curses cannot simply be removed – the magic has to go somewhere. So you will have to wait while the magic does just that. Although the visual reminders are gone, for the time being you will still be affected by each of the objects you stole. This will be the case until the curses acting on you provide the magic for five more of each item, afterwards the ongoing active effects of the curses will leave you. You’ll know when you are powering an item because you will feel a tingle, and then you will experience the curse yourself in a more powerful fashion. For example, when you power JOGASM Footwear you will orgasm with every step you take, until that person removes their pair of socks, regardless of what you do or don’t have on your feet. If someone wears PANTYtration, any surface near your slit will grow a phallus, and you will be unable to remove that prick until my customer removes their panties. Only then, after each item has been used again five times, will you be free of further effects. Although I cannot say for sure there will not be lingering side effects.”

During her explanation the old woman had been leading a flabbergasted Dani towards the exit of the store. As the monologue came to a close the young woman found herself pushed out into the mall hallway, and when she turned around to object she found an empty, darkened space, with the chain fence pulled down over the entrance.

“What the hell?” Dani exclaimed, banging on the security gate in anger. How could the shop be completely empty so suddenly? She stopped commotion when a mall cop showed up and gave her a dirty look. Accepting that her situation was beyond her, Dani pulled back some tears and headed home.

And thus, life with her afflictions started for the young woman.

The easiest thing to deal with were the heels. Dani was quick to buy a few pumps that were more comfortable than her strappy clubbing pair. It actually took a year and a half before she felt the tingle in her feet five times. It was all but once while she was already in heels, and that once was in the morning. She had been forced to wash up and dress raised on her toes, which had been a tricky balancing act, but after she had on the shoes there was hardly a problem.

After five tingles Dani discovered that the lingering result of the heels curse was that, while she could wear things like sneakers again, her feet were much more comfortable in heels now. Even more comfortable than being barefoot. When she slept her feet even stretched themselves out on their own. By now she was quite adept at living her life in heels and this left little change to her new existence.

The other curses, however, had more unique challenges.

Unable to wear panties, pants, or a bra, Dani had also invested in skirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Her day job was not as a cat burglar, but as a waitress at a Thirsty Thursday family restaurant. Parading around with rock-hard nipples punching through all her blouses wasn’t going to keep her employed for long. Thick and loose tops, paired with the long skirts, were far from fashionable or sexy, but they kept all her curses covered up.

Clothing herself was far from her only problem, however.

Dani quickly learned that she had no way to predict when she would “power an item.” The first time she got hit by the effects of the JOGASM socks she was in the shower. She felt the tingle in her feet, and uncertain if it was from the heels or the socks she took a step back – and came. As Dani doubled over, a water-clogged gasp leaving her lips while her hands shot to her grown, she moved her other foot to balance herself…and orgasmed again. Both experiences were like a wash of lighting, starting from her clit and flowing up her body to numb her mind in base joy. Every bone along the way shivered in ecstasy. Her engorged breasts shook like gelatin.

Allowing herself to fall backwards into the tub, the water pelting her and washing the slick suds of her bodywash down the drain, Dani could do nothing but sit and pant as her body came down from two nearly instantaneous orgasms. Her skin was flushed, both from the experience and the warm water, and once she had caught her breath the now very former thief pushed herself up to stand again.

And quickly collapsed in another throw of carnal pleasure when she tried to move one foot under her. This time she could feel a spray across her inner thighs that was not from the showerhead.

Fuck…she thought to herself, looking over to the clock on the sink as her spasming pussy calmed itself, I’m going to be late to work. She couldn’t even get to her phone to call in. With that realization Dani finished washing herself from her seated position in the tub, gently pushing her luffa over her excited skin. She made three more quivering attempts to stand before she was finally able to find a footing that didn’t emulate a fucking. By that time nearly an hour and a half had passed, and she got quite an earful from Thirsty Thursday’s general manager when she finally came in.

Sometimes Dani was lucky. One night she was woken up around 1:30 am by a tingle and the sensation of her lips puffing up and forming a succulent O. She fell back asleep, and when she awoke the next morning the trout pout was gone. The same happened once with the magic bra; Dani woke up one morning with slightly more weight on her chest.

