I finally have Issue #3 of Vescell in my hands…but was it worth the wait? Spoilers ahead.

The cover to my copy of Vescell #3

Things pick up where they left off last issue, with Moo, Machi, and a dressed Artaya heading to grab KATI before Cisero and his otherworldly goons can. KATI is shocked and saddened to discovered that Moo is not the Vescell agent sent to pick up her core for the v-trans. Before the trio can escape with the AI, Cisero and his demons show-up. The enemy agent offers to tell Moo the secrets of Avery’s fate if he hands over KATI, but Moo sticks to his guns and turns down the black-op Brit.

This, of course, means that a fight breaks out, and KATI activates some of the lab robots to battle Moo. As the fight between Machi, Atraya, and the demons goes on around him Moo explains to KATI that doing something bad for supposedly good reasons corrupts the good that one is pursuing. KATI realizes that going with Cisero would be a violation of her morals, and that would make her an unfit mother and roll model. With KATI’s robots now switching sides Moo and the others are able to fight off Cisero and escape.

Once Moo, Machi, Artaya, and KATI’s core are in the car, KATI again implores Moo to get her a v-trans so she can raise Mary. Moo recognizes the lesson and understanding that KATI displayed by sacrificing her chance for a v-trans with Cisero, and Artaya explains that she knows where an illegal, but fairly safe, v-trans can be done. Moo agrees to look the other way.

Later, back at Vescell, our favorite agent approaches the greenskinned woman who sent Cisero on his mission…who turns out to be Moo’s aunt. Moo says he destroyed the AI to avoid a holy war, and Greenskin congratulates him on a job well done. After Moo leaves Cisero reveals himself, asking why she has let Moo live. Greenskin explains that Moo’s mother – who is currently in Banerealm – is far too powerful to risk pissing off with the death of her son, and only after Greenskin’s sister is eliminated can Moo be dealt with. For now they must be patient, and wait.

Part Two of Issue #3, called “Bone Hunt,” follows a new character, the sexy and tough-as-nails Lieutenant Vega of the Paranormal Authority Agency, who has the “pleasure” of breaking in her new partner, Jake Manning. Their case involves tracking down someone who has been trafficking the bones of saints, which are the building blocks for a “sorcery of mass destruction” weapon.

After bribing drug addict – and former PAA agent – Victor Lasa into telling them where the bones are being shipped, Vega almost kicks Manning out of her car when she discovers his phenomics aren’t up to snuff. But he explains he makes up for a lack of powers in resolve and courage.

But apparently not intelligence. Once at the buy site Manning decides that lethal force isn’t needed, and he can just intimidate the crooks into surrendering…which almost gets him killed. Vega saves him, and then send him after the seller while she deals with the gunmen.

Even that doesn’t go well for Manning, who still hasn’t figured out that “shoot first” is the best option for dealing with magic wielders. The seller turns part of the cement beneath the young agent into an “ethereal liquid” that swallows Manning up to his waist, then turns back into concrete – right through his organs. Vega is too late to save Manning, who calls in back-up with his last breath.

To say the least, Vega gets the bones and shows the dealer how displeased she is with how he treated her partner.

That night Vega goes back to Victor’s apartment, where she drowns her sadness for Manning’s loss with alcohol and Victor’s drug addled ramblings about his time on the force.

THE FINAL VERDICT: Although lacking the transformy goodness featured in the previous two issues, certainly pick it up for the conclusion of KATI’s tale and a very good standalone one, both of which feature sexy ladies.

Not every on-the-shelf comic can feature breast expansion or tiger transformations, and one shouldn’t dismiss Vescell #3 for lacking in those areas. Although some pages are filled with so many panels the art is hard to follow at times (nearly squeezing out the dialogue itself), overall the visuals are as beautiful as ever. Plus, there are still some glimpses of the one-eyed demon lady.

Those who must have TFs in their reading probably won’t be satisfied with Greenskin alone, but no one should push this issue aside. It still has two very good stories to tell, and I happily look forward to Issue #4. I’ll take a good story over most things any day, and Vescell clearly still has some strong tales to tell.