This was meant to be a simple caption while I finished proofreading the conclusion to Store Caught Justice, but it ran too long. Thus, enjoy this Scene.

After finally being appointed CEO, Joan Derwood decided to hire a personal assistant. After seeing many applicants Joan hired Julie, a young woman who showed a unique passion that none of the other candidates had, which at first Joan couldn’t quite define. As weeks stretched on, however, rumors began to spread at the company; Julie was attracted to her boss, and this powered her work ethic. Joan tried to ignore the rumors, but slowly began to believe they were true, as Julie’s eagerness to complete more non-work related requests, or how she’d go out of her way to be useful outside the office, became more noticeable.

One day while at the gym, when the businesswoman stepped out of the shower stall, she found her assistant eagerly awaiting with a memo. Julie seemed to stare at her boss’ dripping body a bit too long before turning and offering the paper. Joan decided it was time to breach the subject.

“Julie, you follow me around everywhere practically like a second ass, don’t you ever get tired of it?” Joan asked, hoping that her crudeness would power past the attraction issue.

“Oh, no, Miss Derwood!” Julie exclaimed, “Trust me, if I could actually be your second ass, I would absolutely wish to be!”

That’s when things got weird. Before Joan even realized what was happening, Julie’s clothes had disintigrated off her body, and the young woman embraced the CEO’s hips. Joan felt a warm sensation as Julie’s body up to the bottom of her ribs was absorbed into Joan’s flesh. Within moments, all that was left of the young woman was a small amount of abdomen, an ass, and a pair of semi-muscular legs, all growing out of Joan’s own butt.

“What the hell!” Joan screamed, reaching back and trying to figure out what had happened. She could feel her hand on the curve of the bent and displayed rear end. Not only was a second ass and legs – complete with Julie’s green toe polish – growing out of her, but she could see in the mirrors across the room that she had gained some of Julie’s youth in her face, and her previously small and sagging breasts had perked up and gained the four inches Julie once sported.

Joan was quick to discover that Julie’s former legs were under her command, and after a few minutes she was able to walk awkwardly with all four limbs. Staggering to the mirrors, Joan examined her new youthful features.

“I’m…I’m a freak…but an attractive freak…” the CEO blathered, holding up her breasts and dicovering they had increased in sensitivity along with their size.

“Well, Julie, I don’t know what happened…but, thanks, I guess. I hope you’re happy…”

As if in response, Joan felt the second pussy nestled between her new pair of thighs suddenly start to heat up with passion and slickness. That seemed to be the one thing Julie still controlled. Joan gave the mirror an awkward smile, as Julie’s sexual heat started to encroach through the youthened CEO’s body and start to light her own slit aflame.

“Well, that settles that. Now…I’ll need all new desk chairs…”