The changes from the bra, however, lacked the reversal of expansion the lipstick came paired with. Thanks to her earlier bad luck with the first two bras, Dani had grown herself two six-inch breasts…which put her in solid G-cup territory. That was about five pounds of flesh – each – hanging from her small body. Paired with finger-sized nipples that rubbed roughly against the inside of any top she wore, Dani was never not aware of her unnatural attributes. On her small frame their size was even more ludicrous.

So the addition of another two inches that night was not very welcome. When Dani awoke the next morning and found her expanded tits – which was really the only appropriate term for them now – seriously overflowed her hands, she did cry for a short time. The nipples had grown in size and sensitivity as well, making wearing any sweater nearly unbearable. Each ball of nerves had added over a pound of additional flesh, which made standing straight a tiresome activity.

And she had four more turns to go.

The first tingle of PANTYtration occurred during another morning shower. Before Dani really knew what was happening, the luffa practically pulled itself from her hand.

“Oh!” she shouted out, as a rubber shaft grew out of the false sponge’s plastic loops and planted itself inside of Dani. She had to put her hand to the wall as the washing item stuck to her crotch like the craziest unkempt bunch of albino pubic hair anyone had ever seen. The young woman couldn’t help but buck her hips a few times as the rubber phallus pulsed and pumped inside her. Dani might have tried to enjoy the experience then and there if she hadn’t noticed she was going to be late to work again.

Mentally steeling herself against the ministrations to her nethers, Dani grabbed the luffa and tried to pull it out. But it wouldn’t budge…no matter how much Dani strained it didn’t seem to have any effect on the pumping her snatch was getting. Accepting the old woman’s words as true – that she’d have to wait until the mysterious user removed their panties – Dani tried to trim the big puff so she could wear a skirt without showing a mysterious bulge. It was then she discovered that she couldn’t seem to do any damage to the luffa…her sharpest scissors made no cuts. She was stuck with the whole white bunch of plastic until someone else finished getting off on it.

So she called out of work, laid down on her bed, and let herself get off on it, too. A few hours later she finally managed to slide the still twitching dick out from between her legs. The porous luffa was soaked with her juices, and Dani sadly tossed the now obscene item into the trash.

At times it almost seemed that the cursed bra gave Dani the least visible problems. Even while she was at work at Thirsty Thursday one night, and she felt the tingle wash across her chest, she knew that her already baggy sweater would obscure the changes. Sure, the growth was accompanied by a pleasant, warm feeling that was sort of a turn on – almost like a hundred lovers gently kissing and sucking on her breasts – and carrying food and maneuvering on her heels became a slow learning curve as each of her tits pushed out to ten inches, but no one really saw it happen.

When the lipstick activated at work…that was another matter. She was in the middle of taking an order when she felt the tingle. There wasn’t much delay between tingle and full on mega bee sting, and she had to suddenly excuse herself from the seated guests as her lips practically overflowed her mouth. Hiding in a bathroom stall for ten minutes before she realized whomever had bought this particular lipstick had decided to make a night of it, Dani wrote an awkward “Went home sick” note on her order pad for her manager, and snuck out. Her lips didn’t go back to normal until sometime around 3 am, which made any attempt to eat or drink very difficult. Her manager’s tirade the next day practically went on for twenty minutes.

After that, it started becoming clear to Dani that her days of employment at Thirsty Thursdays were probably numbered, no matter how hard she tried to make it work with the curses. She had to call out completely one day when she woke up mid-orgasm – someone had bought PANTYtration during the night, and her bed sheet had a giant dildo growing right out of the center of it into her pussy. Since Dani couldn’t cut the sheet she walked around her apartment most of the day with the long fabric trailing between her legs, as the pulsing rubber cock did its job…and Dani started to search for a new one.

Amazingly, Dani managed to stay employed at Thirsty Thursday up until the day that JOGasm socks went into full gear, while she was carrying a tray full of food. Dani’s erotic gasp couldn’t be confused for anything else, as her knees buckled and she fell one way, and the food fell the other. Despite Dani’s pleas to leave her where she was, her manager ordered her coworkers to help her up. Every time they did so, and Dani’s feet put the slightest weight against the floor, she came again. Her body was flushed and sweating, and the scent of her flooded and spurting pussy was beginning to fill the restaurant, and Dani soon found herself dragged out the back of the building and unceremoniously fired, as she collapsed amongst the mulch of the flower bed, trying to get her overcome body to settle itself.

After nearly half an hour her exhausted form was finally able to stand. She adjusted her outfit, and then the drenched, dehydrated, weak-legged woman made her way home.

To be continued…